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Pledge can be created only of movable property. Comment PowerPoint Presentation
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Pledge can be created only of movable property. Comment

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Pledge can be created only of movable property. Comment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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business law q1 how are right of lien

Business Law

Q1.How are right of lien and stoppage-in-transit affected by sub-sale or pledge by the buyer?

Q2.Discuss the rule regarding duration of transit. When does it come of an end?

Q3.Comment on the statement,” Delivery does not amount to acceptance of goods”?

Q4.State the exceptions to the rule that no one can convey a better title than what he has.

q5 when are the goods said to be unascertained

Q5.When are the goods said to be unascertained? What are the rules as to the transfer of property in the unascertained goods to the buyer?

Q6.Discuss the implied condition relating to sale by sample?

Q7.Discuss the doctrine of caveat emptor and state its exceptions.

Q8.What is the effect of perishing of goods on the contract of sale?

Q9.Explain the various methods of creating agency?

q10 pledge can be created only of movable

Q10.Pledge can be created only of movable property. Comment.

Q11.Discuss the position of guarantee in respect of loans to a minor.

Q12.Does the release by the creditor of one of the sureties discharge the others?

Q13.Explain the provisions relating to appointment of directors in Producer Company.

Q14.Two separate company wish to amalgamate. State the steps which they must take for this purpose.

q15 does the failure of inspector to submit

Q15.Does the failure of inspector to submit his or her report in time amount to an end to investigation?

Q16.A, the secretary of the company is also a minority shareholder. He is removed from the post of secretary. He brings complaint on the ground of oppression? Advise

Q17.A single member of a company wishes to challenge the decisions of the majority. Can he succeed?

q18 what new provisions have been made

Q18.What new provisions have been made for the protection of interests of debenture holders?

Q19. Write a short note on Consumer Protection Councils.

Q20.Describe the powers of SEBI relating to the working of the depository system.

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