imperialism n.
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  1. Imperialism Efforts of capitalist states in the West to seize markets, cheap raw materials, and lucrative avenues for investment in the countries beyond Western civilization Possession of a global empire also increased national status, balance-of-power status, and, at times, national survival Industrialization craved for raw materials like rubber and oil

  2. Imperialism Old Imperialism New Imperialism Gold, Glory, and God Killed by disease Commerce, Christianity, Civilization Both times the indigenous people suffered Killed by the maxim gun “Social Darwinism” – survival of the fittest The 4th C is Conquest

  3. White Man’s Burden by Rudyard Kipling

  4. Southeast Imperialism British create colony of Singapore and established control over Burma By 1900, French seize Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos and call it French Indochina Thailand was allowed independence. Was a buffer between British and French possessions After defeating Spanish in 1898, the Philippines became an American colony Philippine guerillas under Emilio Aguinaldo fought the US until 1901

  5. Filipino Guerilla fighters Troops killed

  6. India under the British Raj Early 1800s, the British began to impose their will upon the whole of the subcontinent Brought peace and stability to India Lasting benefit was universal education Railroads , the telegraph, and the postal service were introduced Health and sanitation were improved

  7. Last British Ruler of India

  8. Economic Conditions in India Peasants were heavily taxed British textiles put local textile industry out on the streets British also disregarded local Indian culture

  9. Sepoy Mutiny Indians revolt because new rival had a cartridge made with animal fats Indians did not like this along with resentment toward British, they mutinied The British squashed the rebellion As a result the British hired fewer Indian troops, and also spread out ethnic Indian troops to different areas of India

  10. Colonization French tried to impose a centralized administration Britain attempted to transform local aristocrats into the rulers Subjugated Africans to Western rule

  11. Colonial Regimes in SE Asia Dutch use indirect rule in Dutch East Indies British have direct rule in Burma French have direct rule in Southern Indochina and indirect rule in Northern Indochina Colonial officials were slow to adopt schools and education reform