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IRIS Project Update

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IRIS Project Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IRIS Project Update. IRIS Steering Committee August 23, 2005. Today’s Agenda. Go Live Plan Team Plans General Plans Security Decision Statement of Responsibility and IRIS Appropriate Use Notification Updates  Finance Materials Management Student Accounting HR Training

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iris project update

IRIS Project Update

IRIS Steering Committee

August 23, 2005

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Go Live Plan
    • Team Plans
    • General Plans
  • Security Decision
    • Statement of Responsibility and IRIS Appropriate Use Notification
  • Updates 
    • Finance
    • Materials Management
    • Student Accounting
    • HR
  • Training
  • Preparation for Go Live
go live cutover plans for october 2005
Go Live/Cutover Plans for October 2005
  • Team Plans (sample)
  • General
command center
Command Center
  • Location
  • Staff
  • Schedule
  • Phone set-up
  • Escalation
walk in centers
Walk-in Centers
  • Peterson Service Building
  • Funkhouser Building
  • Other
  • Schedule TBD
other support items
Other Support Items
  • Tracking
  • Customer Service Center is the “Front Door” (7-1300)
  • Communication plans
  • Long Range
security in iris
Security in IRIS
  • Security options presented to AFOs
  • Security reviewed and approved by the President’s Council
security in iris8
Security in IRIS
  • Security will be OPEN for DISPLAY.
  • Only roles for Financials and Materials Management (Purchasing) are being set now.
  • All data protected legally or by regulation will be protected in IRIS.
  • Employees will sign statement of responsibility and a notice of responsibility will appear at each log on.
  • User IDs and passwords must not be shared.
financial fi update
Financial (FI) Update

Tasks recently completed:

Converted master data (except grants)

  • Trained OT in Master data maintenance

Developed vendor & student:

  • checks
  • positive pay files
  • lockbox
  • check recon formats

Complete functional specs:

  • Mini-overhead process
  • Claim-on-cash
  • Data conversion quality reports
  • Grant revenue recognition
financial fi update13
Financial (FI) Update

Tasks currently being worked on:

  • Complete Cycle 2 Integration testing
  • KMSF component
  • Reporting priority list
  • Interface transaction testing
  • Faculty Effort
  • Endowment System replacement
  • End-user Training
financial fi update14
Financial (FI) Update

Tasks currently being worked on (cont’d):

  • Production Dollar Data Conversion
  • Testing
  • Banking activity
  • Interim Budget Solution
  • Security (roles and assignments)
financial fi update15
Financial (FI) Update

Tasks forthcoming:

  • Report Development
  • Batch processing
  • Scheduling
  • Forms
materials management mm update
Materials Management (MM) Update

Tasks recently completed:

  • Completed collecting information from departments on the Requisition Approvers
  • Tested authorization roles
  • Loaded vendors
  • Conducted advanced training for the AP staff
  • Tested printer output of MM forms
materials management mm update18
Materials Management (MM) Update

Tasks recently completed (cont’d):

  • Created cut-over plan for October 1
  • Identified reporting requirements
materials management mm update19
Materials Management (MM) Update

Tasks currently being worked on:

  • Verification and load of Requisition Approvers
  • Final configuration and validation of Release Strategies
materials management mm update20
Materials Management (MM) Update

Tasks forthcoming:

  • Training, training, and more training (internal Purchasing and AP, as well as end-users)
  • Final preparation
campus management student accounting update
Campus Management – Student Accounting Update
  • End-User Testing
  • Testing Data Conversion
  • Testing Interfaces for Deltas
  • Load Target Population
  • End-user Training
  • Communication Plan
  • Active Directory (AD) Accounts for students
  • SAP Biller Direct
  • October 2005 Go-Live Impact on Current Systems
human resource payroll hr update
Human Resource/Payroll (HR) Update

Comparison and Parallel Testing Delayed

  • Comparison Testing
    • Bi-Weekly Comparison now due 9/1
  • Parallel Testing
    • New Start Date is 10/1
    • Bi-Weekly Payrolls:

October 4

October 18

November 1

    • Monthly Payrolls:

October 31

November 30

human resource payroll hr update24
Human Resource/Payroll (HR) Update
  • Reasons for Delay
    • Data Conversion Issues
    • Data Quality Issues in HRS

HRS Data required a significant “clean-up” effort before it could be loaded into SAP

  • Result of Delay
    • No “cushion” in timeline
    • Intensifies Parallel Testing requirements
    • No room for changes, no matter how small
training strategy
Training Strategy

SAP Awareness & NavigationUK_1004 Hrs. I



Req. to Check OverviewRTC_2002 Hrs. I


FI_2002 Hrs. I

General ReportingRPT_2004 Hrs. I



Req. to Check

24 hrs


54 hrs

Contract Acct. (CM)

5 hrs.

