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Tyler P utz

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Tyler P utz
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  1. Tyler Putz

  2. family I have 3 siblings. I have a sister ,a step brother ,and a half brother. My sisters name is rylee and my brothers names are tucker and broden My mom and dad divorced when I was 4 years old . My moms name is julie and is 32 my dads name is chris and he is 32 as well. I have a cat named smiles .we call him smiles because he has white hair that makes a smile

  3. Hobbies and interests I like to play cod ghost ,and cod blacks ops 2. I all so like shooting some hoops for fun and cherry bombing the base ball .and I collect base balls from where I go.

  4. My favorites • Ice cream- my favorite ice cream is brewers thin mints ice cream. • Movie-dumb and dumber is a funnymovie • TV. show-I like impractical jokers cause they embarrasse each other. • My favorite song -my favorite song is space bound by :eminem • Favorite band-it would have to be the bestie boys • Game- the game I like is gta 5

  5. school I was not always in cartesville schools I was in trinty for pre k.My favorite class at cms is techonolgy class. I play base ball and foot ball .if I envented a class it would be video game class. You get to play games and advance in games. Plus you get to play any games that are aproved.

  6. Older me When I graduate I plan to be smellin the freashsmeel of cut grass on the base ball field . I want to go to uga and play foot ball or base ball for the school.i want to play mlb baseball or nfl foot ball.

  7. Test time What is my favorite sport (hint look at the background) You got it base ball What is my favorite ice cream It is breyers thin mint ice cream. what is my favorite game It is gta 5