interference n.
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  1. Interference Presentation by KK8O NARA Meeting on 14 March 2009

  2. Interference Why Does this always happen to me. Now, How do I rid myself of this problem?

  3. Interference from Ham Radio Most interference from Ham Radio is easy to fix and usually only requires some simple filtering or grounding. Occasionally, antenna proximity or transmitter power is the problem. Then you will have to make a decision or so as how to handle this. You won’t be interfering with your neighbor’s vacuum cleaner,,,,, but………..

  4. Interferance to You Let me count the ways R.F. from other stations Power Line Noise Computer or peripherals Televisions Telephone systems AM or FM Radios Furnaces or Controls Antenna Amplifiers Garage Door Systems Touch Lamps Lighting Systems Wireless Controls Auto Engines VCR or Sat Receiver Anything with an Oscillator or CPU in it

  5. What Do they Sound Like? Listen to the sounds and do not confuse them with the many digital modes of operation such as PSK, MFSK, THROB, Digital SSTV, RTTY, TOR or any of the others that you may not heard before or are not familiar.

  6. Samples Power line Noise Dog Fence Light Dimmer Computer Router Treadmill PLC Computer Monitor BPL Remote Clock Radio Clock Ionic Breeze TV Receiver Unknown

  7. Dealing with the Interference How to Identify the source of the interference. What next. Make them go away.

  8. QUESTIONS ? ?

  9. Last Item If you have the skills and the time to participate, consider becoming a certified member of the FCC Amateur Auxiliary. Requirements: Be licensed as a Technician (may change soon) or higher and a member of the ARRL for 4 or more years. Receive a recommendation from the ARRL SM or OOC. Complete Course and pass exam to receive appointment.