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Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters

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Propaganda Posters

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  1. Propaganda Posters By: Alexander Laubach, Joseph Krupilis, Hunter Pugh, Tyler Breach, and Courtney Casto

  2. Preface • Dec. 8, 1941 America declares war on Japan. • The little known Propaganda America started, with huge amount of posters. • The posters were made to keep citizens paranoid about the war, to keep secrets, and to keep morale up.

  3. Buy War Bonds Chapter 2:When America entered the war, it was not fully out of the great depression so it needed money to help with the war effort, the posters were made to keep morale and money up Norman Rockwell, a famous artist, created many posters such posters. Soldiers, civilians, and everyone else was asked to buy War Bonds.

  4. American Women at War Women used their production skills to help the Allies win the war. A Woman’s place in war consisted of many types of jobs; 239 to be exact. Women had branches of service ex. Women’s Marine Corp reserves. Jobs were nurses, a topographic drafts man, a weather observer or a photographer for the army force. Wives, Mothers, and Daughters all were in this war.

  5. Production Soldiers at Home • everyone realized the first line of defense against Nazi and Japanese aggression was with the “production soldiers” at home. • every company had a goal: Don’t be absent from work • absent from work was called “desertion” • specific posters communicated specific messages • Ex. Civilian soldiers.. Don’t let Mac Arthur down! ..come on you workers ..Deliver for D-day ..Don’t be casually on the home front ..His life is in your hands ..Absent makes war last longer ..Sons overseas dispense what fathers make at home • no matter how hard they worked the boys overseas need more.

  6. Give us more • Chapter 5: Men in the war always need equipment. Americans were urged to not waste one scrap of metal because it was all needed to make equipment for the war. Posters with airplanes on them were used to show all the people of America that they could not waste anything. Most of the metal went towards making airplanes such as B-17’s.

  7. Waste Nothing • Chapter 6: During WWII many countries went hungry. Posters were used in America to tell Americans not to waste scraps of metal, extra food, and fuel. President Roosevelt tried very hard to have enough for his country and to help other countries too.

  8. Keep Quiet • Chapter 7: Posters were also used to remind Americans that they should not talk about important things concerning the war because the enemy was eavesdropping on their phone conversations. A fictional character named “Joe Dope” was used to portray a foolish person by talking about things concerning the war on the telephone. No one wanted to be like Joe Dope.

  9. Joe Dope • Chapter 8: • Joe Dope- Who was he? He was created by the poster makers to show what was the wrong thing to do. Posters were shown to untrained troops. Troops had to be taught fast but effectively. The posters were shown to keep accidents from happening.

  10. Jenny on the Job Chapter 9: “Jenny” was another fictional character used in posters to tell people to pick up after themselves. The women during the war took the jobs of the men to keep the country running. The government tried to make women more paternal or manly looking. They wore bandanas and overalls a lot of the time.

  11. Don’t let me down • Chapter 10- • When the five Sullivan brothers were killed near the Solomon Islands, the Propaganda Posters changed their slogan to “Don’t let me down.” It was using the sorrow angle to get more people to support the war.

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