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ITD’s new Asset Management System: TAMS (Transportation Asset Management System)

Idaho Transportation Department. ITD’s new Asset Management System: TAMS (Transportation Asset Management System). Karen A. Strauss, P.E. Pavement Management Engineer. Today’s Presentation. What is “Asset Management”? ITD’s previous pavement & maintenance management systems

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ITD’s new Asset Management System: TAMS (Transportation Asset Management System)

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  1. Idaho Transportation Department ITD’s new Asset Management System: TAMS(Transportation Asset Management System) Karen A. Strauss, P.E. Pavement Management Engineer

  2. Today’s Presentation • What is “Asset Management”? • ITD’s previous pavement & maintenance management systems • ITD’s goals for the new asset management system • How TAMS meets those goals

  3. What is Asset Management? Definition: “The practice of managing the whole life cycle (design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing and decommissioning/disposal) of physical and infrastructure assets.”

  4. TAMS includes: Pavement Management System Maintenance Management System Future Additions: Fleet Management Network Manager Pavement and Maintenance Management: Our Assets

  5. What is Pavement Management? • A planning tool that models Pavement surface deterioration: • Cracking • Roughness • Rutting • Worst-First and Best-First Philosophy • Worst-First: Fix the worst roads first • Best-First: Preserve the most cost effective roads first

  6. Worst-First Perspective • The question: “How deficient (bad) are my roads?” • Recommends fixing the worst first, even if the worst road has little traffic and low speed

  7. Best-First Perspective • The question should be: “What is the maximum benefit I can get from our money in the next 5 years?” • Concentrates on preserving the best of our impact roads first, considering: • Speed • Volume • Expectation

  8. Complex Centrally operated, no statewide access Worst-First No connection to maintenance activities ITD’s previous AssetManagement System

  9. Labor-intensive Data stored in several different places Difficult to replicate consistent model results ITD’s previous AssetManagement System

  10. Our new system needed: A relationship between pavement and maintenance Data available to everyone Repeatable, reliable analysis results Maximization of cost-to-benefit ratio Fast analysis of alternatives Network, District, & Project level functionality Goals for TAMS

  11. TAMS: The Timeline

  12. The new TAMS system has: Best-first philosophy Asset Management Database Pavement Performance Analysis Connection to a Maintenance Management System Graphing, Reporting, and GIS Maps TAMS

  13. Asset Management Database • We now house data accessible to all statewide TAMS users: • Construction history • Traffic and Safety • Boring Log and Skid Data • Visual Survey Data • Profiler Van Data • Signs and Supports • Etc…

  14. Pavement Performance Analysis • The new system can answer commonly asked questions such as: • If $20 million is added to my budget, how much better will the pavement deficiency be? • How much should we spend to get to a deficiency of 15%? • How much should be spent in each program category?

  15. Pavement data can be graphed Reports automatically generated New reports can be user designed TAMS is linked to GIS Graphing, Reporting, and GIS maps

  16. Today’s Presentation: Summary • ITD’s new asset management system (TAMS): • Best-First philosophy • Accessible data • Robust analysis and mapping features • Reliable and optimized planning for keeping our roads safe and in good condition

  17. Thank you!Contact: Karen A. Strauss, PEPavement Management Engineer208-334-8268karen.strauss@itd.idaho.gov

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