an introduction to business continuity management l.
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An Introduction to Business Continuity Management PowerPoint Presentation
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An Introduction to Business Continuity Management

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An Introduction to Business Continuity Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Introduction to Business Continuity Management. What is Business Continuity Management ? (BCM). BCM supports business survival following a major disruption to critical operations by identifying mission critical activities and their respective outage tolerances

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An Introduction to Business Continuity Management

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what is business continuity management bcm
What is Business Continuity Management ? (BCM)
    • BCM supports business survival following a major disruption to critical operations by identifying mission critical activities and their respective outage tolerances
    • This identifies business processes that must be recovered, within predetermined time frames
  • The BCM process generates practical recovery strategies and continuity plans which, once tested, renders the organisation resilient to disastrous events by ensuring that the organisation can continue to supply critical products and services during adverse operating conditions

BCM is the strategic and tactical capability of the organisation to plan for and respond to incidents and business disruptions in order to continue business operations at an acceptable, pre-defined level.

why do i need bcm
Why do I need BCM?
  • In the absence of a tested BCM solution, a major operational disruption could threaten the viability of your business!


  • The impact could render you incapable of conducting essential services which support your key business objectives
essential services
Essential Services?
  • These are activities which are critical to the sustainability of your business

For Example?

  • Revenue collection
  • Communication with staff, suppliers and clients
  • Payroll
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
    • And many more...
your bcm solution will prevent

How will BCM help me?

Your BCM Solution will Prevent
  • Should you experience a catastrophic event which may result in:
    • Loss of premises
    • Loss of computer systems
    • Loss of communications system
  • Loss of market share
  • Reputational damage
  • Breaches of legal or regulatory obligations
what are the features
What are the Features?
  • The BCM solution will provide you with:
    • Alternative office accommodation
    • Alternative meeting rooms
    • Standby, configured computer infrastructure
    • Restored data back-up
    • Communications infrastructure
    • Redirected telephone numbers
    • Internet and EFT access
what are the benefits
What are the Benefits?
  • You will be able to recover critical operations within predetermined time constraints
  • You will be able to communicate with key stakeholders
  • Your clients and suppliers will remain in contact with you
  • You will be working with familiar operating systems, applications and data
  • You will preserve your reputation
however most likely causes
However; Most Likely Causes
  • 2009 statistics (Sungard Availability Services)

1. Hardware failure

2. Power failure (2005 terrorist activity)

    • Communications failure
    • Data corruption
    • Access denial
    • Fire
what is the potential impact
What is the Potential Impact?
  • No office accommodation
  • No paperwork
  • No computer access
  • No network access
  • No switchboard
  • Casualties
  • Loss of stakeholder confidence
  • Loss of market share
how does bcm work
How does BCM Work?
  • BusinessAssist will provide subscribers with:
    • An off-site recovery capability including work area, computer and telephony systems infrastructure
    • A recovery strategy
    • A recovery plan
    • The ability to test the functionality of the solution
    • An invocation procedure
    • Technical support in a crisis
why do i need a strategy
Why Do I need a Strategy?
  • The BCM strategy documents:
    • Where the business will recover
    • What will be recovered
      • Mission critical activities
      • Computer infrastructure
      • Telephony infrastructure
    • How rapidly recovery is to be accomplished
    • The resources required
    • Dealing with clients and suppliers
what are mission critical activities
What are Mission Critical Activities?
  • Usually linked to:
    • Revenue flows (debtors / creditors)
    • Banking
    • Payroll
  • Or:
    • Legal or regulatory obligations
  • And...
    • Reputation / brand / public image
why do i need a plan
Why Do I need a Plan?
  • The BCM plan documents:
    • Who is responsible for recovery of:
      • Critical business processes
      • IT infrastructure components
      • Telephony
    • Actions for recovery
    • Procedures for recovery
    • Resources required (skill / funding)
    • Contact details
what will bcm cost me
What will BCM Cost Me?
  • There is no cost to you, the subscriber
  • The fee will become part of your insurance premium
  • The entire cost of the BCM solution will be borne by the Insurance Underwriter
  • Thanks to BCM, your business will be substantially less vulnerable to business interruption, and consequently classified as low-risk
what is business assist
What is Business Assist?
  • BusinessAssist is an extremely cost effective and viable business continuity service that ensures it is business as usual throughout any crisis no matter how big or small. It brings calm to any storm.
  • Designed specifically for small and medium size companies, BusinessAssist is also an appropriate service for the regional offices of a larger company.
  • BusinessAssist is available through your regional insurance broker, through any one of our nationwide solution partners or directly via this web site.
what is the process
What is the Process?
  • Identify your mission critical activities
  • Determine their risk exposure
  • Mitigate risks
  • Decide what activities must be recovered
  • Decide how quickly recovery must be effected
  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Complete the continuity plan template
  • Complete this overview Q&A
why should i bother
Why Should I Bother?
  • This frequently emanates from the perspective that “It will never happen to me”
  • This however, does not represent:
    • Effective management
    • Accountability for risk remedy
    • Sound governance
    • Organizational prudence
  • Likened to a casualty ward, when needed, the requirement becomes most urgent!
what is crisis management
What is Crisis Management?
  • Essentially, the management of your reputation during a crisis
  • Your organisation will experience intense scrutiny from stakeholder groups
  • Should they doubt your ability to recover:
    • Creditors (suppliers) will pursue financial settlement
    • Customers will commence formulating contingency plans to move business away from you
    • You are now losing market share
    • Staff are suffering from escalating anxiety
how am i supposed to deal with these added complications
How am I supposed to deal with these added complications?


  • Identify affected stakeholder groups
  • Engage relevant groups
    • Quickly – be proactive
    • Acknowledge the situation
    • Reassure (a tested recovery plan is in place)
    • Maintain confidence (back to normal within 24 hours)
    • Tell the truth
    • Never attempt to bluff your stakeholders
how can a bcm solution be offered to my organisation at no cost
How can a BCM solution be offered to my organisation at no cost?
  • The recovery facility infrastructure is shared (syndicated) amongst a myriad of small and medium businesses
  • This reduces the syndication cost per subscriber
  • Because subscribers have a significantly reduced exposure to business interruption, the insurer is comfortable in carrying the costs
how do i know the solution will work
How do I know the Solution will Work?
  • BCM best practice stipulates the solution should be subjected to periodic testing

Why must I include contact lists?

  • In an actual disaster all of your records may have been destroyed, or not be immediately available.
is bcm a component of supply chain management
Is BCM a component of Supply Chain Management?
  • Yes

Is BCM Enterprise Risk Management

  • No... It is more aligned to operational risk

Who are my Stakeholders?

  • All entities that have an influence on your company as well as all entities that you influence