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IRIS Project Update. IRIS Steering Committee February 28, 2006. Today’s Agenda. Recommendation on HR/Payroll Security (Combs) HR/Payroll Go Live (Bliffen) Training (Sage) Hospital Inventory Go Live (Stevens) Financial Aid Go Live (George) Status of Grants Module (Miles)     

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Presentation Transcript
Iris project update l.jpg

IRIS Project Update

IRIS Steering Committee

February 28, 2006

Today s agenda l.jpg
Today’s Agenda

  • Recommendation on HR/Payroll Security (Combs)

  • HR/Payroll Go Live (Bliffen)

  • Training (Sage)

  • Hospital Inventory Go Live (Stevens)

  • Financial Aid Go Live (George)

  • Status of Grants Module (Miles)     

  • Status of Interim Budget Process (McLetchie)

  • Reporting (Hamperian)

  • Campus Reaction to IRIS (Hamperian)

Human resources payroll update l.jpg
Human Resources/Payroll Update

  • We Are On Target To Go Live April 1

  • Working on staffing model for payroll

  • Working on final cutover plan

  • Communicating process and policy changes

  • Training has begun – positive feedback

Human resources payroll hr update l.jpg
Human Resources/Payroll (HR) Update

Parallel Testing Progress:

  • Continue testing through February

  • Testing the processes

  • Processing time issue resolution

  • Feedback from testers

Hr organizational structure l.jpg
HR – Organizational Structure

  • HR Structural Authorizations:

    • One individual meeting remains

    • Changes to Org Structure have been made

    • Access to specific org units has been tested and works correctly

    • Roles have been assigned

      Change from assigning roles to position to assigning to person

Hr possible pressure points l.jpg
HR – Possible Pressure Points

  • Time entry process

  • Change in time evaluation

  • Change in payroll cost distribution

  • Multiple assignments all paid in the same payroll area

  • Date sensitivity

  • Timing of Payroll Area Transfers

Human resources payroll update7 l.jpg
Human Resources/Payroll Update

  • Outstanding Issues:

  • Finalizing Direct Bill and COBRA processes

  • Determining schedule for FES off-cycle payroll

Human resources payroll update8 l.jpg
Human Resources/Payroll Update

  • Expectations

  • Differences in net pay

    • Optional Life Insurance

    • Flexible Spending Accounts

    • Taxes

    • Weighted Average Overtime

  • Uneasiness with new processes

Human resources payroll update9 l.jpg
Human Resources/Payroll Update

  • Go Live Support:

  • Command Center

  • Go Live Kits

  • Walk-in Centers

  • Town Hall Meetings, March 7 and 8

Go live schedule l.jpg
Go Live Schedule

  • Final payroll in HRS runs on March 21, 2006.

  • Conversion process begins on March 22, 2006.

  • Plans call for open system on March 29, 2006.

  • First payroll in IRIS HR/Payroll:

    • Runs on April 4, 2006

    • Pays on April 7, 2006

Training cancellation policy l.jpg
Training Cancellation Policy

  • Applies only to IRIS training (all classes).

  • Communication Plan has been completed.

  • Beginning date - March 1, 2006.

  • Feedback continues.

Training update l.jpg
Training Update

  • FI/MM training continues.

  • Hospital Inventory training is being developed and will be implemented in mid-March.

  • HR/Payroll training is in high gear – we are experiencing difficulty in getting trainers to volunteer to train.

Hospital inventory go live l.jpg
Hospital Inventory Go Live

  • Issues and Expectations

  • Cutover Plan

  • Command Center

Financial aid update l.jpg
Financial Aid Update

  • Financial Aid Office staff initial training completed.

  • ProSAM Training environment released to Student Financial Aid Office (SFA) staff.

  • Installation of 2006-2007 ProSAM Release on February 9.

  • Deployment of Sigma Financial Aid Web Services on February 9. Upgrading and modification of services are ongoing.

