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Stan Getz
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Stan Getz

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  1. Stan Getz “There is a thing in music that surpasses the imagination…”

  2. Early “Education” Born February 2, 1927 in Philadelphia.  Began playing music at 12 years of age. 1943-Joined Jack Teagarden’s band at the age of 16. Subsequent gigs with the Stan Kenton Big Band and Benny Goodman Jazz Orchestra. 1947-Joined Woody Herman’s “Second Herd”.

  3. The Four Brothers Original member of “The Four Brothers” saxophone section with Zoot Simms and Herbie Steward. Gained notoriety through his recording "Early Autumn" with the Woody Herman Band. In addition to a drinking problem he developed during his time with the Teagarden band, he also began a cocaine habit that eventually led to his arrest.

  4. The Cool School Also known as “West Coast Jazz”. Subtle form of bebop emphasizing melody over velocity, and a stray from traditional chord changes. Other sax contemporaries included Paul Desmond and Bill Perkins.

  5. Whatever Stan Wants… Pioneered the bossa nova, a blend of jazz and latin music. Getz recorded "The Girl from Ipanema" in 1963, which reached the top of the commercial charts in 1964. 

  6. Closing Time 1970s-Departed latin music for experimentation with electronic instruments. 1980s-Diagnosed with cancer. 1986-Taught at Stanford University. 1991-Died due to complications from cancer.

  7. The Song

  8. “So Danco Samba” Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Recorded in March of 1963. Joao Gilberto on vocals and guitar. BMI award-winning song along with “The Girl From Ipanema” and “Desafinado”.

  9. Repeat Twice: So danco samba, So danco samba, Vai, vai, vai, vai, vai, So danco samba, So danco samba, Vai! Repeat Twice: The jazz ‘n’ samba, The jazz ‘n’ samba, Swingin’ soft and low, The jazz ‘n’ samba, The jazz ‘n’ samba, Go! Lyrics

  10. Ja dancei o twist atze demais! Mas no sei, Me cansei, Do calipso Ao cha-cha-cha. So danco samba, So danco samba, Vai, vai, vai, vai, vai. So danco samba, So danco samba, Vai! The Jet from Rio, non stop U.S.A.! This new sound came one day, And it’s clear that It’s here to stay. It’s jazz ‘n’ samba, It’s so refreshing, Like a new perfume. It’s jazz ‘n’ samba, It’s jazz ‘n’ samba, Umm!

  11. Tenor Sax (B-flat) Song begins in E major Modulates to G major for solo End of bridge modulates to B-flat major Chorus changes are: Gmaj9, A9, D9, Gmaj and C9. Concert Pitch Song begins in D major Modulates to F major for solo End of bridge modulates to A-flat major Chorus changes are: Fmaj9, G9, C9, Gmaj, and B9. Analysis

  12. Credits Narrated by: Jonathan Michell Written by:: Jonathan Michell Produced by: Jonathan Michell Directed by: Jonathan Michell Funding made possible by a grant from: People Like Jonathan Michell Warning: Coffee Is Hot!!!!!!!!!!