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Why video ? Why HD ?

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Why video ? Why HD ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why video ? Why HD ?. Green IT. Human people do remember..* Why HD ? Non verbal communication has lots of impact (voice inflexion, body language) – HD voice and video transports almost 100% of the non verbal communication

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why video why hd
Why video ? Why HD ?

Green IT

  • Human people do remember..*
  • Why HD ?
    • Non verbal communication has lots of impact (voice inflexion, body language) – HD voice and video transports almost 100% of the non verbal communication
    • It has been demonstrated that quality of audio and video has direct influence on maximum tolerated length of a meeting by participants

Cost saving

20% of what they see

30% of what they hear

50% of what they see and hear

*Source: cognitive science journal (1989)


BluStar Takes Business Communication

to the Next Level

  • BluStar for iPad/iPhone
  • On the fly video communication peer-to-peer
  • Enabling natural communicaton for mobile users
  • BluStar for PC
  • Provides the user with collaborative features directly from the desktop – voice, video and Instant Messaging
  • Easy access from a single interface
  • In the office or remotely outside the corporate network
  • Integrated with user applications
  • BluStar 8000i
  • Executive voice and video device
  • Always stand by
  • Embedded conferencing capabilities
  • Optimized hardware to guarantee excellent HD voice and video quality for enterprise
  • communication needs

Video is the trigger to collaborative communications

aastra blustar 8000i the new aastra desktop media phone
Aastra BluStar 8000iThe new Aastra desktop media phone

HD Video Camera

With Wide FOV

Four microphones

Steerable array

Large Touch Screen

13” TFT capacitive

Intuitive ergonomic

UC and VA applications


Integration in AX Series

like a 67xxi SIP Phone

Three Speakers

Enhanced audio & stereo playback

Handset or headset


Biometric Reader

Easy sign-in & hot desking

Traditional Interface

Small footprint & familiar keys and handset


Highlights Aastra BluStar for PC 2.0

  • PC based SIP Softphone with HD voice
  • HD video (peer to peer)
  • Powerful audio processing
  • Instant Messaging ( R5.4SP1)
  • Integration with A5000 directory and integration with Personal Outlook Contacts:
    • Progressive directory search
    • Searches with local cache
    • Favorite list and grouping of favorite contacts
  • Remote access via VPN
  • Microsoft OCS/Lync and IBM Lotus Sametime plug-in integration
  • Enhanced functionality with Jabra and Plantronics headset

UC 4 All – The collaboration client takes you to the next level

aastra 5000 a native hd audio and video call manager
Aastra 5000A native HD audio and video Call Manager
  • Aastra 5000 offers the support of HD Audio and Video codecs:
    • G722 for audio
    • H264 for video
  • Aastra 5000 Call Admission Control fully integrates Video calls
  • Aastra 5000 SIP Trunk interface fully support transmission of Video calls outside of the company
  • Aastra 5000 allows a large range of user interfaces to communicate together
    • Legacy voice only terminals (Digital, Analog)
    • HD ready Aastra DECT terminals (600d)
    • Mobile, Smartphones
    • HD Audio ready IP and SIP terminals (53xxip, 673xi)
    • Full HD multimedia terminals (BluStar 8000i, BluStar client and TWP 3.3 Softphone
aastra 5000 video and uc solution
Aastra 5000 – Video and UC solution

Video Softphone

Personal video

BluStar for PC

BluStar 8000i




BluStar for iPad/iPhone

Aastra 5000



Small room

BluStar 8000i

call distribution with a5000 a5000 attendant services
Call distribution with A5000 A5000 & Attendant services
  • Attendant set for Small configuration
      • Digital set or 53xxip
  • Attendant services for larger
    • 6757 Digital set and its expansion module
    • I2070 on PC :
      • Multi fields directory request
      • Clic to dial from Office
      • Call mgmt from the PC
      • User supervision
      • Multi company
      • Compliant with blind people
acp contact center a better customer relation
ACP Contact CenterA better customer relation
  • Multimedia Contact Center
    • Handle incoming and outgoing multimedia contacts :
      • Unified and personnalised flows
  • Attendant
  • ACP Contact Center

