capital asset management l.
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Capital Asset Management

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Capital Asset Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capital Asset Management. November 18, 2008 Today’s Presenters: Shelley Pierce, Lead SME San Joaquin Delta College Boyd Shumaker, Testing Coordinator Michigan State Theresa Cain, Business Analyst Indiana University. Development Team. Mark Morris Development Manager

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capital asset management
Capital Asset Management

November 18, 2008

Today’s Presenters:

  • Shelley Pierce, Lead SME

San Joaquin Delta College

  • Boyd Shumaker, Testing Coordinator

Michigan State

  • Theresa Cain, Business Analyst

Indiana University

development team
Development Team
  • Mark Morris

Development Manager

University of Southern California

  • Philip Berg

Lead Technical Developer Indiana University

development team continued
Development Team Continued
  • Developers for CAB/CAM
    • MSU:
      • Amanda Zhang, Harsha Ummerpillai, Naser Alavi
    • UCSB:
      • Gerardo Velasquez
    • USC:
      • Queing Lai, Leo Chavez
capital asset management4
Capital Asset Management
  • Capital Asset Management also referred to as “CAM” tracks information using a series of documents for capital movable, non-movable and non-capital items.
security for asset maintenance
Security for Asset Maintenance

Edit Asset Maintenance Location Global, and Pre-Asset Tagging

  • For departmental users update access is based on the chart and organization entered on the Financial System User tab.
  • The organization security tab can grant update access by chart, or at the highest level for central administration.
documents that route for approval
Documents that route for approval
  • Add Payment
  • Asset Global
  • Loan, Renew, Return
  • Merge
  • Retirement
  • Separate
  • Transfer
kfs main menu
KFS Main Menu
  • Asset- lookup criteria is based on asset information.
  • Asset Payment - lookup criteria is based on payment information.
asset lookup criteria
Asset Lookup Criteria
  • Several fields are available as search criteria to retrieve assets from the database.
asset maintenance continued land information tab
Asset Maintenance Continued Land Information Tab

Several key requirements identified by the subcommittee were already implemented in Kuali.

Three new fields have been added to track non-moveable land assets.

separate an asset
Separate an Asset
  • Separate asset(s) with equal cost.
  • Separate asset(s) with individual cost.
  • Separate asset(s) by payment.
create new global documents
Create New /Global Documents
  • Create New
  • create new fabrication request
  • Global
  • create new retirement global
  • create new location global
fabrication continued information tab
Fabrication continued Information tab

The “location tab” and the “organization tag” are also displayed on the fabrication document.

global retirement
Global Retirement
  • First select retirement reason from lookup table.
  • Once the retirement reason is selected the system will determine if additional information is required. Examples: a) gift, external transfer, sold, theft.
barcode inventory process continued
Barcode Inventory Process Continued
  • scan equipment
  • upload file
  • bar-code error document
  • inventory reconciliation report
asset creation
Asset Creation

How the assets are created

Capital Asset Builder (CAB)

Purchasing/Accounts Payable Transactions

  • Movable Equipment, Art and Museum, Fabrications
  • Fabrications assets are created by the fabrication document. Invoices modify the existing asset.

Non-Purchasing/Accounts Payable General Ledger Transactions

  • Movable Equipment, Art and Museum, Fabrications

Asset Global & Add Payment Document

  • Buildings & Building Improvements
  • Infrastructure
  • Land
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Library books

Asset Global

  • Non-capital assets
  • Capital Equipment Gifts, Found, Transfers-in
additions processed in cab
Additions Processed in CAB
  • Movable additions are processed in the Capital Asset Builder.
  • Process:
    • Requisition issued
    • Purchase Order is approved
    • Payment Request is issued and approved
          • Payment hits the General Ledger
          • Batch process loads data into CAB

Process PREQ, Line item is ready to create asset

Pre-Asset Tagging table is checked to see if data exists

Global Addition


Add Payment

Asset is saved to CAMS Database

  • Process Flow
asset global
Asset Global

First we select the acquisition type code:

  • Depreciation expense is calculated from a stored procedure that updates the asset database on a monthly basis. The Straight Line method is the basis for the calculation, along with a method for Salvage Value. Federally owned payments are excluded from the depreciation calculation. In addition, no Deprecation will be taken on Art and Museum Objects, Land, or Leasehold Equities. Each asset is depreciated from the asset create date, and the assets useful life assigned to the asset type code.
  • Kuali will provide a more universal process for depreciation. Institutions will now have the flexibility to utilize a full year or half year depreciation convention. Two new dates have been added to the capital asset management system. In-service date, and depreciation date. The new depreciation date will be used to calculate depreciation.
release information
Release Information
  • Release date: March 2009