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Make it Noble with Salaam Baalak Trust PowerPoint Presentation
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Make it Noble with Salaam Baalak Trust

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Make it Noble with Salaam Baalak Trust - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you really feel concerned about the street children then you can do a lot for them then you can imagine. Just visit the website and contribute all that you wish to.\n

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salaam baalak trust delhi

Salaam Baalak Trust-Delhi

Non Profit Charity Organizations




Make it Noble with Salaam


Baalak Trust

Twenty-five years ago, we

discovered the world of street

children within the harsh, raw,

underbelly of Delhi. And yet, it was a

There is always a strong possibility that

life these children had chosen in

you get to see at least one poor child on

preference to home and family -

which had obviously become

Salaam Baalak Trust

street. It always feels bad but are you

entirely intolerable. There is so

February 23, 2018

doing anything for it? Occasionally

much missing from the lives of

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these children food security

these children - food, security,

giving money or two words of wisdom

Non-profit NGOs and

health, education and love. All


will never fetch any good result. Across

these, we urged ourselves, they

the society, a lot of e?orts are being put

needed and had a right to - a secure

space to sleep, to play, and to dream.

to uplift the life of street children.

This realisation paved the way for

creation of Salaam Baalak Trust

Apart from the lack of education and

(SBT). Read More.

care, these children go through a lot of






children undergo a lot of problems as

there is no one to take care of them, be it

Search …

health, day to day food habits or

anything. As a citizen, you can donate for

child medical aid. There are a lot of NGOs

that are working towards helping the

street children, giving them education

and giving them good medical aid. One of

the pioneers in social works is Salaam

Baalak Trust. Based out of Delhi, the NGO

has shown remarkable work in charity. In

past, they have organized umpteenth

events to give a boost to their activities.

If you want to make donation then all

you need to do is visit the website of SBT

and do your part. Apart from donating,

you can also volunteer for any activity

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and help children in learning something

and help children in learning something






someone get a better life. You can

become a donor as per your comfort as

you can give any amount you want to.

Read More

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Author: Salaam Baalak Trust

Salaam Baalak Trust is a popular NGO for homeless, shelter,

orphans and street children, funding charitable trust in

India. It aims to provide care, health, nutrition, education and

vocational training facilities for poor street children to enable

them to fulfill their dreams.

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