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Cheung Chau Island

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Cheung Chau Island. Tung Wan Beach.

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tung wan beach
Tung Wan Beach

Most of Hong Kong’s population do their best surfing on the Internet, but on the weekends a fair few of them head to the island of Cheung Chau to enjoy the beaches where an Olympic windsurfing champion once trained. Lee Lai-shan brought back Hong Kong’s first Olympic gold medal from the Atlanta Games in 1996.

pak tai temple
Pak Tai Temple

The Taoist God of the Sea also goes by the snappy title of the Supreme Emperor of the Northern Heaven or the Mysterious Heaven. Thankfully, when the people of Cheung Chau erected a temple honouring him 200 years ago, they went with his more common name – Pak Tai.

bun festival parade
Bun Festival parade

The Bun Festival Tour will enable visitors to enjoy all the sights,

sounds and colours of the festivities. Tour begins with a leisurely

cruise to Cheung Chau Island in the comfort of a chartered boat.

On Cheung Chau, visit the century-old Pak Tai Temple to see the

huge bun towers before savouring a vegetarian lunch at a Chinese

restaurant. Then, watch the colourful Bun Festival Parade from the

official grandstand.

bun scrambling competition
Bun Scrambling Competition

Near the Pak Tai Temple are three

bamboo towers studded with sweet

buns and effigies of three popular gods.

The Bun Festival includes a fasting

period when only vegetarian-style food

is available at local eateries. It’s a

great opportunity to indulge in some

local vegetarian delights while enjoying this fantastic festival.