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The Partnership Way

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The Partnership Way. Transition CoP Monthly Call March 2013 Planning for CoP Meeting. A New Framework for Stakeholder Engagement. Coalescing around Issues. Doing the Work Together. Leading by Convening.

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The Partnership Way

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the partnership way

The Partnership Way

Transition CoP

Monthly Call March 2013

Planning for CoP Meeting


A New Framework for

Stakeholder Engagement

Coalescing around Issues

Doing the Work Together

Leading by Convening

Ensuring Relevant Participation

four behaviors that shape our identity
Four Behaviors that Shape Our Identity
  • Coalescing around Issues
  • Ensuring Relevant Participation
  • Doing work together
  • Leading by convening
three critical elements
Three Critical Elements


Focuses on the consensus building that is needed as a pre-requisite to teamwork. People have to agree to proceed. How do they come to agreement?

  • Requires understanding and a willingness to make behavior changes.

Technical *

Focuses on the building of the content and infrastructure that is necessary to proceed to implementation. What information do you need? What tools? What policies and procedures will guide you?

  • Requires information, knowledge and tools.


Focuses on action steps implemented through

The Partnership Way.

* Reference: Heifetz and Linsky, Leadership on the Line, 2002

four levels of interaction
Four Levels of Interaction


Sharing information or disseminating information with people that care about the issue


Asking other people what they think about this issue


Engaging people in trying to do something and work together about the issue


Doing things the “partnership way” (cross stakeholders, shared collaboration, decision making, accountability) as a result of the relationships.