business ethics n.
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What is emergent strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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What is emergent strategy

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What is emergent strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is emergent strategy

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business ethics q1 a discuss ethically

Business Ethics

Q1.a)Discuss ethically the drawbacks you find in the under-age marriages?

b)How does the increasing empowerment of women help eliminate problems if this type?

Q2.a)What is moral hazards and why is it important?

b)What is emergent strategy?

Q3.a)What are the objectives of a business, and which is the most important?

b)How many steps are there in the decision making process and what are they?

q4 a what csr issues exist for nfps b what

Q4.a)What CSR issues exist for NFPs?

b)What measures of performance are typically used by these organization?

Q5.a)How globalization effect CSR?

b)Is globalization threat for CSR?

Q6. a)Why is the measurement of performance important?

b)What is ISO14000 and what factors does it cover?

Q7. a)What are the responsibilities of business in their corporate decision?

b)What is the relationship between CSR and corporate behavior?

q8 a what are the 4 factors of sustainability

Q8. a)What are the 4 factors of sustainability?

b)What are the factors of distributable sustainability?

Q9.a)What justification does stakeholder Theory use for considering stakeholder?

b)What are the step involved in the incorporation of environmental accounting into the risk evaluation system of an organization?

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