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Psychologist in Sydney

Psychologist in Sydney

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Psychologist in Sydney

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  2. PAGE 2 PSYCHOLOGIST AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Psychologists are the highly trained professional who are specialized in the areas of mental health, depressions and other issues of behavioral change. Psychologists work with the persons suffering from mental health issue and try to change their thinking patterns and behavior. Psychologists use different scientific therapies and research tools to help the patients where they change the thoughts of patients. Whereas Psychotherapy is effort which takes place between the psychologist and the patient. It is a process which provides supportive environment where patient share his or her feelings with the psychologist. WHERE TO FIND A PSYCHOLOGIST? To find a Psychologist in Sydney, ask your friends or nearby health professionals. To get information on Psychologist in Sydney you can contact or call State Psychological Association. Besides this there are mental health care centers in few cities of Sydney, you can also get information about the availability of psychologists from there. YOU NEED TO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF TOO. IF YOU NEED TO REST, REST. IF YOU NEED TIME ALONE, RETREAT

  3. PAGE 3 QUESTIONS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN CONSULTING A PSYCHOLOGIST While making a choice about a psychologist for the mental health treatment just ask few questions from the psychologist so that you can feel comfort with him during the treatment. Moreover it'll give you a chance to know him better. The questions should be: Are you a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Sydney? What are your area of expertise as a Psychologist? What kind of therapies you offer your patients to help them from different mental health problems? How much you charge? Are you recognized from any association of mental health professions? REASONS TO CONSULT A PSYCHOLOGIST Psychologists can help people with different mental health issues. These are: Anxiety Depression and Mania Phobias Relationship Issue or Relationship Counselling THERE IS NO SHAME IN TAKING MEDICATION FOR A MENTAL ILLNESS. DO WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU

  4. PAGE 4 HOW PSYCHOLOGISTS HELP PEOPLE Psychologists help people to achieve certain goals and happiness in their daily life, relationships and at workplace. Psychologists research and develop mental health treatment therapies in order to minimize the depression, anxiety and stress levels. Psychologists offers multiple therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Play Therapy to change the thinking patterns of the patients. With different therapy sessions, psychologists set goals with the patient and later on help them to achieve it with the best possible ways. Different therapies offered by a psychologist: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Family Therapy Interpersonal Psychotherapy Narrative Therapy Problem Solving Therapy Play Therapy Relaxation Therapy YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS A PRIORITY. YOUR HAPPINESS IS AN ESSENTIAL. YOUR SELF-CARE IS A NECESSITY