qt a c based gui l.
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QT - a C++ based GUI PowerPoint Presentation
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QT - a C++ based GUI

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QT - a C++ based GUI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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QT - a C++ based GUI. QT’s Designer and Assistant. What we are about!. downloading QT setting up your environment QT Assistant and QT Designer The QT Designer Quick Start Tutorial. QT Availability. QT can be downloaded from the internet for either a PC or Unix www.trolltech.com

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qt a c based gui

QT - a C++ based GUI





what we are about
What we are about!
  • downloading QT
  • setting up your environment
  • QT Assistant and QT Designer
  • The QT Designer Quick Start Tutorial
qt availability
QT Availability
  • QT can be downloaded from the internet for either a PC or Unix
    • www.trolltech.com
  • The PC version runs on many different variations of Windows from Windows 95 up.
  • Installation is straight forward.
  • QT is installed on acad and intmain.
  • needs xterm to run.
setting up your environment
Setting up your Environment
  • Set up your environment
    • include /usr/local/qt/bin

in your path variable

    • include setenv QTDIR "/usr/local/qt“

for your environment

  • In your home directory, make a subdirectory qt for your qt applications
testing the setup
Testing the setup
  • cd qt
  • mkdir hello
  • cd hello
  • cp /export/home/public/gordon/cis520/hello.zip .
  • Unzip the file
  • Give the following commands:
    • qmake –project // builds the project file
    • qmake // builds the Makefile
    • make // the executable
    • hello // is the directory name
  • In $QTDIR/examples, there are more than 76 examples that can be copied and studied.
  • Only the DB examples don’t work, since no drivers come with the free version
  • Feel free to browse the examples.
using qt
Using QT
  • Usually you want to put all the code for a project in a single directory.
  • Our first project will come from QT’s tutorial – a GUI metric conversion
  • cd qt
  • mkdir metric
  • cd metric
starting assistant and designer
Starting Assistant and Designer
  • To start QT Assistant, give the command

assistant &

  • To start QT Designer, give the command

designer &

quick start
Quick Start
  • We will do the quick start tutorial for QT Designer which is found in QT Assistant
  • From the Home Page of QT Assistant, scroll down to the Tools section, select QT Designer, and then select Quick Start
  • We will build a complete working example in about an hour. We will then use what we learned to complete a project that accesses an Oracle database with Object-Oriented approach.
starting and exiting qt designer
Starting and Exiting Qt Designer
  • Starting
    • To start Qt Designer under Windows click the Start button and click Programs|Qt X.x.x|Designer. (X.x.x is the Qt version number, e.g. 3.2.1.)
    • If you're running a Unix or Linux operating system you can either double click the Qt Designer icon or enter designer & in an xterm.
  • Start Qt Designer now. When Qt Designer starts, it shows the New/Open dialog. We'll just click Cancel to skip it.
  • Exiting
    • click File|Exit; you will be prompted to save any unsaved changes.
the metric conversion
The Metric Conversion
  • start assistant
    • assistant &
    • open the quick start tutorial in QT’s assistant
  • open designer &
  • follow the tutorial