wine introdution champagne n.
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WINE INTRODUTION- CHAMPAGNE. 指導 老師 : 王福祥 老師 學 生 :休閒二乙 高詩婷 4A0B0088 休閒 二 乙 葉 映芝 4A0B0107. Champagne Region. Champagne Region. Grape Varieties of Champagne. Chardonnay produces light, perfumed Champagne. Grape Varieties of Champagne. Pinot Noir

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wine introdution champagne


指導老師:王福祥 老師

學 生:休閒二乙 高詩婷 4A0B0088

休閒二乙 葉映芝 4A0B0107

grape varieties of champagne
Grape Varieties of Champagne
  • Chardonnay

produces light,perfumed Champagne

grape varieties of champagne1
Grape Varieties of Champagne
  • Pinot Noir

the resulting flavor is fuller and meatier than Chardonnay, best from the Montagne de Reims area

la method champenoise2
La Method Champenoise
  • D’egorgement
many face of champagne
Many Face of Champagne
  • Blanc de Noirs
  • Rose Pink Champagne
  • Deluxe Cuvee
  • Non-vintage
  • Vintage
  • Blanc de Blancs
dry or sweet
Dry or Sweet

1.Brut :

Sugar Contain under 15g/l

2.Sec :

Sugar Contain 17g/l~35g/l

3.Demi Sec :

Sugar Contain 35g/l~50g/l

4.Doux :

Sugar Contain over 50g/l

different name in different place
Different name in different place

Italy → Spumante

Spain → Cava

Canafornia → Sparkling Wine

France → Vin Mousseux

the fine art of serving chanpange
The fine art of serving chanpange

1.prepare an ice bucket ,one half with water and one half with ice

the fine art of serving chanpange1
The fine art of serving chanpange

2. Pull out the wine and send it to table side with a tray

the fine art of serving chanpange2
The fine art of serving chanpange

3. Show the wine costermer order to them and tear open the label

the fine art of serving chanpange3
The fine art of serving chanpange

4. Sixeswithershins to open the wire

the fine art of serving chanpange4
The fine art of serving chanpange

5. Hand the bottle in 45。 And slow and slow to turn the cork .

If you do this well , yon can listen the”Sigh of angela”

the fine art of serving chanpange5
The fine art of serving chanpange

6. Put 1/3 glass for every one . The best is put tow times , because of the bubble .