FI,FM, CO Master DataMD_3006 Hrs. I

Grants Mgmt.FI_GM_300

12 Hrs. I



3 Hrs. I



1 Hr. I

Cash Desk - Cashiers CM_CA_3004 Hrs. I

GL Accountant FI_GL_30012 Hrs I

Grants AnalysisFI_GM_310

4 Hrs I



2 Hrs. I

AP Invoice ProcessingFI_AP_30018 Hrs. I

Student AccountBalance Display

CM_CA_3101 Hr. I



FI ReportingFI_RPT_3504 Hrs. I

Bank AccountingFI_BA_3004 Hrs. DC

AP PaymentFI_AP_3106 Hrs. DC

Vendor Master DataMD_3102 Hrs. DC

Period Closing**FI_CLS_350



6 hours=full day(less lunch, breaks)

4 hours = ½ day

I = instructor led

DC = desk-side coaching

Post go-live in grey

Taught by Purchasing (in orange)

Taught by IRIS project team members or SMEs (in aqua)

Internal Order ProcessingCO_IO_3004 Hrs. I

General User FI_GU_300

12 Hrs. I

Level 1 = 4 hrs

Level 2 = 8 hrs

Level 3 = 83 hrs

Total = 95 hrs

setting go live expectations
Setting Go Live Expectations
  • Typical Go Live Issues
  • Preparedness
go live typical issues
Go Live: Typical Issues
  • Access and Authorizations
  • Change
  • Reporting
  • Performance
authorization issues
Authorization Issues
  • Typically, the largest number of post-Go Live issues are associated with access and authorization issues.
    • Access refers to access logging into SAP.


-Logging into the Portal

-IDs in Production


    • Authorization refers to permission to access transactions once a user is logged into SAP

-Access to transactions needed (e.g., User needs to create a Purchase Requisition, but is not assigned the required role.)

change issues
Change Issues
  • The most uncomfortable component of Go Live is change.
    • Everything is different (terminology, accounting codes, transactions/screens).
    • Largest impact is on the clerical staff (been doing the same thing for years).
      • Accounts Payable
      • Purchasing
    • Reaction to/frustration with change can be severe.
reporting issues
Reporting Issues
  • All of the 1,700 current reports have not been rewritten.
  • Financial Data will be in different formats (June – September)
  • Different Systems
  • Transition years stink.

Online reports are available. Reports are being developed.

performance issues
Performance Issues
  • During the first few weeks temporary system performance issues may be experienced:

-Excessive Run Times

Biller Direct*

Table Space (max extends)

-Print Times

  • Adjustments to improve performance

-Dedicated Processors

-Expand Table Spaces

-Adjust ratio of work process (Dialog vs. Background)

-Adjust Print Cues

preparation for go live issues
Preparation for Go Live Issues
  • Go Live Kit (familiarize yourself with it)
    • Authorization Issues: Procedures for Reporting Security Issues
    • Some Useful Online Reports in SAP: Budget/Actuals, Budget Line Items, Actual Line items (Drilling Down, changing line layouts, sorting, subtotaling, exporting)
  • Walk-In Centers (know where they are, take advantage of them)
    • Purchasing & FI – 379 Peterson Service Building + TBD
    • Student Accounting – 18 Funkhouser Building
  • Keep training after training
    • Use the Training Sandbox to reinforce what was taught in training
  • Develop Departmental SMEs (and let others know who they are)
    • Requisition, Approving, Receiving, IDIVs, etc.
preparation for go live issues34
Preparation for Go Live Issues

Help the Help Desk help you.

  • Minimize general question calls.
    • If it the choice is between reading over your training materials for guidance or calling the help desk, please read materials first.
  • Be prepared to be asked questions and give specific answers.
    • “SAP won’t let me do a requisition” can be due to several reasons (no access, no authorization, need for handholding).
    • The Help Desk will need to ask questions and get answers to isolate and resolve issues.
preparation for go live issues35
Preparation for Go Live Issues
  • Listen for General condemnations
    • You may hear:
      • The system can’t do...
      • The training was terrible…
    • You won’t hear
      • I don’t know how…
      • I have not practiced…

Users who use the general condemnation are most likely expressing frustration with change, or that they need additional assistance.

Make sure they are aware that assistance is available, and where to get it. Encourage them to utilize the Walk-In Centers.

  • Go Live will not be issue free.
  • Nor will it be the “end of the world.”
  • Prepare yourself and your people