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IDS Library Conference Presentation. AGENDA. What we will review today…. Topics. Velocity Profile Information Velocity Service Types, Locations and Customers Library Specific Service Offerings NYLINK Program Overview Our New York Facilities, Work Flows and Line Hauls

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What we will review today…


  • Velocity Profile Information
  • Velocity Service Types, Locations and Customers
  • Library Specific Service Offerings
  • NYLINK Program Overview
  • Our New York Facilities, Work Flows and Line Hauls
  • Plus/Delta exercise regarding Velocity Service
  • Known Program Constraints
  • How Member Libraries can help us improve service
  • Q & A (Holding the Plus/Delta mindset)
  • Next Steps…
The nation’s largest single provider of regional delivery solutions:
  • National/Regional in Scope
    • Offering standardization and reduced complexity across your footprint
  • Local in Focus
    • Delivering to a specific person within a library everyday
Over 140 locations nation wide and more than 35 franchises

Providing the national infrastructure to meet your

library’s local and larger needs.

A full range of delivery and supply chain services:
  • Small Package Delivery
    • Multiple packages to a specific consignee and/or heavy shipments
  • Pallet Delivery
    • From retail stock to haz mats - anything on skids
  • Dedicated Delivery
    • Complete transparency, our trucks and our drivers deliver

your brand at less cost

  • On-Demand Delivery
    • You say what, when, where. And we’re there
  • Home Delivery
    • Furniture, irregular packages, heavy weight items delivered with
    • white glove service to your customer
  • Supply Chain Solutions
    • Warehousing, procurement, sourcing + critical parts

Providing a suite of complimentary services that helps you

reduce costs and ensure delivery of your brand promise.

A full range of library delivery services:
  • Dedicated Library Couriers
    • Scheduled routes; Complete transparency, our drivers deliver your

library materials at less cost

  • Dedicated Local Library System Services
    • Drivers sorting books at each stop on the route and other special


  • Dedicated State-wide, Multi-state Services
    • Interlibrary loan delivery services involving multiple library systems
  • Conjunctive Delivery Services
    • Most cost effective of services for larger areas in that transportation

costs are shared by multiple companies that ride together in the vehicle

  • “Integrated Supply” Solution
    • Provides for delivery of other items within the network (Computers, mail, etc.)
  • Home Delivery
    • Library materials delivered to patrons’ residences

Providing a suite of complimentary services that helps you

reduce costs and ensure delivery of your library materials.

Having a proven track record of success in multiple industries gives us an edge

in developing and implementing your specific solution.

Business model designed to meet the time-definite needs of your customers:
  • Pickup & delivery on your schedule
  • 3200+ dedicated drivers provide flexibility to meet the changing needs of your library
  • On-time delivery, everyday
  • Solutions designed to reduce cost and exceed your service commitments
  • Implementing a unique business model that provides the flexibility to work on your schedule, not ours.
Velocity Express out-delivers the competition in meeting your needs

in three critical areas:

  • 2.PEOPLE
Cost effective personalized solutions that fit:
  • Your library
  • Your Geographic Footprint
  • Your Commitments
  • Your Software Profile
  • Your Operating Constraints

Combining cross-industry knowledge with your specific profile

to deliver a cost effective solution that meets your needs.

Independent Contractor

model provides:

  • Highly screened, qualified, motivated,
  • professional workforce
  • Consistent standardized operational procedures &
  • delivery protocols
  • Transparency, flexibility & agility

Providing professional, uniformed drivers who ensure

the proper delivery of your library materials.

Investment in Technology Infrastructure:
  • Data Center :
    • Redundant network connectivity, emergency power back-up, fingerprint scansecurity
  • 100% Digital Data Network
  • Proprietary software systems and processes
  • State of the art hardware and switching
  • 24-7 Helpdesk for Internal help and Customer Contact
  • Centralized Call Center with VoIP
  • V-Trac 5.0 (95% deployed)

The superior technology tools provided by Velocity Express

make your organization more productive.

Velocity Delivers:
  • National and local in scope
  • Breadth and depth of services
  • Expertise with multiple libraries
  • Personalized solutions that combine our expertise
  • (and stringent driver qualifications) with your requirements
  • State of the art technology tools
  • Proven implementation process
  • 360º customer care
  • Your Benefit:
  • Service consistency, reduced complexity
  • & increased efficiency
  • Expertise to meet wide variety of logistics needs
  • Previous experience brought to solution development
  • Cost effective solutions that deliver desired brand image/experience
  • Control and timely access to important information
  • No customer disruption
  • Exceed customer service expectations
In New York State?

Velocity Facilities

Albany Rochester Syosset

Buffalo Binghamton

Syracuse Teterboro

Newburgh Edison

Line Haul Network and Transit Flow

24 Hr

Transit Delay

Combining cross-industry knowledge with your specific profile

to deliver a cost effective solution that meets your needs.

Work Flow…
  • Driver reports to designated area for his route in the VE warehouse
  • Driver gathers paperwork, scanner, and instructions from office
  • Driver then verifies he has all deliveries, loads, and departs (Including Conjunctive Work)
  • Driver arrives at stop, scans barcode and completes delivery/pick up
  • Driver completes route and returns to VE warehouse
  • Driver places totes in designated sort area
Work Flow…
  • Bags are sorted into totes based on code to final hubs or to local routes
  • They are then sorted into out bound pallets. Destined for final hub or as a flow through pallet.
  • Syracuse, Albany, Newburgh and Teterboro are cross dock operations
  • Pallet arrives at final destination and are fine sorted into local routes.
  • Repeat


What is a Plus/Delta Exercise?



Purpose:This evaluation quality tool provides a method for continuous improvement for a team or partnership. The +/∆ evaluation can help the team stretch itself to even higher levels of performance.


Identify the things that are working first

These are the items the team/partners wants to maintain and build upon

These are also the things that are working for the team

Deltas (opportunities for improvement)

These are opportunities for improvement, things that can be improved/changed so that teams/partnerships may be more effective



Velocity Express, Inc.

  • Plus:
  • Customized Bar Code Scanning Solution
  • Robust Delivery Network in Service Area
  • Strategic Facility Locations
  • Extensive experience with Library Systems
  • Regular Communication and Reviews
  • Cost Effective Service Provision
  • Financially committed to evolving program and technology


Velocity Express, Inc.

  • Delta:
  • “Reset the Program” a. New Barcodes and new deployment approach b. 10% Phone Audit per week c. Vehicle Inspections and Driver Orientations
  • Implement upgrades to management in Syracuse Market
  • Align Velocity Reporting with TPAM statistics
  • Create refined reporting to capture variances on delivery times
  • Develop “flex” solution for Semester End volume spikes
  • Partner more actively toward next generation solutions
You Can

How can the Member Libraries help us improve?


  • Process received materials promptly and completely
  • Report missing items immediately
  • Notify Velocity when Driver is a “no show”
  • Do not condone or support any deviations from service requirements
  • Use the proposed “Hot Line” to notify Velocity of any Service or Attitude Issues.
  • Have materials ready for release before driver arrives


Velocity Express, Inc.

  • Time, Miles, Capacity, Cost formula
  • Delayed Routes and Cascading Impacts
  • “Transit Time”
  • Conjunctive Model Trade – Off (Subsidizes Costs / Dependencies)
  • Technology Interface (No ASN)
  • Weather