faculty appointment and assignment procedures n.
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Faculty Appointment and Assignment Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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Faculty Appointment and Assignment Procedures

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Faculty Appointment and Assignment Procedures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Faculty Appointment and Assignment Procedures. by IRP&E August 6 , 2013.

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Instruction function (NACUBO Codes – Define Screen CA3)Percent Instruction: (NACUBO Code = 02) Direct instructional activities which include interaction with students related to instruction, preparation for such instruction, and evaluation of student performance. Percent Administrative assignments which directly supplement the teaching function, such as heads of teaching departments, coordinator of Univ. special programs or multi-section courses, etc. Any other professional assignments which an institution considers to be directly related to the teaching function. (NACUBO Code = 05)


Appointments related to functions other than Instruction:Percent. Academic Support: Assignments include activities in the offices of academic and graduate deans; directors of major teaching department groupings such as colleges, schools, or divisions; and librarians. (NACUBO Code = 14)Percent. Research: Faculty assignments for activities specifically organized to produce research outcomes. (NACUBO Code = 06)Percent. Public Service, Student Services, Institutional Support, Operation and Maintenance of Plant, Auxiliary Enterprise Operations: Activities associated with admissions and registration, financial aid, student affairs, executive direction and control, business and fiscal management, personnel, administrative data processing, campus security, purchasing, physical plant administration, and auxiliary enterprise operations (NACUBO Code = 12, 16, 20, 22 and 70)


Source of FundsState Appropriations. (Account numbers starting with 14) Designated. (Account numbers starting with 18 or 19) Restricted. (Account numbers starting with 26 or 30) Auxiliary Enterprises. (Account numbers starting with 29)


Instructional FTEThe instructional FTE is based on the percent of the individual’s salary that comes from faculty salary funds, generally 14 accounts with NACUBO code 02. Sometimes the instructional FTE is very complex to calculate, in cases where the individual has many different appointments paid from many different accounts.Formula(Semester State paid salary for teaching / total semester salary) * Semester FTE * 9