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As A Great Teacher Salim Khoury PowerPoint Presentation
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As A Great Teacher Salim Khoury

As A Great Teacher Salim Khoury

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As A Great Teacher Salim Khoury

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  1. As A Great Teacher SalimKhoury By:- Salim Khoury

  2. He Ordinarily Guarantees If SalimKhouryhas posed a question which he doesn't know the answer, he ordinarily guarantees to discover and afterward does. He knows he is by all account not the only one ready to encourage learning. He appreciates the chance to help only one individual addition information. Incredible Teachers need their understudies to learn, even to surpass them in information. Amazing Teachers are never egotistical.

  3. It Is The Direction Of Setback What is persistence? It is the direction of setback, trouble, and inconveniences without griping, losing one's temper or indicating aggravation. SalimKhouryis tolerant with his understudies, regardless of what number of slip-ups the student makes or how often the instructor needs to clarify.

  4. He Is Kind And Respect SalimKhouryperceives the quality and worth of every individual. He tries to comprehend their understudy and his point of view. He has sympathy. He tries to 'get into' the other kindred's shoes and 'walk a couple of miles'.

  5. Awful Teacher Request Regard SalimKhouryregards their understudies as significant, regardless of the fact that they are vastly different than themselves, less instructed or in a lower position. They perceive that they too were once in the spot of a disciple. Awful teacher request regard! The incredible teacher approaches their understudies with deference and along these lines win the admiration of them also.

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