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Woolen Fabrics at Kochar Wollen Mills PowerPoint Presentation
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Woolen Fabrics at Kochar Wollen Mills

Woolen Fabrics at Kochar Wollen Mills

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Woolen Fabrics at Kochar Wollen Mills

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  1. Kochar Woolen Mills About Us • Kochar woolen Mills (P) Ltd, a 100yr old company, Established in 1887 is a composite woolen textile mill based out of holy city Amritsar. As per the Quality Management System by BCS International, Kochar is ISO 9001:2000 certified. • We manufacture different kinds of wool and wool blend fabrics namely, Blazers, Tweeds, Jacquards, Serges, Melton, Jacketing cloth, Industrial fabrics, Tennis ball felt.

  2. Our Product and Services We manufacture different kinds of wool and wool blend fabrics namely with categories are as:- • Fabrics • Industrial and Sports Fabric • Blankets • Home Furnishings

  3. Wool Fabrics and its categories Kochar Textiles has focused mainly on the production of high quality woolen fabric and Polywool fabric like:- (i). Blazer:- This fabric is lending comfort, handle, durability and required all over the world for different purposes, like garment manufacturing, home furnishings, throws, mats, tea-cozy covers, bedspreads etc (ii). Jacketing Clothes:- Basically this is used as garment, wall cloth, sofa cover, car seat cover and other home furnishing items like bedding, quilt etc. (iii). Jacquard:- Jacquards is woven into a fabric having different patterns such as damasks, floral, curvy and geometrical designs.

  4. (iv). Melton/Serge:-It is a thicker woolen fabric and type of twill fabric that has diagonal lines or ridges on both sides, made with a two-up, two-down weave generally made in solids. (v). Herringbone:-This is woven from either woolen or worsted yarns. It has a zigzag twill pattern on the fabric surface. (vi). Tartan and Plaid:-It is used for apparel and home furnishing. It is a woven material having stripes of different colors and varying in breadth. (vii). Stripes:-Striped fabric offer outstanding value for money along with a stupendous range of colors and designs. (viii).Houndstooth:-Houndstooth is made with alternating bands of four dark and four light threads in both warp and weft woven in a simple 2:2 twill, two over - two under the warp, advancing one thread each pass.

  5. Industrial and Sports Fabric We have varied range of products which include woolen and blended fabrics used in machines of other industries like cotton industry, jute mills, cement factories and many such other industries. (i).WoolIndustrial Fabric:-Woolen and blended industrial fabrics used in the cotton industry, the jute industry, the cement factories. We also produce the fabric used as packing material. • Green & White clearer cloth is used in spinning mills • Endless clearer cloth/felt sleeve which is used in textile & jute spinning machines • Frictional flannel/sizing flannel • Plaiding cloth is used for jute mills

  6. (ii). Woolen Sports Fabric:- It isvery plain fabric which is used for making the tennis ball and pool table. It comes in diversity of colors having the soft and smooth fabric with unique texture. The fuzz, more popularly called felt, is usually made of wool treated with various additives to make it last longer and resist staining.

  7. Different types of Woolen Blankets Woolen blankets extend you a hand of warmth and comfort crafted out of 100% wool, recycled wool, blended yarn, Acrylic and hand-made fibers with varied designs and color combinations according to the requirement Types available of woolen blankets:

  8. 1) Baby Blankets:-There is large spectrum of colors as well as patterns available in these types of blankets which can be according to the customer’s specification. • 2) Hospital Blankets:-These types of blankets are smooth, soft and comfortable. They Comprise of 50% to 60 % wool & rest other fibers, these woolen blankets are popular in hospitals for their non-allergic features.

  9. 3) Hotel Blankets:-It ensures a beautiful night’s sleep for guest leaving them refreshed upon waking to enjoy hotel facilities and a memorable stay. • 4) Military Blankets:-Kochar manufacture extremely warm and heavy weight blankets which are made in ratio of 60% wool and 40% other fibres. • 5) Relief Blankets:-They are the non profit blankets which are created with unique system that provides supply or the humanitarian work that feed the children accomplishes. • 6) Shoddy woolen Blankets:-The exclusive range of shoddy blankets includes plains, checks, with fringes, hemming and 4 side/2side satin borders.

  10. 7) Shoddy Acrylic Blankets:-These blankets are of superior quality raw material. • 8) Marino Blankets:-Kochartex have beautiful range of both classic and contemporary designs available in a variety of weights to suit different seasons. • 9) Traditional Blankets:-These blankets are made from finest quality of wool, having a unique weave pattern. • 10) Cheap Blankets:-These blankets are equally good and provide proper protection against chilly weather.

  11. Different Home Furnishing Fabrics With help of this fabric we can manufacture wide range of products like carpets, rugs, curtains etc. Kochar continuously offers innovative designs and concepts to clients according to the requirements

  12. Types of Home -Furnishing (I).Hound-stooth (ii).Check (iii).Dobby (iv).Double faced (v).Jacquard (vi).Melanga (vii).Printed (viii).Solids

  13. Contact-us For enquiry:- Please write to: Contact No: +91-9872204006 Corporate Office:- Kochar Woolen Mills Pvt. Ltd. P.O. Golden Temple, Katra Ahluwalia Amritsar.-143006 Punjab, India(Ph. No. +91-183-2552792, 2552238, 5004201)