oregon department of aviation 2009 11 budget presentation daniel e clem director february 4 2009 l.
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Oregon Department of Aviation \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ 2009-11 Budget Presentation Daniel E. Clem, D PowerPoint Presentation
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Oregon Department of Aviation \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ 2009-11 Budget Presentation Daniel E. Clem, D

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Oregon Department of Aviation \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ 2009-11 Budget Presentation Daniel E. Clem, D - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oregon Department of Aviation ______________________ 2009-11 Budget Presentation Daniel E. Clem, Director February 4, 2009. Briefing Agenda. Six Year Strategic Plan Accomplishments 2007-2009 Key Performance Measures Challenges for 2009-2011 Budget Priorities

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Presentation Transcript
oregon department of aviation 2009 11 budget presentation daniel e clem director february 4 2009
Oregon Department of Aviation______________________2009-11 Budget PresentationDaniel E. Clem, DirectorFebruary 4, 2009
briefing agenda
Briefing Agenda
  • Six Year Strategic Plan
  • Accomplishments 2007-2009
  • Key Performance Measures
  • Challenges for 2009-2011
  • Budget Priorities
  • Revenues and Expenditures Request
  • Policy Option Packages
  • Major Construction for 2009-2011
  • Reductions and Continuous Improvements
6 year strategic plan
6-Year Strategic Plan

Protect Public-Use Airports:

  • Legislation to strengthen enforcement with Airport Planning Rule (APR); add more public use airports to current list
  • Assist jurisdictions with attaining compliance with APR.
  • Protect Independence State Airport through possible acquisition of adjacent developable land.
  • Acquire property and construct public-use airport in Southeast Oregon.
  • Assume ownership of Mulino Airport.
  • Advocate for policies and funding favorable for Oregon airports.

Leverage Technology to Enhance General Aviation Programs:

  • Implement web-based accessibility for registration programs.
  • Develop and mature information systems (AERO, AIMS) into Oracle-SQL-based systems.
  • Advance use of NextGen and satellite-based navigation, weather, and communications systems.
  • Implement Electronic Airport Layout Plans, make accessible from agency website.

Support Communities through Economic Development:

  • Legislation to allow Through-the-Fence/Public-Private Partnership Program at all non-commercial public-use airports
  • Establish self-funding districts (airport or tax-increment) to fund improvements on public-use airports.
  • Support retention and expansion of commercial air services.
  • Support Oregon aviation-related jobs and businesses, as appropriate.

Improve Safety and Operating Condition of State-owned/operated airports:

  • Construct required safety improvement projects (Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan).
  • Attain financial self-sustainability for each airport.
  • Construct Control Tower at Aurora State Airport. Operate tower under Contract Tower Program.
  • Maintain state-owned/operated airports efficiently and effectively. (pre-positioned equipment, local agreements).
  • Attain sufficient staffing levels for operations and maintenance.
  • Improve security (accessibility, infrastructure) and safety (separation of vehicle/aircraft, no OE).

Protect and Enhance Aviation:

