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Algiers December, 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Algiers December, 2007

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Algiers December, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Document. Mobile TV in the Middle East and North Africa Hybrid Satellite/Terrestrial Solutions. Algiers December, 2007. This document is confidential and is intended solely for the use and information of the addressee.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Document

Mobile TV in the Middle East and North Africa

Hybrid Satellite/Terrestrial Solutions


December, 2007

This document is confidential and is intended solely for the use and information of the addressee.

S2M will launch an S-band satellite capable of delivering mobile TV services to the entire MENA region

Key Milestones

S2M’s Geographic Reach

  • Q3 2006: S2M commercial registration
  • Q4 2006: Arabsat participation in S2M
  • Q4 2007: Satellite and terrestrial infrastructure partners
  • Q3 2008: Launch of commercial services

Advantages of Satellite Based Mobile TV

  • Commercially and technically proven in Korea and Japan
  • Implementations in China, Europe, North America are coming
  • S-Band frequency availability (granted by Arabsat)
  • Offers opportunities for substantial economies of scale by sharing infrastructure among MENA countries
  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Common programming, coverage and use

S2M will become the first mobile TV operator in the MENA region

S-band satellite solution is an efficient and proven way to deliver high quality broadcast media to mobile devices

Satellite Mobile TV Infrastructure


  • Broadcasting center packages and encrypts the content
  • Broadcasting center transmits the content via Ku-band to the satellite
  • Satellite transmits the content to approved mobile phones
    • Via S-band to mobile phones in line-of-sight
    • Via Ku-band to the gap filler network, which then transmits S-band signal to mobile phones not in line-of-sight
  • GPRS/EDGE/3G network provides return path for interactive services like Pay per View, Video on Demand, Music on Demand and Gaming













Japan and South Korea pioneered mobile TV broadcasting in 2004 and 2005 using a hybrid satellite/terrestrial platform

Key Milestones

  • 03/2004: Mobile Broadcasting Satellite – MBSAT Launched
  • 10/2004: Service launch in Japan by the Mobile Broadcasting Corp.
  • 05/2005: Service launch in South Korea by Tu Media

(South Korea)


  • Tu Media received only S-DMB license from the Korean Broadcasting Commission (KBC) in 12/2004
  • Tu Media delivers mobile TV to all 3 South Korean mobile operators led by South Korea Telecom
  • Currently features a basic bouquet of 15 TV channels, 19 audio channels and one premium channel
  • More than 50 enabled devices
  • Full radio licenses for satellite broadcasting, satellite and ground station awarded in 05/2004
  • Service initially targeted mostly vehicle receivers (in general mobile users on the go)
  • MBCo provides 37 audio, 8 video and 2 data channels
  • Digital TV broadcasts on mobile phones available since March 2006
  • Registration fee: $20
  • Monthly subscription fee: $11 (special offers for 1 year commitment and for teens)
  • Pay per view: $2
  • Registration fee: $21
  • Basic monthly charge: $3.5
  • Individual content packages monthly charge: ~$2.5-$18
  • S-DMB standard
  • 2-beam S-band satellite for Korea and Japan
  • Manufactured by SS/Loral

400,000 subs in January 2006

Over 1,170,000 in June 2007


China is deploying a hybrid satellite/terrestrial platform to deliver mobile TV broadcasts across the country for the 2008 Summer Olympics

Key Milestones

  • 10/2006: STiMi industry standard by SARFT
  • Q4 2007: Tests in the 6 cities hosting the Olympics
  • H1 2008: Satellite launch
  • 08/2008: Mobile TV service launch

Main Characteristics

  • Market accounts 300mm mobile subscribers
  • China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting (CMMB) is backed by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT)
  • Based on Satellite and Terrestrial Interactive Multiservice Infrastructure (STiMi) technology
  • 25 video and 30 radio channels, plus some data channels
  • STiMi standard
In Europe, Eutelsat and SES formed a joint venture to deliver mobile TV broadcasting services over a hybrid satellite/terrestrial platform

Key Milestones

  • 10/2006: Eutelsat-SES joint venture
  • 02/2007: DVB-SH specs approval by DVB Project
  • Q3/2007: DVB-SH tests in France
  • 2008: Terrestrial commercial launch
  • Beg 2009: W2A Satellite launch

Main Characteristics

  • €130M investment in a 50:50 joint venture
  • Evolution of DVB-H
    • Unlimited mobile TV
    • Harmonized European frequency
    • 27 video channels (15MHz bandwidth)
    • Up to 90 video channels
  • DVB-SH standard
  • 5-beam S-band payload for 5 European countries
  • Manufactured by Thales Alenia Space
sirius and xm are extending their satellite radio offerings to deliver mobile tv in north america
Sirius and XM are extending their satellite radio offerings to deliver mobile TV in North America

Key Milestones

  • 1992: FCC allocated S-band spectrum for nationwide Satellite based Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS)
  • 1997: XM and Sirius received approval to broadcast from FCC
  • 2001/2002: Official launch of XM and Sirius

Main Characteristics

  • Sirius satellite radio launched Sirius Backseat TV delivered to video screens for rear-seat passengers
  • Featuring three best family channels for $6.99/month
  • Simultaneous access to over 130 Sirius satellite radio channels
  • Available in 7 select 2008 model vehicles
  • DARS standard
  • XM: 2 satellites
  • Sirius 3 satellites
the value chain

S2M service model presents an ideal solution for mobile operators and content providers

The Value Chain

S2M’s Service Model


Manages encryption and broadcast of content over satellite network

Deploys and operates mobile TVbroadcasting platform

Sources and packages mobile contentfor delivery to S-band devices

Delivers content package to mobile operator for resale to its customer base

Content Provider

Mobile Operator

Repackages S2M content and prices it for its own customer base

Delivers mobile broadcast content to S2M

Promotes mobile TV service, registers customersand distributes S-band devices and S2M decryption keys

Creates new video, audio or data content specifically for mobile format

Repurposes traditional video, audio or data content for use in mobile format

Manages customer care and collects service fees

Best customer experience for end-users, widest reach for content providers, most efficient economic model for operators

customers will have access to a wide variety of mobile tv and value added services
Customers will have access to a wide variety of mobile TV and value added services

S2M Services

Wireless Pay-TV

Mobile Broadcasting

Premium Broadcasting

Video and Music on Demand

Interactive Advertising

Interactive Messaging

Interactive Media

More than 50 S-band enabled handset models are currently commercially available and capable of receiving mobile TV programming

Latest S-band Enabled Mobile TV Handsets

Samsung P930 (Q1 2008)

Samsung B680 (Apr 2007)

Motorola MS 800 (Oct 2006)

LG SB190 (Jan 2007)

Source: Tu Media web site; Web search

Live mobile TV services will also be delivered to vehicular devices and portable devices creating an additional potential

Pocket TV (MBR0501A for MobaHo)

In-car Device (MOA-H57 for MobaHo)

PC Receiver (Arion DB-300J)

…and potentially PSP stations, iPOD video, etc.

Source: MobiHo web site; Arion web site; Web search