By anthony grade 3 mrs mcgarry s class
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All About Booker T. Washington - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Anthony Grade 3 Mrs. McGarry’s Class. All About Booker T. Washington. Living With Booker T. Washington.

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By anthony grade 3 mrs mcgarry s class

By: Anthony

Grade 3

Mrs. McGarry’s Class

All About Booker T.Washington

Living with booker t washington
Living With Booker T. Washington

Wow, I didn’t know that about Booker T. Washington. This is how Booker T. Washington grew up. He became a slave born he . Also, while he was growing up he did not know his father. As he got older he worked at a salt factory with his mother. was a boy he didn’t know his last name. Again, when he was a boy he didn’t know his last name, so he made up his last name, it was Washington which was his stepfather’s first name. Overall, this is Booker T. Washington’s family and early life.

Why do we remember booker t washington
Why Do We Remember Booker T. Washington?

Oh! So this is why we remember Booker T. Washington. Here are some “life highlights” about Booker T. Washington. He graduated with honors at Hampton Institute. Also, Booker’s book he wrote Up From Slavery was in print for more than 100 years! Lastly, he became the founder of the schools and a great leader to many people. Overall, these are “life highlights” about Booker T. Washington.

Interesting facts about booker t washington
Interesting Facts About Booker T. Washington

Here are some other interesting facts about Booker T. Washington. He spoke to the Cotton States and International Exposition on September 18, 1895. Also, he helped people build things on plantations. Lastly, Booker T. Washington had more than one wife. Overall, these are some other fun facts about Booker T. Washington.


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