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the life and wives of n.
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The life and wives of ...

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The life and wives of ...
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The life and wives of ...

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  1. The life and wives of ... King Henry VIII Click to continue

  2. Henry VIII succeeded to the throne in 1509 after his father, Henry VII, died. He then married to his late brother’s widow – Catherine of Aragon. Henry VIII – King of England Click to Continue

  3. King Henry VIII’s Life Henry made himself head of the Church of England and then took over the monasteries and gave them to his friends for houses. Henry was very sporty and loved music, he was also very intelligent. He could speak four languages, loved hunting and played tennis. It has been said that Henry was a very cruel King. He executed anyone who disagreed with him. Including two of his wives! When Henry became King, England was catholic and controlled by the Pope in Rome. The Pope wouldn’t allow Henry to divorce. Henry VIII was famous for having six wives! Let’s find out who they were... Click to Continue

  4. Catherine of Aragon Catherine of Aragon was Henry’s first wife. She was originally married to Henry’s older brother Arthur, but he died after 6 months so Catherine was engaged to Henry instead. They were married for over 20 years and she gave birth to many children but only one survived – Mary. He fell in love with another woman and in 1526 he granted himself a divorce by making himself head of the Church of England. DIVORCED Click to Continue

  5. Anne Boleyn Henry broke away from the Church in Rome to get a divorce so he could marry Anne Boleyn in 1533. Anne gave birth to a daughter - Elizabeth Anne was grumpy and Henry soon tired of her. He accused her of meeting other men. Anne pleaded innocence but Henry did not believe her and so she was beheaded in 1536 BEHEADED Click to Continue

  6. Jane Seymour Jane Seymour was from a noble family. She was a gentle person. She gave birth to a Son – Edward who would become King after his Father It is believed that Henry loved Jane the most and he waited 2 years until marrying again. Sadly, Jane died 12 days after giving birth to Edward. DIED Click to Continue

  7. Anne of Cleves Henry searched Europe for a new bride and sent artists to paint possible brides so he could see what they looked like. He saw a picture of Anne of Cleves and agreed to marry her without even meeting her. However, when Henry met Anne he thought she was ugly and he found her repulsive. Henry kept his promise and married her but it only lasted 6 months and he divorced her. DIVORCED Click to Continue

  8. Katherine Howard Katherine was Anne Boleyn’s cousin and was only a teenager when she married Henry who was 49 at the time. Henry thought she was perfect. However, Katherine was previously secretly engaged to another man, and possibly another one. Henry did not like this and so beheaded the two men and then beheaded Katherine. BEHEADED Click to Continue

  9. Kathryn Parr Kathryn had been married twice before she married Henry in 1543. She was in love with someone else but was too scared to refuse the King. By this point Henry was fat and ill. Kathryn acted as a nurse as well as a wife. Katherine was a kind woman and brought all of Henry’s children to live together King Henry VIII died in 1547. SURVIVED Click to Continue

  10. The Six Wives of King Henry VIII Anne of Cleves Katherine Howard Catherine of Aragon Kathryn Parr Jane Seymour Anne Boleyn Kathryn Parr Anne of Cleves Katherine Howard Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Catherine of Aragon Can you put them in order? Click to find out if you’re right Did you get it right? Click to Continue

  11. What happened to each of Henry VIII’s wives? Katherine Howard Kathryn Parr Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves Catherine of Aragon Click to find out whether you were right DIVORCED DIED SURVIVED BEHEADED A good way of remembering is using the rhyme: Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced , beheaded, survived! DIVORCED BEHEADED Click to finish