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Career as a School Teacher

Career as a School Teacher. Example by the BMIC. School Teacher Why.

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Career as a School Teacher

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  1. Career as a School Teacher Example by the BMIC

  2. School Teacher Why • In the future I would like to become a school teacher. The reason why I decided to choose this career is that I really do like working with kids. I also figure that having summer vacation is not that bad either.

  3. Why • I specifically would like to be a Middle or High School Math teacher because that is my best subject and I really like working with numbers • I also like the fact that I can teach and attempt to entertain at the same time. In other words I want to try and put a funny twist on my lessons

  4. Job Description • Middle School teachers help provide the bridge between elementary school and high school. Their primary goal is to prepare their students for their high school education. • While elementary school teachers focus on the fundamentals and basics of all levels Middle School education can be more complicated and technical so Middle School teachers usually concentrate and teach one specific content area (Math, English, History or Science).

  5. Job Description • Most teacher class sizes can range from 20 to 40 plus students. • For each class teachers prepare a lesson plan as well as assignments connected to the information they want their students to learn that day

  6. JOB DESCRIPTION • Teachers have to usually teach to the government mandated curriculum. In California lessons are connected to the state standards. However, teachers can still be creative in how they present this information to their students.

  7. Earning$ • In California Teachers can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 per year. • The National Medium for income for teachers is about $45,000 per year. • The amount of money a teacher makes depends on experience (number of years on the job) as well as post graduate credit and degrees.

  8. Earning$ • Some teachers also earn some extra money by doing other things like tutoring, coaching, as well as working summer school.

  9. Education • To be a school teacher you must first compete your bachelors degree which on average takes 4 years of college. After completing your bachelors degree you then must complete a teacher education program which on average takes another year of school.

  10. Education • Teachers must also continue their education to keep and renew their teaching credential. • Some teachers also go on to complete their masters degree to move on to other administrative positions.

  11. How Will I use Math • As a School Teacher I will use math in many ways. • First off I will be responsible to grade all of the assignments, Quizzes and exams that I assign to my students. • I also will be calculating by students grades.

  12. How Will I Use Math • The subject that I will be interested in teaching is Math so as a Math teacher I will need to be familiar and good at the subject that I am teaching. I have to stay up to date with the new innovations in the field. I also will have to keep my Math skills sharp because I will be using and teaching it every day.

  13. Word Problem # 1: Mean Median Mode Problem I have a student who earned a 87, 96 84, and an 88 on his first four Math Quizzes. What grade would he have to receive on his 5th Math Quiz to have a mean of at least 90 (an A average)? Solution I would first take 90 and multiply it by 5 to get 450. I would then add up the 4 Quiz scores to get a total of 355. I would then subtract 355 from 450 to get a total of 95. So my student must receive at least a 95 on their Quiz to have A average (90% or above). To check the problem first add 87 + 96 + 84 + 88 + 95 = 450 Then divide the total by the number of quizzes (5) 450/5 = 90 So 95 is the correct solution.

  14. Word Problem # 2 Ratios & Proportions Problem I have graded 4 Math Projects in 7 minutes. I still have an additional 76 projects to grade. At this rate how long would it take me to grade the 76 remaining projects. Solution I would set up the proportion 4 = 76 7 x I would then solve 4x = 7(76) 4x = 532 4x = 532 4 4 X = 133 minutes So it would take me about 2 hours and 13 minutes to grade the rest of the projects.

  15. Word Problem # 3 Equations Problem For a field trip 8 students rode in cars and the rest filled up 4 buses. How many students were in each bus if 216 students were on the trip? Solution This is a two step equation 4x + 8 = 216 For my first step I would subtract 4x + 8 = 216 - 8 - 8 _____________ 4x = 208 For My Final Step I would divide 4x = 208 4 4 x = 52 students per bus

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