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Astrology Horoscopes

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Astrology Horoscopes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Astrology Horoscopes. Do you believe in signs?. Do you know what’s your sign? ( Check it if you don’t know it and see what it says.) Do you agree with any characteristic of your sign or other signs. Or you prefer other ways in fortune-telling? . Conversation Practice.

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Astrology Horoscopes

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do you believe in signs
Do you believe in signs?
  • Do you know what’s your sign? (Check it if you don’t know it and see what it says.)
  • Do you agree with any characteristic of your sign or other signs. Or you prefer other ways in fortune-telling?
conversation practice
Conversation Practice
  • A: Hey Betty, what are you looking at?  
  • B: The Astology, what's your sign?
  • A: Me? My sun sign is Virgo. What does it say about me?
  • B: Let me check. Umm, "don't be uptight, relax and you will have a fun day."
  • A: No kidding, I am dating with a girl later and I am extremely tense now. And think of my last experience...
  • B: What happened?
  • A: That girl stood me up.
  • B: Poor Alan, trust me, just take a deep breath and ease up.
  • A: That's really nice of you.
  • B: I know how to read Tarot cards, would you want me to do check on your fortunes?
  • A: Well, better not. Tarot freaks me out.
  • B: How? I think it interesting.
  • A:  I just don't feel comfortable about it. Maybe it's because it's very mysterious.
  • B: Ok. How about the Chinese Astrology?
  • A: Sure, you can also check my Chinese Astrology, Monkey is my animal symbol.
  • B: Oh, it's your day today, just go and enjoy your date.
  • A: Really, thanks, Master Astrology.
conversation practice 2
Conversation Practice (2)
  • What happened in the previous slide?
  • Are there any expressions you find useful/difficult in this conversation?
  • Provide one or more words you find when researching the reference page.
useful vocabularies
Useful Vocabularies
  • Astrology -- 占星術
  • sign-- 星座
  • sun sign-- 太陽上升星座
  • Virgo -- 處女座
  • Tarot cards -- 塔羅牌
  • Chinese Astrology - -中國占星術(命理/生肖等等)
  • uptight-- 拘束, 顯得煩躁
  • date -- 約會
  • ease up-- 放鬆
  • surf the Internet -- 上網
  • freak out -- 發瘋 , 害怕
  • stood someone up -- 放鴿子
  • numerology-命理學
  • psychic reading –算命
  • palm reading 看手相
all signs
Aries (牡羊) 3/21-4/19



Gemini (雙子)5/21-6/21











All Signs
traits for aries
Traits for Aries
  • Adventurous and energeticPioneering and courageousEnthusiastic and confidentDynamic and quick-witted
  • On the dark side...Selfish and quick-temperedImpulsive and impatientFoolhardy and daredevil