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Advanced Portfolio – A2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Portfolio – A2

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Advanced Portfolio – A2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Portfolio – A2. Aims: To begin to understand the purpose of film trailers. To analyse film trailer conventions. A reminder of the Brief. To create promotional package for a new film: to include a trailer, poster and front page of a film magazine. Homework task.

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Advanced Portfolio – A2

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advanced portfolio a2

Advanced Portfolio – A2

Aims: To begin to understand the purpose of film trailers.

To analyse film trailer conventions.

a reminder of the brief
A reminder of the Brief

To create promotional package for a new film: to include a trailer, poster and front page of a film magazine.

homework task
Homework task

Online research about one of the following films:

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • 2012

Some questions you might want to consider:

  • When will it be released? What is the certificate?
  • How many screens will be released on?
  • Who is distributing the film?
  • Are there any previews/reviews of the film? What do they say about the film?
  • Can you find any interviews with the directors or stars? What do they say about the film?
  • Who is the demographic it is aimed at and in what ways has it been marketed so far?
film trailers
Film trailers
  • What is the most recent trailer you can remember seeing?
  • Was it effective?
  • How would you define a film trailer?
  • Trailers or previews are filmadvertisements for feature films that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema, on whose screen they are shown.
  • What is a teaser trailer?

Teasers, unlike typical theatrical trailers, are usually very short in length (between 30–60 seconds) and usually contain little if any actual footage from the film. Sometimes it is merely a truncated version of a theatrical trailer. They are usually released long in advance of the film they advertise.

film trailers1
Film trailers
  • Watch this ‘teaser’ trailer for the new ‘Harry Potter’ film and make a note of any techniques they use to:
    • appeal to their target audience.
    • tell us the film genre.
film trailers the main aims
Film trailers- the main aims.
  • Trailers aim to give audience information about the film and to sell it to that audience.
  • What type of information do you think it is important for the audience to know about?
    • What the genre is.
    • What the story is about.
    • Who the stars are.
    • Who the director is.
film trailers the structure
Film trailers- the structure
  • Trailers are certainly not “mini-films” – they are genres in their own right:
    • This means they have their own set of easily recognisable conventions designed to capture the audiences attention in a short space of time
  • They are a bit like a jigsaw puzzle:
    • The audience must work out what the film they are selling is about by finding the missing pieces
film trailers film usps
Film trailers- Film USPs
  • Why do you think it is important for a film to have a USP (unique selling point)?
    • To make it stand out against other competing films released at the same time of the same genre
  • What might some examples of USPs be?
    • Unusual take on a certain genre (e.g. musical horror)
    • A star actor playing an unexpected role (“against type”)
film trailer conventions
Film trailer conventions
  • Can you name any conventions of film trailers?
  • Here are some of those that are more recognisable:
    • They highlight the best bits of the film
    • Showcase stars/director of the film
    • Some visual images barely stay on screen long enough for us to recognise what we are seeing (i.e. they are often very fast paced)
    • Conversations are often one-liners
    • Dramatic camera angles may be chosen to show events or characters
    • Action is interspersed with credits on screen
    • Voiceovers are used to tell the story and give credit information
    • Music plays an important role in creating atmosphere
    • Titles may not appear until the end
    • Trailer builds to a climax, where it ends
    • Narrative -Their narrative structure is non-linear with the audience having to infer and deduce for themselves what the plot might be.
    • Editing style: mostly montage edited so they are non-linear.They also tend to build up tempo to a climactic ending. Some genres will have lots of transitions (fades to black etc).
trailer analysis
Trailer analysis
  • Looking at the following trailers and make notes on:
    • What you think the genre might be?
    • Who the target audience are?
    • What conventions are used.