The innowater partnership
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The INNOWATER partnership. A Public- Private Innovation Partnership for Better Innovation Support Tools and Delivery Mechanisms in the Water Sector. Innowater Water Audit (IWA): Best Practices from Navarra, Spain . 19th June 2013, Science Park Scion-DTU, Copenhagen , Denmark.

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The innowater partnership


A Public-Private Innovation Partnership for Better Innovation Support Tools and DeliveryMechanisms in the Water Sector

Innowater Water Audit (IWA): Best Practices from Navarra, Spain

19th June 2013, Science Park Scion-DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ms. Camino Correia

Director of International Area

Zabala InnovationConsulting

[email protected]


To determine the current status of water management in the enterprise

To assist in the determination of specific improvement measures that will enable companies to manage in a more sustainable water consumption of the production process.

20 water-using industries: 16 Food & Drink + 4 Pulp & Paper

Iwa methodology
IWA Methodology


Data Gathering +

Desk work

Report I

Data gathering + conclusions

Improvement discussions

Report II

Improvement plan


3-4 visits


1-2 visits

Potential market impact of iwa
Potentialmarket IMPACT of IWA:

  • Guaranty of fulfilment of regulations, reduction in water consumption, decrease of exploitation costs  Increase of competitiveness

  • Improvement in water management and its purification helps reducing associated costs, and also improves the competitiveness of the company

  • Companies could offer better product pricing to their clients.

  • Improve on sewage brings a better relation with the Administration because of discharge reduction and fulfilment of discharge limits

  • Transmitting environmental awareness is a key factor in international markets

  • Technical Checklist

  • General data on the Company

  • General data on the Production site

  • General data on water use

    • Water abstraction

    • Water use

    • Re-use of water

    • Wastewater

    • Wastewater treatment

    • System Flow Diagram

Management Checklist

(link to European Water Stewardship)

  • Water Abstraction

  • Status of chemical quality and biological elements

  • Restoration and preservation of water-cycle related high conservation value areas

  • Equitable and transparent water governance

  • Report 1 - Data Gathering

    • Introducction and general issues

    • Study of Waterflow

    • Waterdiagram

    • Watercost

    • Consumption ratios

    • Watermanagement

    • Conclusions

  • Improvement plan

  • Identification of improvement possibilities

    • Installations and process technologies

    • Use of current technologies (employee behaviour)

    • In management

  • Selection of improvements:

    • a. ROI and cost analysis

    • b. Estimations of impact (water saving, minimizing pollution, etc…)

    • c. Risk analysis

    • d. Real possibilities of implementation)

  • Report 2 - Improvement Plan

  • Proposals for improvement

  • Prioritize

  • Overview of selected improvements

  • Planning

Case study 1 2

  • SME in the meat sector (cannedmeat), wateruserindustry.

  • No. Workers: 89 / Annual turnover: €10M / Production/year: 780,062 g.

  • UNE‐EN‐ISO 9011; British Retail Consortium (BRC), International Food Standard (IFS).

  • Total water abstraction (m3): 34,800 (100% Public water supply)

  • Pre-treatments: None

  • Water Reused (m3/year): None

  • 90% of abstracted water is discharged (31.320 m3/year)

  • Waste water treatment: None

Companie s good feedback on iwa
Companie’s GOOD feedback on IWA

  • Actual measurements were done on-site

  • Estimated consultant dedication was sufficient to complete the study

  • Full water cycle status assessment within the company

  • Planning of achievable improvements actions, together with an estimated ROI

  • Involvement /commitment from the water using company is essential for the success of the study

  • Previous knowledge between the company and the consultant is a key factor

  • The majority of the companies were not involved in water management projects before

  • The majority of water using companies would continue working with the consultant in this matter even if funds (for vouchers) are not available


What s next

  • CIP-Eco-Innowation (deadline 5 September 2013; budget €31.5M)

    • Objective: Commercialisation of eco-innovativesolutions

    • R&D phasemust be completed

    • Approach: first application or market replication of eco-innovative techniques, products, processes or practices

    • Priorities: MaterialsRecycling, SustainableBuildingProducts, Food&Drink Sector, Water, GreeningBussinesses/ smartpurchasing

2014 2020
2014 - 2020.

  • Fighting and adapting to climate change

  • Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

  • Ensuring the sustainable supply of non-energy and nonagricultural raw materials

  • Enabling the transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation

  • Developing comprehensive and sustained global environmental observation and information systems


LIFE 2014-2020:

H2020. Challenge 5 Climate action, Resource efficiency and Raw Materials (3.160 Mill Euros)

  • European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

  • Knowledge Innovation Communities – KIC CLIMATE (300 Mill euros)


  • Joint Programming Initiative:

  • Water challenges for a water world



Camino Correia

Director of international area

[email protected]