the indistar network n.
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The Indistar Network

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The Indistar Network. Moving Forward. Members, Costs, Services. Members: State Education Agencies Cost: $10,000 per year, unlimited districts, schools Services from Member Fees System maintenance System improvement Client support—setup, forms, phone calls, emails

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the indistar network

The Indistar Network

Moving Forward

members costs services
Members, Costs, Services
  • Members: State Education Agencies
  • Cost: $10,000 per year, unlimited districts, schools
  • Services from Member Fees
    • System maintenance
    • System improvement
    • Client support—setup, forms, phone calls, emails
  • Services from Center on Innovations in Learning
    • Indistar Summit
    • Indistar Shepherd
      • Annual Site Visit (Training and Consultation)
      • Monthly Conference Calls
    • Collaboration with Regional Comprehensive Centers
    • Update of Research Base (Indicators and Wise Ways)
client services since 2013 summit
Client Services Since 2013 Summit
  • 24 visits to states
  • 6100 client emails responded to
  • 1700 client phone calls responded to
  • 30 webinars and demonstrations provided
  • 161 state forms created
  • 18 data extractions from state forms
system enhancements since 2013 summit
System Enhancements Since 2013 Summit
  • System Upgrade
  • Move to high-capacity Cloud server
  • New server software
  • Login Screen
  • Redesign with links
  • What’s Happening tally
  • Navigation
  • Navigation tool bar
  • Navigation on same indicator between Assess/Create/Monitor
system enhancements since 2013 summit1
System Enhancements Since 2013 Summit
  • Communication
  • Bulletin Board
  • Email notifications for Process Managers
  • Budget Tracking

9. Budget option to track expenses of improvement activities

system enhancements since 2013 summit2
System Enhancements Since 2013 Summit
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Coaching Activity Report on State Admin
  • Progress graphs in Where Are We Now
  • Ability for State to select indicator report that is submitted
  • Progress Query on State Admin
  • Snapshot on Main Page
  • Update and improve Review buttons and arrows
  • Celebrate report
system enhancements since 2013 summit3
System Enhancements Since 2013 Summit
  • Indicator and Task Management

17. Task Management Frequency

  • Task Management Sorting
  • Flag to Reassess
  • Filter tags on indicators
  • Current assessment level added to Assess Tab 3
system enhancements since 2013 summit4
System Enhancements Since 2013 Summit
  • Coaching

22. Leadership Team Video (14 minutes)

  • Wise Ways and Indicator lists and reports added to Coach page
  • Ability for state to provide multiple coach’s critique templates
  • Guest Page (Guest Login)

25. Guest Page redesign

  • Wise Ways and Indicator lists and reports added to Guest page
  • Videos added to Guest page
system enhancements since 2013 summit5
System Enhancements Since 2013 Summit
  • Wise Ways and Resources

28. Wise Ways updates (38 district; 82 school)

  • New Wise Ways for indicators created by states
  • Theory of Action
  • PPTs and documents
  • Success Stories in IndistarConnect
a fork in the road
A Fork in the Road
  • Continued Network Membership (pooled resources)
    • System Maintenance
    • Client Support
    • Planned Enhancements
    • Sponsored Enhancements
  • Option: State Moves System to its Own Server and Manages Future Enhancements
planned enhancements
Planned Enhancements
  • State Management Site
  • Redesigned Agendas and Minutes
  • Redesigned Forms for Data Extraction, Aggregation, Analysis
  • Plan Implementation Management
    • School/District-Selected Spotlighted Indicators
    • Indicator Clustering in Plan
    • Management of Recurring Tasks
  • Wise Ways dynamic system
  • Meeting management for meetings other than Leadership Team (Star Meetings)
sponsored enhancement budget tracking for improvement expense
Sponsored Enhancement: Budget Tracking for Improvement Expense
  • Arkansas Took the Lead
  • Option for States for $2,500 per year
the leadership team

The Leadership Team

Where the rubber meets the road

the leadership team1
The Leadership Team
  • District and School
  • Necessary for Strong Implementation of Effective Practice
  • Necessary for Sustained Improvement
  • Guided by Indistar
  • Supported by Coach (from District or State)
the leadership team2
The Leadership Team
  • How is a continuous improvement process different from a static, annual plan?
  • How does the Leadership Team maintain its focus on improving professional practice?
  • What is the role of the Process Manager?
  • How is the work of the Leadership Team distributed and communicated to stakeholders to engage everyone in improving professional practice?