Attendant Console

Multimedia Contact Center





Interactive Voice Server

Conference bridge

  • Automatic
  • Services
  • Telephony Collaboration




acp contact center incoming call treatment
ACP Contact Center Incoming call treatment
  • Call qualification
  • CLID ( Multi directories access), Called party, by the IVR …
  • Malicious calls
  • Call distribution
  • Voice information broadcast ( IVR or embedded A5000 resources )
  • Routing to the best skilled available agent
  • Pick up pool Distribution : the agent picks up a call in the queue
  • Presence management
  • Dynamic queues
  • Overload mechanisms ( voice mail, transfer)
  • Web agent user interface for PC included
  • Real time Supervisor and manager without licences
  • Delayed time statistic server included
acp interactive voice server
ACP Interactive Voice Server
  • Interactive voice server
  • Incoming call treatment by brodcasting messages and script flow management , reception of DTMF answer through SIP trunk or legacy trunks
  • Information broadcast
  • Voice scripts to find the informations sought
  • Database requests
  • Local or remote databases or directory request (example status of account broadcasted by text to speech technology )
  • Voice messaging
  • Enable to the calling party to leave a message which will be sent to the supervisor ( mail )
  • Agent recording capacity
acp contact center web agent user interface
ACP Contact Center Web agent user interface

Agent and call /SMS



Detailled directory file

Voice and Email management

Multidirectories and calendar access

acp contact center crm integration like selligent
ACP Contact Center CRM integration like Selligent

Hang up button inside Selligent

Statistic report of the agent or the service in Selligent

  • Integration through Soap/http - java technology of Selligent and ACP
    • Benefit : integration without any requirement on user PC except a web navigator
  • Integration of agents toolbar in Selligent toolbar :
    • Add tools for contact center agents like
      • Dynamic statistics of the contact center
    • Log/delog, activation/ désactivation
    • Take, retrieve a call, …
  • Clic to call from Selligent
  • File pop up from Selligent
a5000 users
A5000 users

SIP sets and video sets

SIP Voice and video Soft-phone

  • TWP Soft phone
    • BluStar for PC/iPhone/iPad

67xxi range

XML integration for 67xxi

BluStar 8000i

IP sets

Analogue and digital subscribers

53xxi range

Contact Center

  • 53xx or 67xx range
  • ATA DrG22
nomadic user single n

Single point of Contact

+46 8 568 1234


Nomadic userSingle N°
  • Solution:
  • Aastra 5000,
  • 1 n°, several sets
  • 1 voicemail
  • 1 AMC client for smartphones
user productivity with aastra 5000
User productivity with Aastra 5000
  • Directories and contacts access :
    • Web page consultation for the A5000 directory from a PC or the Dialer
  • Call filtering by the voicemail
  • Multiple call management on SIP /IP or digital sets
    • Boss/ assistant filtering
    • Several N° with a single license
    • Several simultaneous calls
  • Adhoc conferencing services
    • Integrated in the platform
    • Additional services with TWP options
  • Enriched and synchronized logbook
an efficient working group with aastra 5000
An efficient working group with Aastra 5000
  • Embedded groups
    • User activation inside the group
    • Main/ Help/ Overflow groups
    • Embedded real time supervision of the activity
    • Group member status Supervision
    • Dynamic call queues and rerouting
    • Personalized messages with embedded resources : dissuasion, greeting
  • Multi companies
    • Dedicate resources like greetings or PSTN or Attendants
  • Filtering ,
  • Rerouting to attendant service : a call is never lost!
  • Collaboration like presence available with TWP Caller
call distribution with a5000 a5000 acd
Call distribution with A5000, A5000 & ACD

Call routing to groups

Waiting queue

Night routing


on hold

Music /message on hold


Night message

Main group

Saturated or inactive

Waiting call

too long

Call presentation to free set

for treatment

Mutualaid group

Dissuasive message or overflow groupe

  • Solution:
  • Aastra 5000 resources

Dissuasive message or overflow group

Main group

aastra sip phones range

BluStar 8000i


Expansion module

Aastra SIP phones range
  • Applications
  • XML support, integration with LOB applications
  • Quality and design
  • Excellent hardware, same software
  • Flexibility
  • Programmable keys, expansion modules
  • Security
  • 802.1x, encryption sRTP/TLS

6737i (R5.3SP1)


6735i (R5.3SP1)





M675i LCD

Expansion module




Features and screen size

xml application for 67xxi set web 2 0 example tweet
XML application for 67xxi setWeb 2.0 - Example –tweet
  • Principe
    • User tweets directly from his set
    • He can also access to his own account like he does from his PC
a5000 mobility
A5000 & mobility

