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  1. CURRENT DRUGS OF ABUSE Karen P. McWhorter, LMSW, CPS & Angie Cano Garza Region 6 PRC Coordinator

  2. Do you know what this is???


  4. Alcohol & Alcopops Cocaine Inhalants Heroin Marijuana Specific Drugs of Abuse • Methamphetamine • Prescription Drugs • Steroids • Tobacco

  5. Fact or Fiction??? • Jenkem • Salvia • Dusting • Purple Stuff • Cheese or Queso • Strawberry Quik • Pantene Angel • Butt Chugging • Drunk tampons • Smoking alcohol • Poppy tea • Candy Dish • Shot Paks • Spice • Wet

  6. Jenkem Winnie Mighty Butthash Runners Waste Fruit from the Crack Pipe Devil’s Chocolate Leroy Jenkems

  7. FACT & FICTION Collier County Sheriff's Office in Naples, Florida has confirmed issuing this internal bulletin on September 26, 2007. However, Sheriff's deputies admit they know of no confirmed instances of Jenkem use in their jurisdiction, and when WINK-TV News questioned several students at a local high school, all said they had never heard of the substance, let alone tried it. Reports from other sources confirm possible use in other jurisdictions.

  8. Salvia divinorum Salvia Diviner’s sage Maria Pastora Sage of seers Ska Maria Pastora

  9. FACT Salvia users take the drug in several forms. Fresh leaves can be wadded together and chewed, while dried leaves can be smoked. Salvia is also brewed as a tea or converted into a liquid extract then vaporized for inhalation

  10. Drunk Tampons

  11. FACT Tampons soaked in vodka and inserted vaginally or rectally (in females and males) Results in a faster high as the unprotected mucous membranes absorb the alcohol more quickly Very popular in Europe and South America, especially Columbia. The Council has responded to an incident involving a Houston girl at a local high school.


  13. FACT Dusting is a form of huffing or inhalant abuse, specifically the use of canned, aerosolized computer keyboard cleaner containing compressed gas

  14. Butt Chug

  15. FACT Buttchug, Niles, Beer Enema, Beer Funnel, The Derelicts Consumption of beer/alcohol rectally, using a funnel and tube (beer bong) to administer the alcohol as an enema. Alcohol administered as an enema has 3x the effect of alcohol taken orally. While there are YouTube videos of youth doing this, The Council is not aware of any reported incidents in Houston, Tx, to date. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS

  16. Purple Stuff / Drank

  17. FACT Syrup, Sizzurp, Lean, Drank, Barre, and Purple Jelly Soft drink mixed with prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine (or OTC cough syrup with dextromethorphan) Promoters developed a legal soft drink version with natural herbs that promote relaxation: Rosehips, Valerian Root, and either L-Theanine, or Melatonin. Both the legal drink or illegal version come in a variety of flavors – in the illegal version, the addition of a Jolly Rancher candy to a cup of purple drank creates a spectrum of colors, “Rainbow Colors.” Popular in rap and hip hop music.

  18. Smoking Alcohol

  19. FACT Alcohol is poured over dry ice causing an alcohol vapor Users inhale the vapor, delivering alcohol directly to the lungs Users have a more rapid and intense buzz Two Youtube videos:

  20. Cheese Heroin / Queso

  21. FACT Black tar heroin combined with crushed Tylenol PM tablets Highly addictive and very dangerous Tan-colored powder usually snorted through the nose with a tube, straw, or small ballpoint pen Packaged in a small paper bindle or zip lock baggie Can be bought for as little as $2 Popular among Hispanic juveniles, both male and female

  22. Strawberry Quik

  23. FACT To combat the bitter taste of methamphetamines, some cooks are adding flavoring that gives the drug a strawberry flavor and turns its trademark crystals bright pink.

  24. Pantene Angel Pantene brand shampoo contains an additive that when injected will get the user high


  26. Poppy Seed Tea

  27. FACT Mistakenly considered to be a “healthy” alternative for a pain reliever, sleep aid, cough suppressant, an intoxicant, and/or a mild relaxant. Poppy seeds can be purchased at grocery stores and health food stores. Poppy pods can be purchased at hobby and craft stores. Highly addictive. Potency of poppy pods varies dramatically from one variety to another and from one crop to the next, which has resulted in overdose and deaths.


  29. FACT

  30. ShotPak

  31. FACT Shotpaks – 17% alcohol .99 each… Featured on the Today show in July Target Audience: YOUTH The Center for Alcohol Marketing and Youth

  32. Spice, Spice Gold

  33. FACT Spice is a brand name for a mixture of herbs as an incense, as well as over the Internet as a "herbal smoking blend." It is usually smoked for its cannabis-like effects which are believed to be caused by a mixture of synthetic cannabinoid drugs. Several different "flavours" of Spice have been marketed which have been shown to contain different proportions of the synthetic cannabinoid active ingredients, and reportedly produce subtly different effects.

  34. Liquid “O” Umm….is that appropriate to talk about here??

  35. FACT

  36. Wet Umm….is that appropriate to talk about here??

  37. Fry Wet Matrix Amp Illy FACT Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes soaked in embalming fluid and/or PCP (angel dust). Causes violent and psychotic side effects; symptoms of use are spaced out and dissociative. The high can last from 6 hours to 3 days.

  38. Did you know??? Liquid 10602 Fm 1960 Road West Local 420’s 3624 Washington Ave. 8226 Gulf Freeway 4121 North Freeway • Smoke and Toke • • • • • • •

  39. Symptoms of Use

  40. So what are WE doing? • Prevention Education • Parent Education Groups • Teen Groups • Interventions with substance abusing parents involved with CPS • S2S Peer Mentor • Alternative activities • Health fairs and presentations • Forming Relationships

  41. As an adult what can YOU do? • Send clear, consistent no-use messages to youth • Model appropriate behavior regarding the use of alcohol • TALK to youth about your expectations and the danger of use • Plan structured, supervised fun alcohol, tobacco and other drug-free activities for youth • Get youth involved with their community – provide meaningful roles • Form positive relationships with the youth you come in to contact with

  42. As a parent what can YOU do? • Send clear, consistent no-use messages to your children • Model appropriate behavior regarding the use of alcohol • TALK to youth about your expectations and the danger of use – have family dinners 4 or more times every week • Form positive relationships with your children