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Needs for foresights

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Needs for foresights. Nordic Foresight Forum 26-27 October 2005. Innovation Norway. Established 1 January 2004

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needs for foresights

Needs for foresights

Nordic Foresight Forum 26-27 October 2005

innovation norway
Innovation Norway
  • Established 1 January 2004
  • Took over the initiatives formerly offered by The Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND), the Norwegian Trade Council, the Norwegian Consultative Office for Inventors (SVO) and the Norwegian Tourist Board
  • 700 employees in offices distributed throughout all of Norway’s counties and in 34 countries. The Head Office is located in Oslo
  • Around NOK 4 billion (500 mill €) for the reinforcement of Norwegian industry; through business and regional development, focusing on innovation, internationalisation and image-building

Vision: We give local ideas global opportunities

foresight activities in innovation norway
Foresight activities in Innovation Norway
  • Participation in national foresights (”Horisont 21”)
  • Initializing of / Participation in foresight processes for industrial sectors:
  • Aquaculture (RCN)
  • Tourism (RBL/IN)
  • Cod farming and fishing
  • Introducing foresights in regional cluster processes – Conducting a pilot project
  • Using foresight methods in a few internal strategy processes
foresights in industry sector strategies
Foresights in industry sector strategies
  • Innovation Norway supports innovation activities

A need for foresights to:

  • Help industry organisations in developing a more long-term perspective
  • Bring together groups that should be interacting more actively
  • Bring up new ideas – on markets, technologies and industrial organization
  • Develop Innovation Norways financial instrument and role

Foresights should:

  • Bring together technological, market, organizational and societal perspectives
  • Be based on broad participation from the relevant groups of actores
foresights in regional cluster development
Foresights in regional /cluster development
  • Innovation Norway support regional cluster development (2 cluster programmes + a range of projects)
  • Foresights can:
  • Help clusters in looking outside their ”regional world” for factors that will be crucial for their own development (avoid lock-ins)
  • Help clusters in setting long-term strategies
  • Aligning different mental models to be able to set up a common vision

Foresights should:

  • Be a natural tool in strategic and learning processes in long-term cluster development
foresights in strategic development in innovation norway
Foresights in strategic development in Innovation Norway
  • Innovation Norway is an organization that must be able to adjust to new situations and needs

Foresights can be used in:

  • Analysis of future development in important markets (capital market, labour market, ”China”…)
  • Organizational development in Innovation Norway (new roles towards our customers – new ways of creating value)
summing up
Summing up
  • Foresights should be put into our tool-box (but handled with care…)
  • When related to innovation processes foresights must be more than technological foresights – market, environment, societal, political factores must be brought in
  • Foresight processes should be based on broad participation – to create common visions/strategies and committment to act
  • Foresights must have a clear purpose: Learning – strategic development - desicion making
scenarios as part of learning cycles

New perspectives


The cluster

New mental models





New ideas

New visions and strategies

Scenarios as part of learning cycles