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The Giver: Color Activity

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The Giver: Color Activity. The Giver: Colorblind Activity.

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the giver colorblind activity
The Giver: Colorblind Activity

When the picture is changed from color to black and white, what happens to the object? Is the object as effective or less effective? In black and white, what effect does the object have on the person? In color, what effect does the object have on the person? Write an essay explaining how the color changes the meaning of the object.

the giver colorblind activity1
The Giver: Colorblind Activity

With your group, look at the different sets of pictures. Does changing from black and white to color have an effect on all of the objects? Discuss within your group. Then each person decides on a pair of pictures to take back to their desks.

the giver colorblind activity2
The Giver: Colorblind Activity

To email your pictures to Mrs. Terry:

Email the pics to:

  • Include the names of ALL members of your group so that I can distribute pictures accordingly tomorrow.
the giver colorblind activity3
The Giver: Colorblind Activity

Take pictures of 5 objects where the color matters.

  • The color may help create meaning for that object.
  • If it were a different color it would change the meaning of that object.
  • The object may need that color to identify it.

Example: Orange juice, ladybug

Non-example: clothing

Places you may go: The front building courtyard, the atriums, the cafeteria, the library, the gym

Places you may NOT go: other teacher’s classrooms, the portables