synopsis of house bill no 2175 n.
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Synopsis of House Bill No. 2175 PowerPoint Presentation
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Synopsis of House Bill No. 2175

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Synopsis of House Bill No. 2175 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Synopsis of House Bill No. 2175
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  1. Synopsis of House Bill No. 2175 Geographic Information Systems in Kansas Seeks to make changes to the current governance structure of geographic information systems in the following three main areas: 1. Establishes the Kansas Geographic Information Systems Policy Board in statute vs. gubernatorial executive order, where it has been since 1989 and last updated in 2006.

  2. This bill also reduces the number of members from 37 to 21 The GIS Policy Board continues to be a proactive and necessary advisory group that promotes collaboration, consolidation and efficiency among state and local entities.

  3. 2. Establishes the position of Geographic Information Officer (GIO) in the Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) …a newly reorganized central IT office under the Kansas Executive Chief Information Technology Officer. This entity replaces what was formerly the Division of Information Systems and Communications (DISC).

  4. 3. Establishes a Kansas One Map Strategy. This bill seeks to cause all state entities that implement GIS technologies to work closely with the GIS Policy Board to continue to build and rely on a single central source of accurate and reliable geospatial data, data standards and best practices, to benefit all users in both the public and private sectors.

  5. Meaning of “Kansas One Map” and purpose of new enabling Legislation  From weather maps to navigation systems in cars and on phones, citizens and governments constantly refer to digital map resources each day.

  6. Over the course of time, multiple sources of the same map have been developed Much effort and expertise has gone into data standards for digital mapping, but… It has become imperative to establish an authoritative, reliable standard map that can be used to share information between agencies and citizens.

  7. The Governor’s GIS Policy Board has existed (by Executive Order) for 20+ years But there needed to be enabling legislation to begin putting a series of authoritative maps and responsibilities in place to: Improve communication and cooperation Realize substantial savings by multiple entities and agencies and departments all duplicating effort and expense managing multiple versions of the same thing.

  8. The idea of Kansas One Map… …stems from a concern that if there isn’t some standard, reliable maintained, and authoritative “base” map onto which features can be placed, shared, and built-once/shared/used often, a very important functional and efficiency benefit will be missed.

  9. Representing fundamental physical features properly at a specified scale (roads, addresses, parcels, buildings,) and aligning to that the basic organizational boundaries (states, counties, cities, schools, election precincts, utilities, etc) - provides a common communication ‘language’ for visualizing the “Where” impacts of policy decisions.

  10. Time is ripe to gain a very beneficial savings in cost, time and effort to organize a well built and maintained version of the hundreds of maps and themes used in government in Kansas.

  11. ORKA • Simple Viewer • Lets users view CAMA data and GIS data together over the internet • Allows for a standardized view from county to county Open Records for Kansas Appraisers

  12. CAMA Mapping Building Sketches ORKA

  13. ORKA • A Password protected ORKA site is exists for most of the centrally hosted sites. • Not available to the public unless you decide you want it to be. • Can be used by state agencies & counties. • Could develop into a Commercial sales database for county appraisers. (need to overcome funding hurdles) • This state version of ORKA does not include sales information.

  14. Benefits • County offices, such as ROD’s & Clerks, won’t have to pay the database license fee • Standard look and feel for all counties data • Easy to use • Emergency responders • State agencies

  15. Kansas Department of Health & Environment – property access, environment studies • Kansas Department of Transportation – right- of-way studies • Kansas Corporation Commission – land owner notification • Kansas Water Office – land owner notification • Kansas Bureau of Investigation • Kansas Highway Patrol • Other state agencies and organizations

  16. ORKA I will be contacting counties to give you your username and password and to get your GIS data for ORKA

  17. Thank You!