wireless data services in cdma2000 l.
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Wireless Data Services In Cdma2000

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Wireless Data Services In Cdma2000 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wireless Data Services In Cdma2000. By Mohammed Yousuf Shareef St Id#220326. Introduction. Cdma-Code Division Multiple Access. Spread Spectrum technique using Direct Sequence i.e. each data bit is represented (spread) by multiple bits in transmitted signal.

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wireless data services in cdma2000

Wireless Data Services In Cdma2000


Mohammed Yousuf Shareef St Id#220326

  • Cdma-Code Division Multiple Access.
  • Spread Spectrum technique using Direct Sequence i.e. each data bit is represented (spread) by multiple bits in transmitted signal.
  • Cdma2000-multi carrier mode Cdma
  • It supports data rates both circuit and packet switched of 9.6kbps to 2 Mbps.
  • Operates in wide range of environments
      • Outdoor Mega cells(cells 35km radius)
      • Outdoor macro cells(1-35 km radius)
      • Indoor/outdoor micro cells(1km radius)
      • Indoor/outdoor Pico cells(<50-m radius)
  • Cdma2000 can be deployed in
        • Indoor/Outdoor environment
        • Wireless Local Loops
        • Vehicular Environments
        • Mixed Vehicular & Indoor/Outdoor Environments
  • Cdma2000 services support
        • Overlay configuration
        • Backward compatibility to TIA/EIA-95B signaling & network
        • Graceful & gradual upgrade from 2G to 3 G systems
        • Common channels with an underlay TIA/EIA-95B system during transition periods
  • CDMA 2000 is a radio and network access system that is part of the IMT-2000 (ITU) specification suite of 3G systems.
  • Goals of IMT-2000:Global Standard.
  • High Speed Packet Data Services:
    • 2Mbps for stationary use.
    • 384kbps for pedestrian use.
    • 144kbps for vehicular use.
  • 3G applications enabled by CDMA 2000:
  • Packet based services like, wireless Internet, e-mail, ecommerce

and multimedia, location based services,

  • longer battery life.
evolution of wireless technologies
Wireless Technologies


Analog based cellular technology




Digital technologies



Low rate data




High Speed Data

Evolution Of Wireless Technologies

1St Gen



evolution of wireless technologies6
Evolution Of Wireless Technologies
  • CDMA 2000 enables migration from and seamless backward compatibility to

cdmaOne 2G to 3G without fork-lifting the legacy system.

  • CDMA 2000 migration path:
    • CDMA 2000-1X (1xRTT)
      • Currently available. Incorrectly considered 2.5G.
      • First version of CDMA 2000 by Qualcomm.
      • 144kbps data rate and 1.5 times the voicecapacity.
  • 1xEV-DO (HDR)
      • Evolution of 1x to provide high data rate only, over a separate carrier.
      • 2.4Mbps downstream and 300kbps upstream.
evolution of wireless technologies7
Evolution Of Wireless Technologies
  • 1xEV-DV
      • Evolution of 1x to provide high data rate and voice capacity.
      • 5.2Mbps.
  • CDMA 2000-3X (3xRTT)
      • Conceptual phase.
      • Use of a new 3.75MHz (3 x1.25MHz) spectrum.
cdma advantage
CDMA Advantage
  • GSM is discrete with no forward and backward compatibility
  • CDMA terminals are fully forward and backward compatible.
approximate download time for 3 minute mp3
Approximate Download time for 3 minute mp3

Network Max.Data Rate Download time

GSM 9.6Kbps 41 minutes

IS95-A CDMA 14.4Kbps 31 minutes

GPRS 45Kbps 9 minutes

IS95-B CDMA 64Kbps 6 minutes

CDMA 2000-1X 307Kbps 1.5 minutes

WCDMA 384Kbps 61 seconds

CDMA2000 1XEV-DO 2.4Mbps 11 seconds

cdma 2000 forward link11
CDMA 2000 Forward Link
  • Spreading Rates
    • SR1 (1.2288Mcps) and SR3 (3xRTT).
  • Nine forward link radio configurations
    • RC1 - RC9.
  • Each RC is characterized by physical layer parameters such as different modulation and coding.
  • RC Max. Data Rate Code Rate SR

1 9.6kbps 1/2 SR1

2 14.4kbps 1/2 SR1

3 153.6kbps 1/4 SR1

6 307.2kbps 1/6 SR1

9 1.036Mbps 1/3 SR1

cdma 2000 forward link12
CDMA 2000 Forward Link
  • New Common Channels:
    • 7 Forward Common Control Channels (F-CCCH)
  • Signaling and MAC messages.
    • 8 Forward Broadcast Control Channels (F-BCCH)
  • Paging messages.
    • - Specifically for CDMA2000 mobiles to reduce load on

cdmaOne channels.

  • Forward Common Auxiliary Pilot Channel (F-CAICH)
    • Used to generate spot beams in a particular area (hot spot).
  • 3 Forward Quick Paging Channels (F-QPCH)
    • Indicator to the mobile to wake up for a message on the paging

channel. Useful for conserving battery during idle time.

