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Young Hoosier Book Awards 2012 - 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Young Hoosier Book Awards 2012 - 2013

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Young Hoosier Book Awards 2012 - 2013
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Young Hoosier Book Awards 2012 - 2013

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  1. Young Hoosier Book Awards2012 - 2013 Nominated Books RAH 5/12

  2. Young Hoosier Book Awards • Each year Indiana teachers, librarians, and students select 20 books that they consider some of the best new reading for students in each age group. • These titles are promoted to young people throughout the state of Indiana.

  3. Students are encouraged to read as many of the selected books as possible. • Students who read 5 or more YHBA titles can vote for their favorites. • Ballots are collected throughout the state each April to determine the winning title in each age group.

  4. Yhba program • Each year our students participate in the YHBA program. • Lists of YHBA titles are posted in the media center, in your English classrooms, and on the media center website. • You can find the YHBA books at the media center, public library, classrooms, or bookstores.

  5. The competition • At the media center, we keep track of who reads YHBA books by monitoring AR Tests. • When you pass the AR Test on a YHBA book, your name is added to the list.

  6. But why should I read YHBA books? • They’re some of the best new books out there. Odds are that you’ll like most of them. • Many language arts teachers require their students to read a number of YHBA titles. • You’ll get a chance to vote on the book you liked best. • Students who read the most YHBA books are eligible for special rewards!

  7. This year’s yhba titles 2012-2013

  8. A Tale Dark and Grim by Adam Gidwitz • Follow Hansel and Gretel as they walk out of their own story and into eight more tales, encountering witches, devils, warlocks, kindly strangers, and other helpful folk as they take charge of their own happily ever after. RL 4.6 Pts. 4.6

  9. Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins • Two Burmese boys, one a Karenni refugee and the other the son of an imprisoned Burmese doctor, meet in the jungle and in order to survive they must learn to trust each other. RL 4.4 Pts. 7

  10. After Ever After by Jordon sonnenblick • Although Jeff and Tad make a deal to help one another overcome aftereffects of their cancer treatments in preparation for eighth-grade graduation, Jeff still craves advice from his brother Steven, who is studying drums in Africa. RL 5.2 Pts. 7

  11. Borrowed Names : Poems about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J., Walker, Marie, Curie, and Their Daughters by Jeannine Atkins • This collection of poems retells the histories of author Laura Ingalls Wilder, cosmetics entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker, and Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie and their daughters. RL 5.5 Pts. 3

  12. The Crossing : How George Washington Saved the American Revolution by Jim Murphy • This book describes the pivotal transformation of George Washington from an inexperienced leader to a brilliant general. RL 7.8 Pts. 2

  13. Crunch by Leslie Connor Fourteen-year-old Dewey juggles the management of the family's bicycle repair business while sharing the household and farm duties with his siblings after a sudden energy crisis strands their parents far from home. RL 3.3 Pts. 7

  14. The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan • A fictionalized biography of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who grew up a painfully shy child, ridiculed by his overbearing father, but who became one of the most widely-read poets in the world. RL 4.6 Pts. 4

  15. Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith • During World War II, a light-skinned African American girl "passes" for white in order to join the Women Airforce Service Pilots. RL 4.3 Pts. 11

  16. Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson • Separated from his friend Isabel after their daring escape from slavery, fifteen-year-old Curzon serves as a free man in the Continental Army at Valley Forge until he and Isabel are thrown together again, as slaves once more. RL 5.4 Pts. 10

  17. Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel •   Imagine Garth's surprise when he's accidentally zapped to the spirit world by Frank Gallows, a washed-out ghost wrangler. Suddenly, Garth has powers the ghosts don't have, but he‘s stuck in a world run by the evil ruler of Ghostopolis. RL 2.4 Pts. 1

  18. Happenstance Found by P.W. Catanese • Twelve-year-old Happenstance wakes up in a cave with no idea how he got there or who he is, but merchant and royal advisor Lord Umber and his two friends help Hop escape from the caverns. RL 4.9 Pts. 10

  19. The Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe by Loree Griffin Burns • In this book, readers explore the lives of the fuzzy, buzzy insects and learn what might happen to us if they were gone. RL 7.5 Pts. 2

  20. A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story by Linda Sue Park • Eleven-year-old Salva becomes separated from his family when the Sudanese civil war reaches his village in 1985, and he must walk with other Dinka tribe members in search of a safe haven. RL 5.0 Pts. 3

  21. The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figgby Rodman Philbrick • Homer P. Figg escapes from his ruthless guardian's home in Pine Swamp, Maine, and sets out to find his beloved older brother, Harold, who has been illegally sold into the Union Army. RL 5.6 Pts. 7

  22. Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper • Considered by many to be mentally retarded, a brilliant, impatient fifth-grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time. RL 4.3 Pts. 8

  23. Search for WondLaby Tony DiTerlizzi • Living in isolation with a robot on what appears to be an alien world populated with bizarre life forms, a twelve-year-old human girl called Eva Nine sets out on a journey to find others like herself. RL 5.2 Pts. 11

  24. Slob by Ellen Potter • Picked on, overweight genius Owen tries to invent a television that can see the past to find out what happened the day his parents were killed. RL 5.0 Pts. 7

  25. Sources of Light by Margaret McMullan • In 1962 after her father is killed in Vietnam, Samantha moves with her mother to Jackson, Mississippi. During the year they spend there, Sam encounters both love and hate as she witnesses the prejudice and violence of the segregationists of the South. RL 5.2 Pts. 8

  26. Surviving the Angel of Death: The Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz by Eva Moses Kor and Lisa Buccieri • Eva Mozes Kor details experiences she shared with her twin sister, Miriam, when they were sent to Auschwitz as children and forced to endure medical experiments and other horrors under the care of Josef Mengele. RL 5.6 Pts. 4

  27. Virals by Kathy Reichs • Tory, the niece of Temperance Brennan, the world famous anthropologist of the BONES series, is exposed to a strain of canine parvovirus that changes her life. RL 3.5 Pts. 11

  28. Many YHBA titles are also available as eBooks from the PTS Digital Download Library.

  29. So let’s get reading!