GSM & Wifi network

Inside the Enterprise

Login/logout on wired set

TWP Caller : my current device

  • Aastra Mobile Client for smartphones
  • A320w

Remote worker

Mobile inside the enterprise

  • Softphone BluStar
  • TWP Softphone
  • TWP Caller

Dect TDM

Dect IP for value added services

twp caller my current device
TWP Caller – My Current Device
  • Your calls follow you to any phone number
    • Make call from TWP:
      • Your desk phone calls your current device, waits for your answer and transfers you to the destination number
    • Receive calls:
      • Simple rules allow automatically forwarding incoming calls to your current device
  • Seen as a specific TWP presencestatus
  • User declares for himself thedevices he wants
    • DECT, GSM, desk phone, at home etc.
ip dect

IP - DECT is…

  • A multi cell, IP based DECT infrastructure
  • Just RFPs’ and LAN,
    • Strong A5000 user interface for A6xxd or A142d
  • DECT in the air
    • Best voice quality
    • Encryption
    • Seamless handover
    • Download over air
  • Centralised, WEB based configuration
  • A full range of Dect sets
  • Locating, Alerting and messaging applications
aastra 5000 ip dect
Aastra 5000 & IP Dect

IP Phones

2048 BS

4500 sets

Aastra 5000








Roaming between sites

IP Base stations


Centralised mgmt with AM7450

WLAN 802.11 b/g

WLAN 802.11 b/g

DECT handset


dual dect wifi base station
Dual Dect / Wifi base station
  • Dect access point
  • 8 voice channels
  • Data channel for messaging, dati
  • Wifi access point
  • 802.11b, g, n , MIMO, max 300Mbit/s
  • No external antenna
  • Base station characteristics:
  • 1 port Gbit/s
  • Codec G711, 729a, 722
  • 4 VLANs for Voice & data
  • WPA ½ Enterprise compliant
aastra 612d aastra 622d aastra 632d range
Aastra 612d, Aastra 622d, Aastra 632d range

Aastra 612d

Aastra 622d

Aastra 632d

Entry range

IP 50

Rubber armed

IP 65

Business version

IP 50

Volume mgmt

(2 keys on the side)

1 prog keyprog.

  • Full duplex hand free
  • 44 ring tones
  • Headset jack
  • Directory 200 contacts
  • Logbook
  • Built in trembler
  • Audio profiles
  • Ibluetooth interface
  • 6+9 programming keys *
  • A630d
    • SOS key
    • Loss of vertical
    • Immobility
    • Volunteer alarm «Anti tear »
    • 9 volume level for the ring ( 1 very loud)
    • Ring management by the level of priority of the messages ( localisation or messaging application)

Coulour Screen

3 interactive keys


  • Full duplex hand free
  • 44 ring tones
  • Headset jack
  • Directory 200 contacts
  • Logbook
  • 2 programmed keys + 9 shortcuts for dialing on the keyboard
  • Ambient noise filter for loud environments


SOS keys

fixe mobile convergence aastra mobile client
Fixe Mobile Convergence Aastra Mobile Client :


1, rue Arnold Schoenberg

78286 Guyancourt cedex



Bruno Husson

Chef de Produit / Product Manager


Tel: 01 30 96 43 10 Email: bruno.husson@aastra.com


National and


Symbian, Blackberry

I-Phone, Android

  • AASTRA Mobility Controller
    • 1 single Number
      • One or several terminals
    • 1 single voice mail
      • Enterprise one
      • MWI
    • Simple/ complex call
      • User friendly interface on GSM
    • Dual mode (GSM / Wi-Fi)
      • Handover for each way
    • Callback/Least Cost Routing
      • Communication cost reduction
    • A5000 directory access
      • Call by name, CNID
a5000 evolution
A5000 Evolution

A5000 Solution based on open standards :

SIP, LDAP directory, XML proxy, CTI interface based on CSTA

Easier way for adoption of new services

Software subscription :

Additional features developed each year: 1 major new release per year for A5000

Each new major version is included in the software subscription

Technologic partners through a certification

Develop A5000 portfolio from a 3 rd party partner

aastra 5000 the strengths
Aastra 5000 the strengths
  • A more open approach with A5000
    • SIP Technology,
    • SIP sets including SIP videophones
    • Smooth migration from TDM to IP configuration
    • License per unit
  • Networking capacities and security features
    • Networking transparency, dual homing feature, ciphering
  • Mobility solution : the best portfolio to meet your needs
    • DECT over IP, AASTRA Mobility Controler
    • Login/logout!
  • Applications
    • The single supplier with a Video portfolio for SMB
    • Collaboration solution based on Web Technology
      • Compliant with Microsoft, Mac, Citrix environment
      • Toolkit Web services for customer integration
      • Easier to install & available for every kind of sets