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Disease and Joint Mobility

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Disease and Joint Mobility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disease and Joint Mobility. Gina Sergent IT 2010, Georgia State University April 1, 2013. Introduction. This presentation will show what diseases contribute to joint mobility and how Physical Therapists can help.

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disease and joint mobility

Disease and Joint Mobility

Gina Sergent

IT 2010, Georgia State University

April 1, 2013

  • This presentation will show what diseases contribute to joint mobility and how Physical Therapists can help.
  • We will learn about Pulmonary Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and ways to cope with the joint problems that these disease cause.
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copd
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • This disease debilitates people from having proper skeletal muscle function.
  • The disease is related to the lack of air that is able to reach the lungs
  • In turn the muscles do not get enough oxygen, making it difficult for the joints to move properly
ways to cope with copd
Ways to Cope with COPD
  • Using proper medicine to open up airways, allowing easy passage for oxygen into the lungs
  • Stop smoking
  • Get out and move around when on medicines to help build skeletal muscle for easier movements and less pressure on joints.
  • Have the proper diet
parkinson s disease
Parkinson’s Disease
  • This disease is when a person experiences movement disorders that are uncontrollable.
  • Examples: shaking, slowness of movement, rigidity, stiffness and difficulty walking.
  • Can cause major stress on joints and hinder mobility
  • Cannot be cured
ways to cope with parkinson s disease
Ways to Cope with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Learning to manage stress
  • Brain training games
  • Medication
  • Exercise
what physical therapy can do to help
What Physical Therapy can do to Help
  • COPD patients can go to a physical therapist for exercise training to strengthen existing muscles when breathing is hard. It can also be used to help with proper bone structure.
  • Parkinson’s patients, with constant therapy, can lessen or even stop the uncontrollable movements. It can also help the patient retain certain independent living skills and move more freely.
  • In order for a patient to cope with and a therapist to help with a certain disease that hinders joint mobility, they need to have to proper knowledge and skills to obtain a positive outcome.
  • Proper joint mobility can help people relax and more around free from discomfort.