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PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. PORTLOGIC ON-LINECargo Module July 2008

  2. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module Architecture Diagram: Import Sequence Storage Areas EDIFACT + Data Entry Data Entry Movements of goods are entered in the system. This data entry is done at the shed / storage area level. Discharge Tally Sheets Manifests Manifest Reports ExceptionReports Discharge Lists Goods Movements Goods Description Export Sequence Data Entry Data Entry Export Consignments Loading Tally Sheets Export Consignments Reports Location of Goods Inventory ExceptionReports Loading Lists

  3. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module - Import Sequence Manifest: An easy to use interface is provided to facilitate the entry and the administration of manifests. • Various reports can be printed including : • Full manifest • List of containers per final destination • List of B/Ls • Etc.

  4. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module - Import Sequence Discharge List: Manifest data are used to prepare discharge lists for general cargo or containers. These lists can be displayed or printed.

  5. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module - Import Sequence Discharge Tally Sheet: For a ship calling at the port, several tally sheets can be entered. Each sheet will have one header and several lines. No goods description are entered at this level. Users just have to select the corresponding items from the manifest. Tally Sheets can be printed and checked against the original manual forms.

  6. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module – Import Sequence Exception Reports: During discharge operations ‘remaining on board’ reports can be printed to facilitate the monitoring of operations. Exception reports (over-landed, short landed, damaged) can be printed as soon as discharge operations have ended and all tally sheets have been processed.

  7. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module – Import Sequence Quantities Discharged - Statistics : A large range of standard statistics reports is proposed. If special or customized reports are required, data can easily be transferred to a database or spreadsheet program.

  8. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module – Export Sequence • The Export Sequence includes: • Entry of export consignments • Preparation of loading lists • Tally • Exception reports • Statistics • General cargo and containers can be processed.

  9. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module – Consignment on Stop Operators with proper rights can put a ‘stop’ on a consignment. The ‘stop’ will be displayed on all lists and reports.

  10. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module – Storage Storage Area File: Storage areas must be codified. Storage areas can be divided in blocks.

  11. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module – Storage Tracking Goods Movements: • All movements of goods are tracked: • Entry of goods in a storage area • Exit of goods from a storage • Shift within a storage area from a block to another. • For each storage area a daily log recording the movements of goods can be printed.

  12. PORTLOGIC ON-LINE Cargo Module – Storage Inventory: Detailed inventories are provided. Inventory for a shed or a block can be either displayed on screen or printed.

  13. How to subscribe to PORTLOGIC ON-LINE? • To subscribe, just contact us at: Rogge Marine Consulting GMBH Am Leuchtturm 10 27568 Bremerhaven, Germany Phone: +49-471 / 4802-223 Fax: +49-471 / 4802-129 E-Mail: • The PORTLOGIC ON-LINE website is: