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Conducting a Summer Job search

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Conducting a Summer Job search - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conducting a Summer Job search. Why do you want a job?. Are you using the job to get money to pay for school? Are you using the job to get career related experience? Are you using the job to get networking contacts?. Decide on what you want to do?. Are you interested in working with kids?

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Conducting a Summer Job search

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why do you want a job
Why do you want a job?

Are you using the job to get money to pay for school?

Are you using the job to get career related experience?

Are you using the job to get networking contacts?

decide on what you want to do
Decide on what you want to do?
  • Are you interested in working with kids?
  • How about working on the beach, at a park, in the mountains, or at another outdoor job?
  • Are you interested in retail or food services?
  • How about working in tourism?

You need to research the needs of the local economy where you will be spending your summer.

quick tips on conducting a summer job search
Quick Tips on conducting a summer job search
  • 1. Examine the economic market – Your search for summer work should never be done in a vacuum. Keep yourself informed about which fields and companies will be hiring.
  • 2. Start early – January is not too early to begin looking – time is needed to reflect, plan, and seek assistance.
  • 3. Be Realistic - If you are in your first or second year, there are certain jobs in your field that you may not be as qualified for as students in more senior years. Look for summer jobs that will allow you to develop transferable skills.
  • 4. Find people who can help you – they may be in human resources or they may be hiring managers. More often than not, they will be your friends, family, neighbours, or professors – people you know who know someone you can contact about employment.
  • 5. Be Creative – Don’t be afraid to accept jobs in unrelated fields where you can broaden your networking contacts or gain skills, and use it as a launching pad. Look at combining two part-time jobs – one job can earn you money, while the other gives you the work or volunteer experience you really want.
  • 6. Visit the Centre for Career Education – Speak with the employment advisor, or career development coordinator about developing your resume, job search or interview skills. Ask about available workshops, or other online resources that can help you with your job search preparation.
what do you have to offer
What do you have to offer?
  • There are 2 key questions that employers want to know the answers to: (1) How can you help me? and, (2) Why You?
  • It is your job as a potential employee to educate the employer. Employers know nothing about you, and they are not going to know what you can do or how you can help unless you tell them directly.
what do i have to offer
What do I have to offer?
  • You must be able to showcase to the employer your knowledge, skills, and experience and describe and demonstrate how you can apply these tools in the particular position that you are applying for, which will assist the employer in achievement of their goals.
  • You have to take an inventory of your strengths (your knowledge, skills, and experience). These are the tools that you have that you can use to help an employer achieve their goals.
develop an industry specific resume
Develop an industry specific resume
  • Do up an industry specific resume highlighting your skills and targeted towards the position you are applying for.
  • The most common approach used by people seeking employment is to solicit potential employers with a traditional resume. The general theme of most resumes is "Here's what I did yesterday."
  • To be effective in the 21st Century workplace, the theme has to be "Here's how I can help you today." Your communication has to be very focused on employer needs and how you can help them. What can you do for me today? That's what decision makers are most interested in. Not what your title was in your last job or what you were doing.

Types of Resumes

There are several types of resumes: Skills based, Chronological, Functional, Accomplishments based

Skills Based resumes highlight and demonstrate key skills appropriate to the job being applied for.

Chronological resumes are used to demonstrate experience in a career field one wants to enter into or remain in.

Functional resumes are combined skills based/chronological resumes.

Accomplishment Resumes are chronological resumes highlighting results / outcomes from past experience


Formatting a Resume

  • Font: Arial or Times New Roman
  • Font size: Minimum 10 – Maximum 12 (NOTE: Keep same font and same font size throughout resume)
  • Length: Minimum one page. Maximum two pages (no more!) on 8 ½ x 11 paper.
  • When e-mailing, unless otherwise specified, use .rtf (in Word) or ascII (Notepad)
  • Border: Maximum 1 inch / Minimum ½ inch
  • Format: Keep consistent throughout resume
  • You are lazy;
  • You don’t care


18 Sunshine Rd. Sunnyvale, Ontario A1B 2C3 Tel: (519) 999-9999


Nursing graduate with clinical experience in healthcare centers and hospitals. Committed to the medical profession and providing quality patient care. Pro-active nursing style blending professionalism, capability, and compassion to truly integrate patients' medical and emotional care. Self – directed, enthusiastic nurse with a passionate commitment towards patient care and recovery. Communicate well with doctors, colleagues and patient families insuring continuity of patient care. Active nursing team member who effectively collaborates with all levels of staff members and establishes quality relationships.


Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BScN.), University of Windsor

Windsor, ON (September 2006 - May 2010)

Accomplishments: GPA 10.27/12 (3.78/4)

Received University of Windsor & Faculty of Nursing entrance scholarships

Professional Licenses and Certifications: Completed CRNE (June 2010) successfully

CPR Health Care Provider (BLS-C)

Continuing Professional Development: 3rd Biennial University of Windsor Nursing Conference (January 2010)

Contraceptive Option Conference with Dr. R.Victory OB/GYN (March 2010)

Member of the RNAO (student/new graduate)


Windsor-Essex County Teen Health Centre Windsor, ON (Jan - Apr 10)

7 North Urology/Medical Surgical

Windsor Regional Hospital Windsor, ON (Sep - Dec 09 / Sep - Dec 07)

4 West Oncology

Windsor Regional Hospital Windsor, ON (Jan - Apr 09 / May 09)

Community Health Care Windsor, ON (Sep - Dec 08)

8 East Neuro/Spinal Injury

Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital Windsor, ON (Aug 08)


Windsor Regional Hospital Windsor, ON (June 08 /Jan- Apr 08)

2 Medical/Surgical

Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital Windsor, ON (May 08)

Harrowood Seniors Community Harrow, ON (Jan - Apr 07)



Uphold high standards of nursing care for a diverse population of patients ranging from newborn to geriatric in a variety of settings including Medical Surgical, Pediatrics, ER, OR, NICU, and Ambulatory surgery.

  • Assessment
  • Performed total patient assessments including neurological; cardiovascular; respiratory; gastrointestinal; genitourinary; IV site/line; PICC lines; CVP lines; surgical/ trauma wound; nephrostomy tubes; trachiostomy; urinary catheters; NG tubes; G tubes; chest tubes, and ostomies.
  • Performed various musculoskeletal and neurological assessments for patients suffering from Neuro-Spinal injuries.
  • Conducted general medical and surgical assessments, teen intake and health/emotional history.
  • Planning
  • Educated patients and their families on disease processes, medical-surgical procedures, and broad aspects of therapeutic regimens, including medication and pain management techniques.
  • Using chart based medical records, developed specialized knowledge of care and management of patients with various medical diagnosis and medical histories.
  • Provided health education, promotion, and options in regards to birth control first starts & repeats, STIs, pregnancy, smoking, drugs etc.
  • Consulted with medical team and referral services (physicians, practitioners, counselling, dietary etc.)
  • Attended in service training on IV and PICC line management.
  • Implementation
  • Followed aseptic procedures and provided care in accordance with universal precautions with an emphasis on surgical/traumatic wound care and debriding, intake and output, and ostomies.
  • Administered oral and intramuscular and subcutaneous medications
  • Provided end of life care for terminally ill patients and families.
  • Cared for prenatal and postpartum patients and their newborns, and evaluated fetal monitoring strips
  • Evaluation
  • Worked effectively with an interdisciplinary team, and performed accurate charting procedures.
  • Successfully recommended and implemented changes resulting in a higher standard of patient care and reassessed/revised plan of care, as needed.
  • Education
  • Focused on community health nursing and health promotion. Educated community members on a variety of subjects including discharge education and planning, disease prevention, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Developed knowledge of local resources available and further expanded skills for interacting with diverse populations.
  • Developed a generic contraceptive pamphlet for the medical team at The Teen Health Centre that is now being utilized for patient education.


Pleased to provide upon request



9 BaR

Windsor, ON N8P

(519) 777-7777

Dedicated entry-level Business Management and Marketing professional with extensive co-op and internship experience with a full spectrum of management, public relations, and marketing programs, services, and functions. Strong knowledge and experience in change management, project management, negotiating, new venture formation, strategic leadership, and ERP design and implementation . Proven success in business management, public relations and marketing, customer loyalty initiatives, and employee recruitment and staff development initiatives to achieve corporate goals. Strong communicator with demonstrated ability to resolve conflicts and negotiate win-win outcomes.


Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) – Business Administration

University of Windsor, Windsor Ontario (2003-2007)

Concentration: Marketing

Achievement: 11.0 GPA (out of 13)

Computer Skills: Significant experience working with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and have done some statistical analysis work with SPSS. Experience in Search Engine Optimization, and Internet/Digital Marketing.


MANAGER, Mongolian Grill

Windsor, Ontario (2006-Present)


Change Management: Researched, planned and consulted on the purchase of new Point-of-Sale system. A theoretical understanding of ERP design, implementation, and change management was drawn upon to allow for the seamless introduction of the new system.

Public Relations: Created Press Kit for a Public Relations and Promotional Campaign designed to replenish shortages at Windsor-Essex Food banks. This initiative positively influenced restaurant image by demonstrating social responsibility to the community.

Customer Loyalty Program: Researched, launched and managed customer loyalty program. Loyalty program provided an ideal platform to promote restaurant/brand, and allowed for direct communication with members. Since its introduction, sales have increased by 15%.

Product, Inventory and Cost Control: Introduced inventory control system to monitor all inventory levels. New system streamlined the purchase and control of perishable and non perishable goods and led to a significant reduction in loss due to waste and theft, resulting in increased savings.

Leadership: Created a positive and nurturing environment for employees by initiating open door approach allowing two way communications between management and employee, on-going coaching, and recognition program for outstanding performance. These initiatives resulted in increased employee satisfaction and guest experience.



Nottinghamshire, England (2008)


Client Liaison: In charge of all internal and external communication. Took over all project management practices, and was responsible for the rebuilding of client relationships.

Expansion of Company Network: Increased organizations client base. Demonstrated cold calling skills, sold Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Solutions and was able to generate $20,000 in additional revenues.

Work Proposals: Co-authored work proposals for potential clients detailing experience, cost, and product specifications.

Online Marketing Management: Provided clients with business solutions with a focus on online marketing management. Increased client visibility online through search engine marketing, organic optimization, link building, social media channels, and content management. E-commerce clients experienced an increase in product turnover.

MARKETING INTERN, Harris Marketing Communications

Windsor, Ontario (2006)


Research and Analysis: Researched industry trends and appropriate marketing strategies for clients. Used comparative analysis and drew upon strengths of various advertising campaigns in order to develop effective marketing strategies.

Media Planning: Assisted project manager with media planning, buying and quoting. Consulted and assisted management in decision making process.

Presentations to Senior Managers: Created PowerPoint presentations to illustrate research findings to management. Management would later report findings to clients.

Media Writer: Solely responsible for all copy on promotional materials utilized in marketing campaign for client.




401 Sunset Ave

Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4

Phone (519) 253-3000 Cell (519) 666-6666

E-Mail –



Key Skills



Dedicated entry-level HR professional with extensive co-op and internship experience with a full spectrum of human resour

programs, services, and functions. Strong knowledge of employment laws, compliance issues, benefit plans, and union/non-union

environments. Proven success introducing job development initiatives, recruitment programs, and staff development initiatives to achieve corporate goal attainment. Strong communicator – able to resolve conflicts and negotiate win-win outcomes.

* HR Generalist Affairs * Legal Issues and Compliance

* Benefits / Payroll Administration * Confidential Record Keeping

* HRMS Database Administration * Mediation / Dispute Resolution

* Program and Event Management * Staff Recruitment and Retention

* Labour / Employee Relations * Disciplinary Procedures

* HR Policies and Procedures * Employee Development and Training

* Team Building / Morale Building * Contract Negotiations / Administration

* Employee Counselling

Computer skills- Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Lotus Notes, SharePoint

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) - Business Administration Co-op

University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario (2004-2008)

Concentration – Human Resources / Minor – Psychology

Employer Relations Coordinator(Intern), University of Western Ontario: Centre for Career Education

London, Ontario (2007 – Present)


Successfully solicited and recruited employers for participation in University’s co-op programs. Provided co-op program information, program policies, and handled questions and inquiries.

Managed co-op recruitment through targeted placement of employer job advertisements on university job bank.

Created and Maintained co-op database to track employer and student progress throughout co-op program.

Conducted Career Counselling Training to students to prepare for co-op positions by providing instruction on resume writing, job search techniques, and interview skills development.


Employer Relations Coordinator (Co-op), University of Windsor: Centre for Career Education

Windsor Ontario (2007 – Present)


Liaised with and Coordinated co-op interviews with employers and candidates. Created interview schedules and timetables, tracked and monitored interview progress.

Created and Maintained Excel spreadsheet and database to track procedures for each round of the competition so university program administrators could monitor progress and success of program.

Monitored and tracked program process by maintaining contact with employers and students to evaluate and report on program process throughout the work term.

Created and delivered professional development workshops designed to educate and prepare students for transition from school to work placement

Youth Leaders on Board Program

United Way, Windsor-Essex County Ontario

Member of Board of Directors for a Non-for-profit organization.

Assisted in policy decision making for Centres for Seniors Windsor






ACCOMPLISHMENTS RESUME128 Victoria Road Windsor, Ontario N9D 3L0 Phone:xxxxxxxxxx Email:xxxxxxxxxx

  • Career Objective
  • To use my extensive sales, sales management, marketing and IT skills to lead the promotion and sale of products and services in a medium/large sized IT or telecommunications organization.
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • An energetic and dynamic sales manager with more than 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and resource management. More than 10 years of proven accomplishments in achieving and exceeding financial targets, opening new and profitable product/services markets, with strengths in creating and implementing sales and marketing strategies and building sales teams. Also, I have demonstrable abilities in cooperating with colleagues to launch new products and services. My excellent communication skills have on more than one occasion helped my company build strategic relationships.
  • Experience and accomplishments
  • SENIOR SALES MANAGER, Universe Computer Services
  • Markham, Ontario (2000-present)
  • As a Sales Manager for Universe Computer Services, I was accountable for the recruitment and training of sales executives, the development of growth plans of all sales staff, the timely evaluation of sales performance, the establishment of new sales territories and the launching of new and innovative customer loyalty programmes.
  • Major responsibilities
  • Recruited, managed and grew the company's indirect sales force. This team was responsible for 60% of the company's turnover, valued at $20m this year, an increase of 20% over last year's figures.
  • Established new company operations in South East Asia . We have now two people in our office in Singapore. Estimated turnover of $2m per annum.
  • Implemented sales staff training and retention programmes. These programmes have saved the company $200k per annum in sales staff recruiting costs.
  • In cooperation with marketing, launched new products and services. Please, see major accomplishments for more details.
  • Prepared and executed business, marketing and sales plans for the whole company.
  • Successfully managed a budget of $7m per annum.
  • Major accomplishments
  • I successfully launched The Universe Customer Relationship software solution to the state government. Within 6 months we generated $2million worth of business and still have $6 million business in the pipeline for the next 12 months.
  • I recruited and trained, on a new software relationship management system, 4 sales executives in the record time of 4 weeks. These new staff members are now accounting for 30% of our annual turnover of sales in this state alone.
  • Identified key duplicate functions in the telesales and field sales. In cooperation with the marketing department, I merged these functions into one operation, saving the company $500000 per annum. This task was completed in 6 months.
  • Was promoted from Sales Manager to Senior Sales Manager in January this year.


  • Toronto, Ontario (1997-2000)
  • As a Marketing Manager for ITT, I directed the marketing efforts to promote new products and services, established new channels of distribution, launched a new PR and media strategy, initiated and executed marketing events throughout Australia, the Pacific and USA and organised annual sales events. In addition, I recruited and grew a team of 2 product managers, a graphics artist and a PR consultant.
  • Major responsibilities
  • Evaluated all major relationships and developed a yearly plan to meet the company's strategic relationships with our key partners. The plan included key deliverables that were tied to the company's sales and marketing objectives.
  • Developed aggressive marketing events for all IT and T divisions. These events were within strict budgetary guidelines. A follow up process quantified the success of each event.
  • Developed and managed annual sales promotions programmes according to advertising budgets.
  • Led the effort to establish and maintain a consistent company image through uniform use of marketing materials across all divisions and the introduction and upkeep a new web site.
  • Recruited and grew own staff, including a yearly development plan for each team member.
  • At the end of each calendar month, presented to senior management status of marketing events, sales programmes, PR and the status of staff development.
  • Major accomplishments
  • Within 4 months from start, I developed 2 new key business partnerships for our flagship product, IT and IT CRM. These partnerships are now responsible for a 5fold increase in our sales of this key product.
  • Initiated and led the launch of the company's travel show in the US . It took us 3 months of intense preparations and one month of presentations. The result was that 3 major American organizations bought our new leading edge internet solution. Orders estimated to be to the value of $10m.
  • Launched new marketing campaign for our new handheld computer. This campaign ran simultaneously on the print, radio, television and internet media. Within 6 months we were able to brand our solution to the larger community.
  • We are now the preferred supplier of handheld computers to the big 4 consulting firms. Estimated sales to the value of $6m dollars per annum. Our campaign was voted the best campaign in 1999 by the Marketing Magazine.
  • Education
  • Master in Business Communication (with honours) – University of Windsor 2002
  • B.S. in Marketing (4 distinctions) – University of Windsor 2000
  • Professional Awards
  • Winner of the Best Marketing Concept Award - Marketing Magazine 2009
  • Was awarded “Sales Manager of the Year” with a trip to Honolulu for my staff and myself
  • References upon request

Cover Letters

  • Cover letters are used to introduce yourself and to give the employer a glimpse of your personality and suitability for the job being applied for.
  • Cover letters must answer the same 2 Questions:
  • How can you help me ?
  • Why you?
  • You do not repeat your resume in a cover letter but highlight the key points demonstrating your fit for the job being applied for.

Cover Letter Structure

  • Cover letters are concise and to the point, and are made of the following 4 paragraphs:
  • What do you want – this is your employment objective
  • Highlight of Education / Skills / Experience
  • Personal Attributes
  • Direction

Sample Cover Letter

3250 Victory Cres.

Mississauga, ON, CANADA, L4T 1L9.

October 28th, 2008.

Human Resources

CORE Services Inc.

Burlington, ON, Canada.

Dear Hiring Manager:

Please find enclosed a copy of my resume which I submit for your review and consideration for the position of Electrical Technical Support Representative (Afternoon Shift).

I posses a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering degree with two years of co-op experience. Through my co-op placements, I have been working on research and development projects, voltage applications, and customer service efficiency. I have also been given the responsibility for the development of automated testing procedures and development of database systems for storage of test results. I also possess experience applying different testing formats (including Eddy Current, X-ray, Ultrasonic) in the casting for GM and Ford motor products to detect defects in engine blocks and heads.

I have been given the opportunity to develop and exercise my creativity, intelligence and leadership abilities in challenging environments as a result of my co-op experience. I am a hard worker and valued team member who is capable of working on his own when required. I am willing to learn and take on increasing technical support roles. I possess good oral and written communication skills, and am experienced in preparing and writing detailed analytical reports.

I would like to speak with you about the Electrical Technical Support Representative position you have available within your company. Please feel free to contact me at (647) 878 7283 and via email at: I am able and willing to relocate anywhere in Canada as required, and I possess a valid work permit.

Thank you for your review and consideration of my resume. I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.


where to look
Where to look?
  • Posted Jobs – HTTP://
  • Networking - talk to everyone you (and your parents, friends, etc.) know!
  • Cold Calling - go and speak with the managers of places you’d like to work…summer is a time when a little (or a lot) of extra help is needed.
  • Think about your community - there are often seasonal events and operations that only hire for the summer (i.e. camps, tourist locations, amusement parks, and festivals).

Web Resources:

  • - Canada’s biggest job - watch for postings directed at - jobs geared at students and new - summer jobs in the US and in other - great site if you are considering tree planting this - links to outdoor and resort - focuses on the hospitality - jobs in the retail - links to hundreds of summer camps in Canada & the - focused on the travel & tourism industry
where to look23
Where to look?


  • (federal) - an excellent resource for job search tips and links to government funded programs.
  • (federal) - be sure to click on the “Student Work FSWEP” button on the left to apply to the Federal Student Work Experience Program.
  • (provincial) - a guide to all the provincial programs for youth, including grants and loans to start your own summer company.
  • (most municipalities) - i.e.
  • - Windsor Employment Resource Centre for Students, provides job postings for part-time, full-time, and casual work.
  • (provincial) - Through the Ministry of Small Business and Entrepreneurship's Global Edge pilot program, qualified post-secondary students will spend up to four months working abroad.

Summer Job Programs for Students

  • Summer Student Employment Programs - An opportunity to work on Parliament Hill. There are various positions available in the Senate, the House of Commons, and the Library of Parliament.
  • Senate – Student work program
  • House of Commons – Student work program
where to look24
Where to look?
  • Library of Parliament
  • Student Work Program -
  • Parliamentary Guide Program -
  • Paid Internship Program - Parliamentary Information and Research Service -
  • Young Canada Works
  • YCW in Heritage Institutions allows students aged 16 to 30 have the opportunity to learn about Canada’s history and cultural heritage. They help museums, archives and libraries in different parts of Canada in their efforts to reflect Canada to Canadians and they get on-the-job experience in areas such as research, heritage preservation, exhibits, and more.
where to look25
Where to look?
  • The Public Service Commission (PSC) of Canada recruits full time university and college students for the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP). The program is a computerized national inventory of students seeking a student job with the federal government. Hiring departments conduct searches on the national inventory based on their hiring criteria to select their candidates. The PSC will contact the selected candidates by phone to check their interest and availability. There is no deadline for applying to the general inventory; however, certain departments hire students earlier than others.
  • First Nations and Inuit Summer Student: Career Placement Program
  • This program will support opportunities for career-related work experience and training to in-school First Nations and Inuit youth living on reserves or in recognized communities during the summer months. The overall purpose is to assist students in preparing for their future entry into the labor market.

Ontario Government Student Hiring

Ontario government ministries and agencies provide a wide range of interesting summer jobs for students throughout Ontario. Students in secondary school, college, or university can participate. Each ministry decides what summer positions will be available. Each ministry is also responsible for hiring, which usually takes place sometime in the spring, depending on starting dates of the positions. Jobs range from 6 to 16 weeks in length.

City of Toronto Parks and Recreation

  • The City of Toronto Parks & Recreation Department hires students for summer positions in all areas of the City of Toronto, the former Scarborough, Etobicoke, and Toronto South. Jobs can include camp counselors for general and specialty camps, lifeguards, instructors, and fitness instructors.
  • Ontario Place's Summer Employment
  • There are resources here, at Toronto’s Ontario Place, specifically for people looking for summer employment opportunities.
  • Volunteer Jobs:
  • - excellent resource for paid and volunteer jobs in the not-for-profit community
  • - the United Way posts available volunteer opportunities online


Centre for Career Education

111 Dillon Hall  (519) 253-3000 ext 3900



Services Available at CCE:

  • Resume Clinic: Mon - Thur (Check CCE website for Hours)
  • Career Development Workshops
  • Mock Interviews
  • Vocational Interest testing
  • 1-1 career advising, resume writing, job search planning, interview preparation
  • Resources available on myCareer
  • Job Postings
  • Event calendar and registration
  • Appointment calendar and registration
  • Information on Co-op and Volunteer Internship programs
  • Career Resources Page
  • Optimal Resume and Optimal Interview

To access services and events register on myCareer via the student portal at Alternatively, you may also access myCareer by visiting