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Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010

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Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ROADIDEA11 June 2010 Innovation Seminar Dr. Auli Keskinen. Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010. Why this seminar? introducing and testing the methods producing ideas and knowledge for ROADIDEA Road Map. Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2007. Source:

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Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010

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ROADIDEA11 June 2010


Dr. Auli Keskinen

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010


Why this seminar?

  • introducing and testing the methods
  • producing ideas and knowledge for
  • ROADIDEA Road Map

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2007




The value of futures research is less in its forecasting accuracy, than in its usefulness in planning and in opening minds to consider new possibilities and changing the policy agendas.

Foresight studies apply futures

research methods.

Source: Millennium Project,

head office in Washington,

36 global nodes in 2009

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010


Method for Innovation Brainstorming /Idea Creation

Futures Workshop is a Futures Research Method for creating futures ideas for organisational

Development, or solutions to

a given problem, or innovating

new futures alternatives for

given activities or operations,

or simple and complex phenomena etc. through combining diverse expertise.

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010


Innovation Actions with Diverse Expertise


Innovation of complex issues needs unexpected


of diverse expertise

and approaches!




of expertise

Innovation domain

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010


Power of group work

  • brainstorming
  • idea creation
  • grouping
  • combining ideas
  • evaluating
  • ranking ideas according to
  • individual preferences
  • through deliberation

Step on the edge of your comfort zone!

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2009


Approach to Innovation Work






Think outside the box!


Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2009


Idea creation through

brainstorming in groups

1. Group of people conducts the brainstorming

by suggesting futures ideas (or problems/needs)

on the topics. These are numbered and

documented by the group leaders (reporters) on

the flip-paper using felt-top pens (and post-its)

by CAPITAL LETTERS for all to see.

2. After about 1.5 hour and/or when all ideas

are documented, they are reorganised (and combined

if there are similar ideas and prioritised by the group

by giving "red points" 3, 2 and 1 to the best three ideas respectively

-> break

(3. Brainstorming continues after the participants have re-selected their groups.)

4. Evaluation cycle ->

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010


Evaluation Cycle - all groups

1. Study the existing ideas on the flip paper

2. Try to "ride" on an idea - think if this idea could be enhanced by you

3. Write a new idea - if some similar idea already exists, combine these together

4. Discuss any idea on the flip with

someone near you (deliberation!)

5. Vote for best ideas by giving

"red points": 3, 2 and 1 for the

three best respectively

6. Document the three best ideas

-> "pub session"

group 1



group 2

  • group 3

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010


In order to have success

  • Get the "whole system" in the room!
  • Invite a significant cross-section of all
  • parties with a stake in the outcome!
  • Get everyone talking about the same world!
  • Think glocally!
  • Urge full attendance - Keep part-time
  • participants to a minimum!
  • Meet under healthy conditions! - airy rooms with windows healthy snacks and meals, adequate breaks...
  • Work across three days (sleep twice)! - people need "soak time" to take in everything that happens...
  • Ask for voluntary public commitments to specific next steps before people leave!

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2007

Source: Future Search Network (2007), Future Search Methodology


Innovation Topics

1: New Ideas for Business Models

2: New Ideas for International Cooperation (between EU, US etc.)

3: New Ideas for

Futures Technologies

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010


New Technology goes through three stages:

"First, it is ridiculed by those

ignorant of its potential

Next, it is subverted by those

threatened by its potential

Finally, it is considered


- Unknown

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2008


Radical Innovation?

Whole Ecology Design - An Edible Prefab Home for Humanity

... growth line

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTeam H.E.D. [Human Ecology Design]

Dr. Auli Keskinen, 2010