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Design a segmentation plan for ‘Soft & Sweet’. PowerPoint Presentation
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Design a segmentation plan for ‘Soft & Sweet’.

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Design a segmentation plan for ‘Soft & Sweet’. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For Assignment Solution ContactnCasestudyhelp.innhttps://www.casestudyhelp.inn9422028822nnMarketing ManagementnnQ1. Assume that you are going to start a restaurant targeting young customers. What will be the various elements of Marketing Mix with respect to the restaurant? Elucidate.n(10 Marks) nnQ2. Suppose that you are planning to buy a new mobile phone for yourself. What factorsnare likely to influence your buying behavior while buying a mobile phone? Explain.n(10 Marks)nnnQ3. In recent past, teenagers girls in India have become highly beauty conscious. XYZnLimited is planning to introduce a first of its kind beauty cream ‘Soft & Sweet’ targetingnteenager girl of affluent class. The cream would be available in different variants as per the skin type such as neutral skin, oily skin, rough skin etc. The product would be sold only from the premium cosmetic stores and through company website across the country.nAssume that you are responsible for designing the marketing strategies for ‘Soft & Sweet’.nna) Design a segmentation plan for ‘Soft & Sweet’. (5 Marks)nnb) Design the appropriate market entry strategies for ‘Soft & Sweet’. (5 Marks)nFor Assignment Solution ContactnCasestudyhelp.innhttps://www.casestudyhelp.inn9422028822nnn

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