  • Production environment created.

  • Initial load of SIS interim interface biographic, academic and enrollment data completed in Production.

Financial aid update15 l.jpg
Financial Aid Update

  • Daily incremental load of SIS interim interface data in Production will be ongoing.

  • Initial loading of electronic Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs) completed in Production.

  • Weekly loading of ISIRs records will be ongoing, with daily loads expected to begin late March/early April.

  • Track and document assignment processing completed for initial ISIR load; processing ongoing as new ISIRs are loaded.

  • Automated generation of follow-up letters to request missing documents: March 6 for initial ISIR load; ongoing thereafter, as new ISIRs are loaded.

Financial aid update16 l.jpg
Financial Aid Update

March Go Live: Successful loading of ISIRs in Production and assignment of student group tracks and requiredapplication documents.

Upcoming tasks in phased-in implementation schedule:

  • Compliance (verification) module (testing & training)

  • Assign student budgets when 06-07 fees are available

  • Fund attribute conversion

  • Award history conversion

  • Award Packaging

  • Generate 06-07 award letters

Status of grants module l.jpg
Status of Grants Module

Tasks recently completed:

  • Staying alive - Grants

Status of grants module18 l.jpg
Status of Grants Module

Issues with Go Live:

  • Billing program updates

  • Availability Control implementation

  • Status management

  • Validity dates – require date reload

  • Distribution of Financial Aid to grants

Status of grants module19 l.jpg
Status of Grants Module

Current tasks:

  • Availability Control Issues

  • Validity date reload

  • Grant Revenue Recognition

  • Status management

  • Responsibilities reload

  • Update Apply Payment program

  • Interface with OSPA

Status of grants module20 l.jpg
Status of Grants Module

Other current tasks:

  • Reporting

    -Ledger updates

  • LOC Reconciliation Report updates

  • Report schedule

  • Invoice schedule

Status of grants module21 l.jpg
Status of Grants Module

Tasks forthcoming:

  • Continued Report Development

  • Phase II

  • PI training course

Interim budget solution update l.jpg
Interim Budget Solution Update

Tasks completed:

  • Developed budget calendar.

  • Prepared step-by-step instructions of the budget process.

  • Provided demonstration of the SAP budget transaction to budget users.

  • Completed copy over of the recurring expense budget.

  • Prepared the SAP budget transaction for revenue budget input.

Interim budget solution update23 l.jpg
Interim Budget Solution Update

Tasks completed:

  • Defined and implemented security for budget development.

  • Completed two reports - narrative and income - needed for the budget process reports.

  • Completed position validation program.

  • Completed road map for position budget roll.

  • Completed Functional Area changes for budget process

Interim budget solution update24 l.jpg
Interim Budget Solution Update

Tasks in progress:

  • Establishing a budget role for budget reports in BW.

  • Working on expense budget report.

  • Testing position validation program.

  • Developing process to develop budgets for Land Grants.

Interim budget solution update25 l.jpg
Interim Budget Solution Update

Tasks in progress:

  • Arranging demonstration on running budget reports from BW.

  • Testing programs to extract position and benefits budgets from FRS.

  • Developing programs to convert position and benefit budgets by line item into SAP.

Interim budget solution update26 l.jpg
Interim Budget Solution Update

Tasks forthcoming:

  • Create master data groupings to convert budget data from FRS into SAP by line item.

  • Develop program to load salaries into SAP-HR.

Reporting l.jpg

  • Frustration with Reporting Environment

    • R/3

    • Business Warehouse

  • Reporting Tools

  • Knowledge of Data

  • Training

  • Structure of the Business Warehouse

  • What Next?

Campus reaction to iris l.jpg
Campus Reaction to IRIS

  • Frustration with new system

    • Knowledge of the system

    • Knowledge of the data

    • Reporting

  • Overwhelmed with amount of work to be done

  • HR/Payroll Go Live in four weeks

  • General uneasiness with all the change