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Paul Bocuse

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Paul Bocuse
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Paul Bocuse

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  1. Paul Bocuse Chef Éxtraordinaire

  2. History • Born February 11, 1926 • Son of Irma and Georges Bocuse • Nickname is “Lion of Lyon” • Prepared his first meal at the age of ten.

  3. Learning as he goes • 1942- Paul Bocuse was an apprentice at Claude Maret’s Restaurant in Lyon and found out how to pick out produce at the market. • Fernand Point was a mentor and trained Paul’s father earlier in life. Fernand called Paul his “spiritual son”. • 1950-Paul completed his apprenticeship with Fernand Point. • Paul used Fernand’s idea by using only the freshest ingredients in his cooking.

  4. History of the Restaurant • Back in 1765 one of Paul Bocuse’s ancestors was known for her cooking. • Paul’s grandfather was a poor financial man and was forced to sell an inn and the right to use the family name in 1921. • Paul’s father Georges wanted to set up a restaurant and use the family name but couldn’t due to the mishap previously. • Paul’s mother and father still used the name in a Bistro that they set up calling it “Restaurant Bocuse.”

  5. Getting Started • In 1956 Paul returned home. • 1959 Paul’s father died leaving him the restaurant and $100,000 in Debt • Paul then repurchased the inn his grandfather lost as well as the name and turned it into a Banquet facility. This was later known as L’ Auberge Paul Bocuse. • “Paul named his grandparents old restaurant “Abbaye de Collonges” in memory of the monks on the Isle Barbe. • A quote: “ Right now, the biggest worry any restaurant has is finding a good, quality product,” “It is still the driving force in restaurants.”

  6. Paul’s Restaurants • L’ Abbaye de Collonges is three miles outside of Lyon. • Le Nord “La Cuisine de la Tradition” • Le Sud “La Cuisine du Soleil” • L’Est “La Cuisine des Voyages” • L’Ouest “La Cuisine des Iles” • Each of these restaurants has their own type of menu. Some of the items that are listed are the same, but for the most part, they vary in the restaurant.

  7. Inventor and Businessman • Paul is known as the “Father of Nouvelle Cuisine.” He reduced the amount of butter and heavy creams in his recipes to make it healthier. • In 1987 Paul created “the first worldwide competition of cuisine “Bocuse d’Or.”” • 1972 Paul was exporting wines under his own label for his restaurant. • 1979- He created a range of popular drinks such as wines and champagnes.

  8. Awards • Named “Best Craftsman of the year” by Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition. • February 25, 1975- President Valery Gisard d’Estaing awarded Paul Bocuse the Legion of Honor. • 1976 marked the time when Bocuse was named Counselor of the Republic. • In 1989 Paul was elected “Chef of the Century” by Gault and Millau. • 1990 he was entrusted with Presidency at the School of Culinary Arts of Ecully. • 1992 “he is entrusted with the presidency of the Best artisan of France “Cuisine-Restauration.”” • Became an Ambassador of French Cuisine.

  9. Famous Dishes (Prestige) • Appetizer~ Terrine of Fresh, Fattened Duck Liver • Soup~ Truffle Soup Elysee • Fish~ Fresh- Water Crayfish au Gratin a la Fernand Point • Meat~ Hen with Crayfish • Dessert~ President’s Cake (Maurice Bernachon’s recipe)

  10. Charity • In 1949, there was a wine auction at the medieval charity hospital. • At the Bistro 110 benefit, Paul Bocuse raised more than $3000. • Paul helped raise money for a Kids Café, a Chicago hunger program. • Has helped out with the March of Dimes • Project Openhand

  11. Friend of America and a Leader • In 1944 Paul Bocuse enlisted in the first French Division at WWII. He got shot and was treated in an American hospital. He had to have blood transfusions which now he can say that he does have American blood in him. • In 1982 Epcot Center, part of Disneyworld, he opened up a restaurant with Gaston Leotre and Roger Verge. • Chef Pierre Troisgo’s has said “All of us have followed Paul in one way or another.”

  12. Miscellaneous • Paul Bocuse broke tradition by leaving his kitchen to talk with guests. • He shared secrets with others about cooking. • Bocuse said that there is better advancement like food processors and refrigerators. • He presented his best wishes on a CD-ROM and web in 1997 and 1999. • Quote: “Cooking is easy, you just need good ingredients, good seasoning, and the right cook, that’s it.” • Paul Bocuse’s books are published in several different languages and are in fourteen different countries.

  13. Resources • Ed. Moritz, Charles. Current Biography Yearbook. New York. 1998 • Paul Bocuse. 3/27/03. • Bonnie Churchill’s Travel. 4/01/03. • 04/18/03

  14. The End • Created by: Heather “Josee” Beckwith • Research done by: Heather Beckwith • This site was not tested on animals • Thanks to all the little people in the world. Remember to eat healthy and stay healthy.