personnel management n.
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Briefly discuss the importance of motivation to organizations. PowerPoint Presentation
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Briefly discuss the importance of motivation to organizations.

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Briefly discuss the importance of motivation to organizations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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personnel management q1 briefly discuss

Personnel Management

Q1.Briefly discuss the importance of motivation to organizations.

Q2.Study an organization, unit, or an individual employee and suggest ways and means to motivate him to perform more effectively.

Q3.The number of consumers is projected to increase by 2000 every month. What would be the requirement for the following categories:

1. bill distributors;

2. meter readers;

3. estimators; and

4. inspectors?

q4 given urbanization leading to houses

Q4.Given urbanization, leading to houses and buildings like apartments for consumers, with personalized transport like two wheelers for meter readers, can you refix the norms for the Categories in 1 above taking into account an increase in productivity. What other factors need to be balanced against this increase in productivity? (Specify your group productivity increase and other factors.)

Q5.Propose a revised organization structure at the zonal office, where the company feels that with existing manpower more consumers have to be serviced (the Naranpura area is in a high population growth zone).

Q6.What factors would you take into account in evaluating this demand from the workers?

q7 provide the rationale for implementing

Q7.Provide the rationale for implementing or not implementing this demand

Q8.Identify a personnel problem that has to be solved. This can be done by discussions with the personnel manager of an organization. Write a detailed proposal of how you would carry out the research to find the answer.

Q9.Discuss the concept of social responsibility. Why should and enterprise be concerned with it?

Q10.How have some firms in India gone about discharging their social responsibilities? What other approaches can be tried? Give reasons

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