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The Lord’s Prayer 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Lord’s Prayer 2

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The Lord’s Prayer 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Lord’s Prayer 2. Hallowed be thy Name. Means: Holy be your name. But there are special meanings for “name” and “holy.”. Special meaning for “name.”.

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hallowed be thy name
Hallowed be thy Name
  • Means: Holy be your name.
  • But there are special meanings for
  • “name” and“holy.”
special meaning for name
Special meaning for “name.”
  • The Jews used the term “name” because they were too polite to directly say God’s name. So when they said “name,” they actually meant “God.”
  • So …
holy be your name means
“Holy be your name” means …
  • “God, I regard YOU as Holy in my life.”
the meaning of holy
The meaning of “holy:
  • “separated from all that is evil”

So …

holy be your name means1
“Holy be your name” means …
  • God, I regard you as the most special thing in the whole universe, because you are the only thing that is not affected by evil.”
  • Does that remind you of any of the commandments?
you are special one and only
You are special, one-and-only
  • That’s the thought of the First Commandment:
  • “don’t have any other gods.”
  • Which commandment mentions God’s name?
your name gets special care
Your name gets special care
  • Is the thought of the second commandment,
  • “don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.”
  • So,
  • When you start the Lord’s Prayer, …
you are saying you agree
You are saying you agree …
  • With those commandments ---
  • You agree God is special, one-and-only,
  • You agree that God’s name should not be misused.
  • How do you show this in practical ways?
how to show god is special 1
How to show God is special --- 1
  • By agreeing with the truth in God’s Word
  • And …
how to show god is special 2
How to show God is special --- 2
  • By how you live your life.
  • If you say “Holy be your name” BUT your life shows that you do not put God first,
  • You don’t mean it when you are praying.
  • So Luther sums it up like this …
martin luther explains
Martin Luther explains:
  • 1. Accepting the truth in God’s Word.
  • 2. Living a life that shows God is real to you.
  • And avoiding:
  • 3. people who ignore God’s truth and
  • 4. live in a way that disobeys God.