  • Support higher-education and flight instruction in aviation disciplines.
  • Assist airport sponsors/communities with construction of critical Airside Facilities per the State Aviation System Plan (runway lighting, instrument approaches, and weather stations “AWOS”).
  • Publish and update statewide aviation aeronautical charts, airport directory, Master and Systems Plans, Economic Impact Study.
  • Provide aviation consultation and services, including air flight and fleet management services for governmental agencies, consultation and assistance for emergency response services, and coordination with Transportation Security Administration and Federal Aviation Administration, and departments of Transportation.
  • Support aviation-related outreach, search-and-rescue programs, and other support programs.
  • Advocate for availability of necessary aviation fuels.
2007 09 accomplishments
2007-09 Accomplishments
  • Reconciliation of all federal grants
  • Improved Cash Balances
  • Re-established fiscal controls/reporting
  • 2007 Oregon Aviation Master/Systems Plan
  • Regional Air Service – Klamath Falls, coastal cities, Portland
  • Airport Projects – Aurora, Lebanon, Cottage Grove, Mulino
  • Aviation Industries Cluster
  • NextGen Transmitters – Local Garmin impact
  • Airport Planning Rule Survey w/150 land-use entities
  • Through-the-Fence Pilot Program – Working Group
  • Control Tower for Aurora State Airport
  • FAA & TSA Policies – funding, kit planes, airparks, security
  • Connect Oregon Programs Management
  • Updated Leases, improved fee collection and AR management
2009 11 challenges
2009 – 11 Challenges
  • Deferred Maintenance & Airport Deficiencies - $16.5Million
  • Through-the-Fence Pilot Program
  • Statewide Commercial Air Service Development
  • Implement Oregon’s Airport Planning Rule
  • Restore the Financial Aid to Municipalities Grant Program
  • Deploy Weather Reporting Systems for public-use airports
  • Implement self-sustaining airport financial models (Aurora, Mulino, Independence)
  • Obtain Air Traffic Control Towers for Aurora State and Bend Municipal airports
  • Enhance funding for Oregon’s Search and Rescue Program
  • Uncertainties in FAA’s next budget
2009 11 budget priorities
2009 – 11 Budget Priorities
  • Statewide services – aviation policies, assistance to communities, licensing, permits
  • State Airports Management
  • State Airports Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections – all airports
  • Planning – Master/Systems Plan, airport directory
  • Aircraft Registration – funds local and state match for federal funds
  • Pavement Maintenance Program
  • Non-Primary Entitlement Program – minor construction federal funds
  • Capital Construction Projects – major construction federal funds
  • Pilot Registration – funds Oregon Search and Rescue Program
2009 11 capital construction
2009 – 11 Capital Construction

Federal State

Aurora State Tower & Master Plan $ 700K $ 37K **

Bandon State Apron/Taxilanes $ 662K $ 35K **

Chiloquin State Apron/RW Rehab $ 170K $ 9K *

Cottage Grove Master Plan $ 170K $ 9K *

Independence State acquire RPZ $ 425K $ 22K **

Joseph State RW Reconstruct $ 1,500K $ 80K

Lebanon State Overlay/TW $ 1,250K $ 66K **

Siletz Bay Obstruct/Master Plan $ 300K $ 16K *

McDermitt Design/Beacon/Lights $ 675K $ 35K *


* = minor construction, not in capital construction bill

** = already authorized in previous capital construction bills


1. Pavement Maintenance Program. The reduction would reduce the number of airports receiving pavement maintenance (asphalt) safety funds. This reduction would cause communities to use local or federal funds to maintain runway/taxiway safety standards

OF - $368,771

2. Deferred Airport Maintenance. Defer planned and routine maintenance on 28 state-owned/operated airports, including pavement maintenance, necessary drainage projects, brush-cutting, tree removal. The reduction would diminish aviation safety on rural airports. OF $ 75,000

3. Planning Projects. Publication of outdated aeronautical charts, airport directory, and update of Master Plans. This reduction will cause delay of necessary construction projects at airports and would diminish outreach to aviation community. OF $ 20,000

4. General Aviation Entitlement Program. This reduction would reduce federal project funding. Planned federal funding will be assigned to other airports/states. These funds provide 95% of the funds required to construct safety-related airport projects on state-owned/operated airports. FF - $ 97,000

5. Winter Closure of Warning Airports. This reduction would terminate winter snow-blowing/shuffling operations at state operated rural airports. This reduction would effectively close seven emergency landing or “warning” airports in the Cascades during November through May/June each winter. OF $ 25,000

6. Closure of Warning Airports. This reduction would terminate operational year-round use of emergency/warning rural state airports. This reduction would effectively close the seven emergency/warning airports in the Cascade Range for an indefinite period. There are 97-based aircraft at those airports. OF - $200,000

continuous improvements efficiencies
Continuous Improvements/Efficiencies
  • Web-Based Registrations for airports, fuel facilities, pilot and aircraft
  • Expand AIRO Volunteer Program
  • Preposition Equipment at rural/coastal Airports
  • State Aircraft Management Council
  • On-airport management – Aurora and Mulino Airports
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