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Life and Teachings of Chaitanya PowerPoint Presentation
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Life and Teachings of Chaitanya

Life and Teachings of Chaitanya

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Life and Teachings of Chaitanya

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  1. Life and Teachings of Chaitanya Part II

  2. Attraction for hearing • Everyone likes to hear or remember about others wonderful deeds. • Yam yam vapi smaran bhavam….E.g. Maharaja Bharat becoming dear. • Perfection of human life if we can remember Krsna at the time of death and for this purpose Lord performs wonderful deeds to attract our hearts. • Only purpose to attract us and help us to remember Him at the time of death. • Pastimes of Krsna and His different incarnations are a tangible truth for all the conditioned souls.E.g. Most famous TV serials – Ramayana and MB.

  3. Understanding Lord’s pastimes • We cannot understand Lord’s pastimes with our material intelligence. • Not by giving charity, by penances, or chanting mantras and not even by study of scriptures. • Only by pleasing the Lord through process of devotional service can we understand His wonderful pastimes and that understanding brings liberation from material existance.Janma karma ca me divyam…(Bg.)e.g. Brahma in the beginning of creation….

  4. Lord Chaitanya’s appearance. • Situation of Navadvip before advent of Lord Chaitanya. • Jagannath Mishra & Saci Devi and their identity. • 8 daughters died and one son born – Vishwarup. • Increasing the devotional service to Lord. • 1406 Shaka era (1485 A.D.) in month of Magh (January), Lord entered the womb of Saci. • Birth of Lord not like ordinary living beings. • Birth on Phalguni Purnima – during full Lunar eclipse at the midst of chanting the holy name

  5. Predictions about Lord Chaitanya. • On eighth day Saci Mata performing ashta-kalai ceremony. • Demigods visiting to see the Lord and people thinking them to be ghost. • Sacimata returning home after one month to home after taking bath in Ganga. • Supreme Lord growing in home of Saci and Jagannath as a small child. • Four months old – breaking everything in home and lying down. • After six months name giving ceremony and also testing child’s inclination. • Nimai crying and only stopping when names of Krsna chanted.

  6. Slowly stared crawling – Snake pastime. Sacimata and Jagannath Mishra’s astonishment over Nimai’s stopping crying hearing the holy name. Nimai dancing while the neighboring ladies chanted the holy names. Childhood pastimes

  7. Naughty Nimai • Nimai’s stealing in neighbour’s homes,drinking all milk, eat rice and if found nothing break earthen pots and tease small babies to tears. • Brahmana visit the home of Jagannath Mishra and Nimai’s eating rice from the bhoga of Gopal three times and showing mercy to the brahmana.

  8. Wonderful Nimai • Theives trying to kidnap Nimai. • Nimai picking up dirty earthen pots and playing and Sacimata chastising him and Nimai’s reply. • Nimai’s sitting on dirty earthen pots and hitting mother with small piece of earthen pot and Sacimata pretending to be unconscious. • Jagannath Mishra telling Nimai to get books from inside house, hearing ankle bells and seeing footprints of Lord Vishnu in home.