interference n.
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  1. INTERFERENCE • Any act (physical or verbal) by a member of the team at bat. • Interferes with, impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play. • Runner creates malicious contact with any fielder with or without the ball, in or out of the baseline • Coach physically assists a runner during playing action.

  2. CONTACT IN NOT NECESSARY ! On-Deck Batter Runner Crash Coach Aiding Runner TYPES Batter Spectator Umpire ALL CASES BALL IS DEAD OUT Runners return to last base touched at time of Interference

  3. CASE PLAY #1 Situation:With R1 on 1st, B2 hits a grounder between 1st and 2nd. R1 hinders F4’s throw to 1st.

  4. Ruling:R1 is out and the ball becomes dead when the interference occurs. If the interference clearly prevented B2 from being put out at first as part of a double play, the umpire shall call B2 out.

  5. CASE PLAY #2 Situation: R1 is on 3rd and R2 is on 1st. B5 hits a foul fly ball near the 3rd base line (a) with less than 2 outs or (b) with 2 outs. R1 interferes with F5 who attempts to catch the foul ball. Ruling: In both (a) and (b), the ball is dead immediately and R1 is called out for interference. Additionally, in (a) R2 must return to the last base legally touched at the time of the interference and B5 is charged with a foul ball.

  6. CASE PLAY #3 Situation: With the bases loaded and 1 out, B5 hits a ground ball toward F6. The batted ball hits R2 and prevents F6 from making a play. May two runners be called out and does the run score?

  7. Ruling: The run does not score since each runner must return to the base occupied at the time of the interference. R2 is out and B5 is awarded 1st base.