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How many steps are there in the decision making process and what are they PowerPoint Presentation
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How many steps are there in the decision making process and what are they

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How many steps are there in the decision making process and what are they - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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organizational behavior q1 how should peter deal

Organizational Behavior

Q1.How should Peter deal with John’s and Jane’s requests and the complaint from the administrators?

Q2.What can the organization as a whole do to address problems like these?

Q3.What organizational behavior can you identify in this case?

Q4.Should Pfizer voluntarily pull Celebrex off the market, given that the other two drugs in its class have been withdrawn? What factors are the most important in making this decision? What should the FDA do about Arcoxia?

q5 what are the responsibilities if any of merck

Q5.What are the responsibilities (if any) of Merck, Pfizer, and the FDA for the deaths of individuals who took the Cox-2 inhibitors? Who holds primary responsibility?

Q6.How many deaths per 100,000 people pose an acceptable risk for a drug to be viewed as marketable? Should individual patients have the right to determine if the risk is too great for them? What roles do organizations and consumers play in maintaining consumer safety?

Q7.Based on your knowledge of team dynamics, explain why the packaging department is less productive than other teams at Treetop.

Q8.How should Treetop change the nonproductive norms that exist in the packaging group?

q9 what structural and other changes would

Q9.What structural and other changes would you recommend that may improve this situation in the long term?

Q10.What barriers to effective communication existed in Aluminum Elements Corp? How did the author deal with these? What would you do differently?

Q11.Identify and discuss why John was upset at the end of the case. What should the writer do at this time?

Q12.Identify the symptoms indicating that problems exist at LaCrosse Industries Inc.

Q13.Use one or more leadership theories to analyze the underlying causes of the current problems at LaCrosse Industries. What other organizational behavior theories might also help to explain some of the problems?

Q14.What should Gilbert LaCrosse do in this situation?

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