  • 4 Forward Common Power Control Channels (F-CPCCH)
    • Used to control the reverse access channels.
cdma 2000 forward link13
CDMA 2000 Forward Link
  • Dedicated Channels:
  • cdmaOne: Forward Fundamental Channel (F-FCH)
    • Primarily for voice, but may carry data up to 14.4kbps.
  • IS-95B (2.5G): Up to 7 Forward Supplemental Code Channels (F-SCCH) per user
    • Strictly for data traffic supporting either RC1 or RC2.
  • Multiple channel aggregation: 9.6 - 115.2kbps.
  • New Dedicated Channels:
    • Forward Dedicated Common Control Channel (F-DCCH)
    • High-priority data traffic, such as data re-transmissions.
  • Up to 2 Forward Supplemental Channels (F-SCH) per user
    • Also only for data, but supports RC3 through RC9.
c dma 2000 reverse link
CDMA 2000 Reverse Link
  • New Common Channels:
    • Reverse Enhanced Access Channel (REACH).
    • Reverse Common Control Channel (RCCCH).
  • Used to provide more reliable and

power efficient access.

  • Dedicated Channels:

cdmaOne: Reverse Fundamental Channel (R-FCH).

IS-95B (2.5G): Up to 7 Reverse Supplemental Code Channels (R-SCCH)

per user.

  • New Dedicated Channels:
    • Reverse Dedicated Control Channel (R-DCCH).
    • Up to 2 Reverse Supplemental Channels (R-SCH) per user.
  • Reverse Pilot Channel (R-PICH)
    • Improves reception at the receiver.
    • Power control bits multiplexed (at 800Hz) for forward link power


packet data call17
Packet Data Call
  • a)In Origination Message, MN requests packet data

service (can also request supplementary services like

fax over circuit.)

  • b) BSC acknowledges.
  • c) BSC sends Service Request message to MSC.
  • d) After authentication, MSC sends channel Assignment Request message.
  • e) Forward and Reverse channel assignment procedures

(same as (e) thru (j)).

  • f) A9-Setup-A8 message to PCF to establish A8


  • g) Procedure for establishing A10/A11 connection between

PCF and PDSN (R-P interface).

  • h) PCF transmits A9-Connect-A8 message to BSC.
  • i) BSC transmits Assignment Complete message to MSC.
  • j) PPP connection establishment procedure and Mobile IP

registration procedure initiated.

  • IP Mobility
    • Ability to move with an IP address while the connection using the IP address is active
  • IP Mobility may be provided by a combination of “RAN mobility” and “CN mobility”
  • Radio Access Network IP mobility
    • Handoff/handover
    • Cell selection/reselection
  • Core Network IP mobility
    • Mobile IP, GPRS
cdma2000 network architecture
AAA: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

FA: Foreign Agent

GR: Gateway Router

HA: Home Agent

PDSN: Packet Data Serving Node

Cdma2000 Network Architecture
cdma2000 layering structure
Cdma2000 Layering Structure
  • Upper Layer Services
      • Voice
      • End User data bearing services
      • Signaling
  • Lower Layer
      • Link Access Control(LAC)
      • Media Access Control(MAC)
  • LAC manages point to point communication channels
  • MAC provides 3 functions
      • Media Access control state
      • Best Effort Delivery
      • Multiplexing & QOS control
cdma2000 layer structure
Cdma2000 Layer Structure
  • Layer functions
    • Signaling Control
    • Data Services
    • Voice Services
    • Mac Control states
    • Qos
    • Resource Allocation
    • Multiplexing
    • Coding & Modulation
  • Active State
      • Traffic,PC and control channels assigned
  • Control Hold State
      • PC and Control channels assigned
      • Very fast traffic channel reassignment
  • Suspended State
      • No Dedicated Channels
      • Fast traffic Channel
      • Reassignment
      • RLP state may be maintained
      • PPP state maintained
      • Slotted sub mode
  • Dormant State
      • No dedicated channels
      • No BS,MSC resources
      • PPP state maintained
      • Short data bursts
services of cdma2000 networks
Services Of CDMA2000 Networks
  • Short Message Services (SMS)
    • low cost/high value services
    • increased network traffic
    • higher profits and greater customer loyalty
    • Message Over IP-SMS
    • Over-the-Air Services
    • E-Mail Distribution
  • Unified Messaging:
    • The end-user can send, retrieve and manage e-mail, voice mail and fax mail with one subscription, to one service, provided by one operator.
aaa services cdma2000 networks
AAA Services cdma2000 networks
  • AAA Services of Cdma2000 Networks
    • Migrate from a “one size fits all” model to personalized services
    • Package premium services for both residential and corporate users
    • Collect detailed usage information for flexible billing options
    • Track resource usage in real time for guaranteed access and access control.
  • AAA consists of three key functions:
    • Authentication – recognize the user
    • Authorization – enforce access controls and deliver services
    • Accounting– track users’ usage of network resources
vendors of cdma2000
Vendors Of Cdma2000
  • cdma2000 (3GPP2)


    • Qualcomm
    • Lucent
    • Nortel
    • Motorola
    • Samsung, Ericsson, …
  • Operators
    • Sprint PCS
    • Verizon , KDDI, SKT…
  • A brief overview of wireless data services has been presented
  • New Channels Of Forward and Reverse channel specifications of cdma2000 is shown.
  • Network Architecture Of Cdma2000 has presented
  • Various wireless data services like
    • SMS
    • Unified Messaging
    • AAA Services of cdma2000 networks
  • Wireless Network evolution by Vijay K.Garg.
  • “cdma2000:A Third generation radio transmission technology”,Bell Labs technical Journal ,sept.1998.
  • TIA/EIA IS-2000-3 “Medium Access Control Standard for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems,”Nov.1999.
  • Douglas N.Kinsley, Sarath Kumar, Subhasis Laha, and Sanjiv Nanda,”Evolution Of Wireless Data Services IS-95 to cdma2000”
  • Technology Primer AAA Services for Cdma2000 Networks, Bridge Water Systems