go to the following link and complete the survey n.
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Go to the following link and complete the survey!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Go to the following link and complete the survey!!!

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Go to the following link and complete the survey!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Go to the following link and complete the survey!!!. History Year 11 https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C8GVL2X. John F. Kennedy 1960-1963. Who Killed JFK?. 22 nd November, 1963. JFK The ultimate TV documentary. This project will be undertaken until the penultimate lesson of term.

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go to the following link and complete the survey

Go to the following link and complete the survey!!!

History Year 11



John F. Kennedy 1960-1963

Who Killed JFK?

22nd November, 1963

jfk the ultimate tv documentary
JFKThe ultimate TV documentary
  • This project will be undertaken until the penultimate lesson of term.
  • On the last lesson of term your group will present your TV documentary on the assassination of JFK.
  • This ppt will outline the key areas that you need to include – however you don’t have to use ppt for your presentation if you would rather use other software.
don t forget to use your aspire learning habits effectively

Don’t forget to use your ASPIRE learning habits effectively!!!

Make sure you make the documentary enjoyable, factual and attractive.

the background to the assassination
The background to the assassination.
  • Where was JFK killed?
  • Why was he there?
the assassination scene
The assassination scene
  • Where was JFK killed?
  • How did the assassination take place?
the zapruder film


You may want to find some images to add to the slides in this section or you may want to insert the actual footage taken by Zapruder.

why is the zapruder film so important
Why is the Zapruder film so important?

Zapruder was a spectator in the crowd in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.

He filmed the motorcade of President Kennedy as it turned down Elm Street.

His 16mm film is the clearest record of the assassination of Kennedy.

what did the film show
What did the film show?

Frame 150 shows the motorcade, having just turned onto Elm Street passing the Texas School Book Depository.


Frame 200, just before the car goes behind a sign, shows Kennedy raising his hands to his throat. This shot matches the wound in Kennedy’s neck. Connally shows no reaction.


Frame 229, after the car had emerged from behind the sign, Kennedy is clearly injured, Connally still shows no indication of being shot.


Frame 244, Connally’s face is contorted and his right shoulder is driven down suggesting he had been shot.


Kennedy’s head goes back and to the left, suggesting a shot from in front of Kennedy. A fragment of skull flies forward, suggesting a shot from behind.

the autopsy
The autopsy
  • What did the autopsy reveal?
  • What does it evidence reveal about the following:
  • Were there only three shots?
  • Did all the shots come from above and from the rear?
  • Was there anything unusual in the way in which the autopsy was conducted? If so, what can explain this?
the magic bullet
The magic bullet
  • Look at the magic bullet theory
the warren commission
  • A few days after Kennedy was shot the new President, Lyndon Johnson set up an official inquiry into what happened.
  • They spent a year investigating the assassination.
  • It concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted by himself.
  • This was to be known as the ‘LONE ASSASSIN’ theory.
the lone gunman theory
The Lone Gunman theory
  • How many shots were there?
  • Did all the shots come from high and behind?
  • Was there more than one gunman?
  • The Zapruder film - how reliable is it?
the suspects
The suspects
  • Lee Harvey Oswald character profile – talk about his life before the assassination of JFK.
  • What was Oswald doing at the time of the assassination? Was he at the sixth floor window of the TSBD?
  • What were Oswald’s movements after the assassination of Kennedy up to the shooting of Officer Tippets?
  • Was Oswald a ‘crackshot’ with a rifle?
  • Was Oswald “just the patsy” ie. the fall guy?
  • Why did Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald?
conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theories
  • The CIA?
  • Extreme right?
  • Hoover and the FBI?
  • The mob?
  • The secret service?